Weekly Sales Report 9.10


Happy Friday! (Woah, it’s Friday?)

The warm weather is barely hanging on here in Philly, and I already have my sights set on some cute boots for fall. And the recurring theme this week for our team is…drumroll, please…ivory boots!

Ivory Boots, Cute Sweaters & Jackets + Jeans, Of Course

Linzi is eyeing up this pair of knee-highs in eggshell to “spice up her cardigans” for fall (which is cracking me up) but I think she’s onto something here. If you’re more partial to a combat boot vibe…these. And leave it to Julieta to find a super chic pair of booties that would look good with basically everything.

Welp, I’m off to snag some ivory boots! More fun sale finds below.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. Been a little bit of a week over here. But I’ve been diving into fun work stuff regardless so stay tuned for allll the fall inspired posts coming up from me.

Saks has up to $200 off your order with code SEPTSGSF, which equals $50 off these really rad FRAME jeans. And yep, Nordstrom is good, friends. This great $35 gray funnel neck sweater is on sale again. I also love it in ivory and it reminds me a bit of my AllSaints one. Hope everyone gets some down time this weekend. Xo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

The whole September “routine” thing I’ve been SO looking forward to is getting off to a slow start…the kids had six days home from school with the Philly Hurricane Ida flooding and Jewish holiday…but at least the menu planning and checklists have started. Hoping this coming week will feel a little more like a usual September…until then…there’s the sales.

It’s hard to look at any sales this Friday other than Nordstrom. So many of the great pieces that sold out fast during the Anniversary Sale are back in stock AND are on sale. My top picks are Veronica Beard… this special tee that you’ve seen both Shana and I in, and I’ve been coveting these. I may have snuck in and borrowed them a few times while Shana was in Vermont. In more Fancy-Brands-On-Super-Sale news…this Joie top should be arriving to my house any day now  Planning on wearing it with clogs and a cardigan for fall, and with a flowy skirt and linen pants next summer. So pretty. Happy weekend!

Amy’s Sale Picks

Hello Weekend! It will be sunny with a high of 72 degrees where I live today + tomorrow, which is my favorite weather — and to my surprise, the sales are pretty perfect this weekend as well! Most of my picks are items I love and wear on a regular basis and truly recommend; the more I kept searching and finding these gems, the more stoked I was! If you want the comfiest shirt jacket of all time, here it is on sale for $30. Also, that deep green half-zip sweater that S, Laura and myself all own and love is 40% off — now’s the time to grab it if you’ve been eyeing it! The rest of the goods (and boy are they good) below! Xx

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Ozzie started preschool this week…and went into the classroom with zero tears and zero problems saying goodbye to me. I was happy and crushed at the same time. So obviously, I bought these for us all to wear this weekend — because the kids are growing up and I only have so much time to milk this for all its worth. (Zack is thrilled, obvi.)

My top pick this week? This Vince seamless v-neck sweater that’s simultaneously lightweight and warm. I’ve been wearing it almost daily since I got it (and it comes in grey too)! Happy weekend, everyone!  

Meredith’s Sale Picks

Jumping right into it this week because the sales are surprisingly good for…post-Labor Day? Is it always like this? I have the memory of a goldfish at this point, idk. Two of my top five NSale purchases are currently on sale; the Clare V. Simple Tote in army green and these Frame Le High Waist Flares (size down).

Speaking of sales, don’t sleep on Abercrombie right now: 40% off tons of styles plus 15% off almost everything. They have a cozy Asymmetrical Snap Up Fleece on sale that gives me all the early aughts vibes. I’m trying to decide if I’m keeping mint or off-white. Also, this grandpa cardigan which, considering my grandpa is my BFF, is a compliment. So ready for fall!

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday beautiful people! I am beyond excited that I am officially a homeowner! This past Tuesday, I signed my name on the dotted line and it’s a total dream come true for me. I’ve been manifesting becoming a homeowner for the past year and a half, and every month I have been writing down that I wanted to own a home by October of 2021. As luck would have it, I will be moving into my new space September 27th! If you want a sneak peek of what the house looks like, then check out my recent reel on IG

This week’s sales are so good and there are so many things I already own that are on sale, like this jacket that is one of my favorite fall pieces, and these Staub pans that I have been dreaming about for several years. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with love and light! XX – Kat

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey gang! Happy Friday. We had our first case of the sniffles this week, so our long weekend turned into a loooong weekend, lots of time at home, painting, drawing and reading Narnia with the kiddo (first time for both of us, and the book that precedes The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe really introduces the idea of creationism in a big way — it was an entertaining journey for us both). And now it’s back to lunch packing. I finally added all our lunch packing chronicles to a highlight, if you need some inspo (or just someone to commiserate with, ha). 

Things I’m most excited about on the sale front: jeans and tees are BOGO 50% off at Lucky. I love Lucky jeans but find I have to try them on in person to nail the fit, but their tees are foolproof (I wear a S). Eyeing this one and this one. And Vuori’s sale section has some gems at the moment! Like my favorite Daily Legging (still in stock in Spice in a few sizes, which is almost identical to the color I wore in this post, but also loving the Sierra hue). They’re easily the leggings I’ve worn most over the past month — super flattering, especially if you have a longer torso. I swear they hit just right. Have a great weekend, friends!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

After five weeks in my adored Colombia, we’re back in NY. It always takes me a few days to go back to “I live in the US” mode, and it involves a ton of “what the heck do I do here?” and “when will I see my loved ones again?” with some crying, etc., But then I remember I’m here for a reason, that I belong here and that what I do here allows me to help my people back there. So I take a deep breath and do my best to be present.

I missed the Labor Day sales because I was enjoying three wonderful days with my husband in Cartagena, but today all I’m seeing are Zella joggers. The Cara style is my favorite for a higher-rise and curvy-friendly pair. But I’m in love with the color options (especially the Burgundy) of the Live-in style.


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