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Happy Friday!

This week flew by. And now that the weekend is here, that means SALES. I’m admittedly in a bit of a style rut right now so until I can settle on some new fall pieces, cute athleisure it is.

Jackets, Jeans, Loungewear + A Few Good Bags & Shoes — All On Sale

When Shana recently popped on this Nike sweatshirt, I was all like, “Oooo! That’s a good one!”….When a simple sweatshirt manages to evoke that much of a reaction, you know it’s good. (Or maybe it’s just the Shana effect, ha!) Nonetheless, Amy found it on sale in a few fun colors over on Nike. I’m obsessed with the pink. ps. Nordstrom seems to carry some of the sale colors too, so it’s worth trying for a price match.

Another sale worth mentioning is Biossance. Shana’s post of favorites just went out this morning but they’re running an awesome sitewide Friends & Family Event right now. Take up to 30% off some of our absolute favs like this Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. I think that would go pretty nicely with my pink Nike sweatshirt, don’t you? (:

More great sales below! Happy weekend, everyone.

Team Quick Jump Links

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. How’s everyone’s mental state? Yeah. Me, too. Def recommend going down the rabbit hole that is Dude With Sign’s IG if you need a little reprieve. Start with, “We Get It. You Have An Air Fryer” and go from there. Another fav is “Why Is Wednesday Spelled Like That” Feel a little better, then donate to one of the trusted orgs helping Haiti that Lunchie graciously provided us with yesterday on her IG post.

I’m a little all over the map this week with sale finds, but hands-down my top picks right now are the Kodak wireless pocket photo printer (see how well it works on my latest Reel) and the quilted green jacket gorgeousness (only $35! Use code MORE) from Gap. If you’ve started following me on IG in hopes of a rad before and after of our house exterior. We. Are. Almost. There. They say today. Needless to say, it’s a phenomenal before and after. I know we’re all addicted to those. xoxo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Not on sale, but I’m VERY intrigued by Everlane’s new “Business Comfortable” workwear line. Many of the pieces feel a little Eileen Fisher-ish, and would be great for a budget-friendly workwear capsule. I’m most interested in checking out this top, this dress, and this drapey trench. I’m already in love with their work-appropriate flats and boots and bags, so it would make for easy mixing and matching.

As for sales, if you missed it, check out Amy’s post wearing this fabulous Vince coat. I saw it on sale yesterday, and then saw it on Amy this morning and …wow! Just wow! The black one is definitely in my cart now! I’ve also been searching for budget-friendly jeans as an alternative in my fall stripe outfit formula, and the ones below look GOOD! Seems weird to be talking about coats and denim and workwear when we still have a week before the kids go back to school. You guys know I’m excited for September routine, but I promise I’m trying my hardest to be present and enjoy the last few days of my kids’ summertime joy. The ridiculously wide smiles on my boys’ faces as they ride in their last waves at the beach is pretty darn wonderful, I’ll admit.

Amy’s Sale Picks

This little Michigander is going delirious with heat + humidity. I’m not complaining because I LOVE IT, but my old 1800s house with zero AC is maybe not loving it as much — we’re sleeping next to fans and waking up drenched in sweat, but I’m claiming it all as “summer memories” and know I’ll be longing for this in the dead of winter. So, hooray August heat! I’ve been living + sleeping in these lightweight stretch cotton tanks (not on sale, but only twenty bucks) and forgoing makeup for this lightweight, plumping + dewey moisturizer (with SPF). But I’ve got that Gap sweatshirt coming in the mail (included below) so I’m about to go find a cold Starbucks shop to sit in just so I can wear it! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

We have the first week of school under our belts and I am LOVING the bus system. I didn’t grow up in a town with busing, so this is new for all of us. Every parent is in some state of “just rolled out of bed” with a coffee cup and Birkenstocks on, so I think I found my people. I’m living in my Arizona Birks (very similar) during our new morning routine and this coffee mug (just so everyone knows what a nerd I am).

Onto the sales. Nordstrom Rack has some great deals on shoes. I just scooped up these Adidas Grand Court Sneakers for under $50 and Dr. Scholl’s Boots in olive that I have been dying to try. Also, Saks is having a gift card deal using code AUG21SF with most of their products. Great opportunity to scoop up those MOTHER Tomcats or my new fave flares (I have a diff. wash from Nordstrom). 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

My husband is finally joining us here in Colombia tonight, and we’ll be road tripping to the coffee growing area of the country next week. It’s GORGEOUS. If you follow me on IG expect to see the most breathtaking landscapes and pueblos (villages). After almost three weeks of fall temperatures in Bogotá due to its elevation of 2,600 meters, I’m ready for a little warmth.

Bogotá has gotten me excited about fall denim, and I’m very curious about J.Crew 90s straight jean (also in this darker wash). Have you tried it? It’s marked as a best seller. Speaking of jeans, my most-worn jeans here have been these Levi’s (now 30% off and sustainable). Great with sandals, sneakers and boots.

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, beautiful people! It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of August! I can feel the crisp air that is giving me a glimpse of fall. I am kind of bummed to see summer leaving us, but am hopeful for a warm vacay this upcoming winter. Right now I’ve got all things for the home on my mind and just got this Ring security system for what will hopefully be my soon to be new house! I’m kind of ecstatic about this next chapter of my life and can’t wait to share more with you all soon… In the meantime I am having a huge garage sale this weekend and am also selling a ton of my clothes on depop, so if you are in the market for brand new jeans for a fraction of the price, you can shop my pieces there! I hope you all have a happy and beautiful weekend!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve been up at camp this week because it’s been SO hot and humid lately…the lake is the best place to be. Shana and fam have been here all week, and we’ve had such a blast hanging out, paddle boarding, doing floating happy hours, and spending as much time on the dock as possible. We capped off their visit last night with our first Solo Stove fire — and it is 100% worth every single penny because it really does reduce that intense bonfire smell that seems to permeate EVERYTHING.  Also…I want these. 😂  (The ONE review is everything.)

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey, gang. First week of school down, and I can honestly say if the most challenging part has been finding a lunch that our newly selective first grader will actually eat (chronicling it all on IG), then we’re not doing too bad.

Lots of roomy silhouettes in my sales picks this week. It seems I can’t be bothered by waistbands, zippered flies — not even a shoe strap to be buckled here. It’s all slip on and go and deliciously effortless, and I am feeling good about it. (Top picks: this little FP skirt set and these rubber slides.) If you want something a little more curve skimming, I finally checked out Vuori’s activewear and dang, if that stuff is not as flattering as soft as can be. Keep an eye out for my full post later today, but the punchline: it’s worth the hype I’ve been hearing from the rest of the team all along. Happy weekend, everyone. Hope it’s a good one.

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