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Happy Friday!

Sales are slowly but surely starting to ramp up for Memorial Day and we are SO. EXCITED. If nothing else, keep an eye on the blog next week for a special Sales Report covering the very best of MDW. But for now, let’s jump into the regular goodness:

Comfort Shoes, Sassy Sandals, Swimwear & Jeans On Sale

A little black cami is all I’ve been wanting to wear lately — with jeans, shorts, you name it — it’s just easy & chic. (Especially with some good jewelry.) Em found this one for less than $35 and the back is so cute.

Another fun one? Lululemon align leggings on sale!! (What??) This NEVER happens. (Good find for the tall gals, Amy.) If your size is still available in Willow Green, I’m jealous. That shade of muted mint has been my go-to lately and if you’re liking it too, Kat found these slides, and welp…now I need them.

Lots more below! Happy sale shopping, everyone.

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy day! This week my baby boy had his surgery post-op appointment and the doctors said all is looking great. It feels like a million bricks are slowly starting to lift off of my shoulders. We came back home to our backyard lilacs beginning to blossom and a forecast full of beautiful weather — I’m currently in the works of sprucing up our back deck, and I think I need this inflatable pool for baby Jude and all future summer hangs. I’m also still on the hunt for some new sunnies — I’m eying up these classic sunglasses that are currently just $10! Find all the other current deals I’m eyeing up below! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

I don’t know why I think I could live in Seattle because it’s rained for nearly a week straight in Texas and I’m ready for a SAD lamp. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my Free People Rumors Jacket (styling tips here) and my umbrella…has spent a ton of time in my car (why can’t I ever remember that?). I’m trying to entice summer with swimsuit try-ons, and discovered a two-piece suit I unexpectedly love and is totally outside my comfort zone (topbottom). Bring on lounging poolside…or chasing a 12-month-old poolside because — let’s be real — there is very little lounging happening this summer LOL.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

I am in full comfy sandal research mode and TONS of them are on sale WAY early this year. So…I’m focusing all 12 of my picks today on summer sandals. It’s really all I can think about right now in terms of shopping….well, summer sandals and this J.Crew swimsuit and these new ’90s style MOTHER jeans (other washes here) that I can’t get my hands on because they keep selling out in my size or are pre-order only. Anyone tried them yet??? Happy Weekend, Everyone!   

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday! All I can think to say is MY MOM IS HERE! It’s been 18 months since we’ve seen her. That’s the longest ever in my life. We are all beside ourselves with excitement, and we’re headed to the Oregon Coast this weekend for some hang time with a lovely view. My little gal also turned EIGHT yesterday, and I’m floored with that passage of time thing every parent talks about. Floored.

Sale picks? I already ordered this, and these are some of the comfiest sandals around. Bloomie’s has already started their Memorial Day sales, too, and these are calling me (size up). Happy weekend, my friends. And Amy, we are SO glad for that fabulous news. xoxo

Cam’s Sale Picks

I’m about to go get my weekend-on but first, here are my FABULOUS picks. Happy Friday!!!! Cheers, Cams.

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday y’all! I am back in Wisconsin this weekend and am beyond excited to celebrate my (not so) baby brother who is graduating from high school this weekend. I will be wearing this, and while it isn’t on sale, it is 100% worth every penny and is surprisingly perfect for hot and humid weather.

This week’s sales are great. I am loving everything that is on sale at Verishop. They have a ton of plus-size items in their sale selections right now too, one of which I have been crushing on for over a year now, and it’s finally on sale! Before I run, I need to know your thoughts on whether you would buy these basic af sneakers or not. Cheers to the weekend y’all! XX — Kat

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend everyone! I had the best time celebrating my birthday with my best friends in the world last week — all vaccinated and free to be under the same roof together! We laughed and laughed and hugged and danced and ate and drank and had a great time. It’s just so healing and refreshing to be around people who have known you since you were 14 — those best friends who get you, who you can 100% be yourself around. I’m doing a post in the near future, but for now…we wore these pj’s on repeat. They’re so fun for girls’ nights whether you’re celebrating a graduation, marriage, birthday, or just want to be cheesy matchers — you never need a reason for matching pjs!

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend, gang. My mom is here for a few days to celebrate both of our birthdays a bit early, and it’s been so fun popping in and out of REAL STORES and even dining out (first time for us since the shut down). We’re making this easy eggplant parm pasta (no frying, huzzah) for dinner tonight and things are just feeling summery and…good. Also extra summary: local Sactown artist Daydream Embroideries’ newest piece (appropriately called Summer Friends) — swoon. I love all her stuff. And these lightweight, stretchy hiking pants, which I swear are going to be the sleeper hit of the summer, are 30% off. Don’t be fooled by the images online (or even the term “hiking pants”) — they’re SO flattering, and while I bought them for hiking, they’re the kinda magic pants that can do triple duty as athleisure and even date night, too. Just add a slinky tank (also on sale!) or an off-the-shoulder sweater. I ended up sizing up from an XS to a S to accommodate my bum. Perfect for travel! Cheers, folks!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I woke up dying this morning after drinking too many martinis last night with my husband. Sometimes I forget I have two kids, BUT I wore this button-down tied at the waist with my trusty Ribcage bootcut Levi’s, and wow. It’s an outfit maker, I’ll share a pic on socials next week.

This week, I’m especially in love with this raffia bag. Perfect for all the spring and summer outfits.

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