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Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you but I’m trying to soak up every last bit of summer I can, so let’s make this short & sweet.

Cute Tops + Sweatshirts, Stylish Boots & More Fun Fashion Finds On Sale

Laura found the most adorable sweatshirt ever — yup, ever — and it’s on sale in the dreamiest mint color!! I had to snag it as the perfect end-of-summer piece. It will look so cute with some denim cut-offs and then even better with a great pair of jeans in the fall. Just look to Laura for the real styling though. She nails it every time.

One more fun one? Many Stuart Weitzman boots are on major sale at Saks OFF 5th! I’ve never taken the plunge but I might have to this year. Those OTK’s still look so sexy & chic. I’ll let you all take it from there…Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Laura’s Sales Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. Whew. We actually had a similar experience to Scotti over the last week or so. Negative Covid test for my S, too, (and thank goodness) but yeah. She gave the cold to me. I haven’t been sick in so long I don’t know what to do with myself. Zack, please send soup. 

On the sales front, dang! There are some good finds this week. Imma cozy up on the couch and drink all the tea and peruse even more finds. My favs this week are these rad MOTHER jeans and my current fav cute top on sale in three different colors! Hope y’all have a healthy happy weekend. We start school next Wednesday, so we’ll be soaking up every last moment of our summer. xo

Amy’s Sales Picks

This week has been a little brutal, I’m not going to lie, and I find myself clinging to comfort in all ways, from the food I eat (lots and lots of pasta) to the clothes I’m wearing. I just got this top in the mail and while not on sale (it’s a new release), it’s worth Every. Freaking. Penny. in my opinion, especially when you’re in need of pure comfort and nostalgia (anyone who grew up playing on sports teams will know what I mean, the fit is spot-on vintage athletic wear — get your true size as it’s naturally oversized).

Another comfort staple but that is on sale? This bra — that buttery soft fabric (like True & Co bras) but you DON’T have to pull it on over your head. Game changer. For anyone else clinging to comfort pieces, my sale picks are for you. Xx

Meredith’s Sales Picks

I need to introduce y’all to my new favorite kitchen gadget: an electric egg cooker. I’m pretty sure it runs off of witchcraft because I have no idea how it knows how to get eggs perfectly soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached, you name it — EVERY SINGLE TIME…$19.99 well spent. And, obviously since I’m now a soft-boiled egg connoisseur I had to get soft-egg cups. I wish I had seen these from Anthro before I ordered mine. So. Cute.

Yes, I’m focusing on eggs because the rest of my week has been a “yoke” (lil egg humor for y’all). The toddler got in a losing battle with a stroller and has an impressive…egg…on his head (don’t worry he’s fine). My eldest has apparently the world’s most dramatic canker sore that the whole family is ready to have go away, but at least she looks v stylish in the process (if you missed my tweenish back-to-school post, check it out).

Scotti’s Sales Picks

Greenlea was sick this week. Fever, stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, headache, the works. Of course, my mind immediately went to Covid—I called the doctor right away to schedule a test. It’s been so long since either kid has been sick, I had forgotten how awful it is to watch them go through it. So we snuggled in bed yesterday, G slept a lot, Zack made his delicious homemade chicken soup, and we all enjoyed just being together. The test result came in this morning—negative. It was a frightening reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet—and right before school starts, too.  

On a pretty unrelated note…omg these remind me of college and I want them. I’d wear them with this ridiculously comfy henley — those sleeves! 😍

Julieta’s Sales Picks

Road Trips in Colombia are breathtaking yet brutal. Yesterday what was a 4-hour drive ended up being a 12-hour one thanks to a landslide, but we finally made it to our destination at 1.30 am. I’m so glad I was able to finish a color e-guide for a client at 6 am before we left. Speaking of color, I’m now booking color analyses for late September, just in time to refresh your cold weather wardrobe. Hit me up here for deets

This Farm Rio Maxi skirt looks stunning, and knowing how versatile OTK boots can be, I’m seriously thinking about these Stuart Weitzman at 58% off. (Block heel version also on sale) Should I or shouldn’t I?

Kat’s Sales Picks

Another week has flown by, and if you’ve been following me on Insta then you know I am in full-blown reno mode. I am in the process of buying my first home and am beyond excited to share more soon! I found this gorgeous chair that I want to put in my living room, and a few other great pieces that are 40% off from Anthro right now.

I’ve also got fall on my mind, and the Ganni tall boots I have been swooning over are a part of Verishop’s fall sale and currently 25% off! This weekend we will be finishing our deck reno and exploring the Olympic Museum. I am looking forward to the weekend and am sending you all the positive weekends vibes! XX – Kat

Jess’ Sales Picks

It’s been a wonderful week spending time with my family in Osprey, FL. Every morning we wake up to sunrises on the water followed by extraordinary heat and humidity all day long until around 3 or 4pm, when the thunderstorms roll in without fail and help cool everything down. (Don’t get me started on the Red Tide situation right now, which is basically an excuse for chemical companies to dump tons and tons of pollution straight into the Gulf of Mexico, killing off wildlife and marine life, without so much as a fine). Either way, I have to admit, the days are so relaxed around here, which probably has something to do with the unbearable temps that come with the territory of visiting Florida in the month of August.

So, I spent a good deal of time out on the lanai, scrolling through sales and watching the local manatees swimming in the harbor. Not a bad week at all. Here are some of my favorite finds from the week this far, including a ton of good stuff from Anthropologie where all sales items like these are currently an extra 40% off!

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