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Happy Friday!

Maybe it’s Laura’s fall nail polish post (coming out soon), maybe it’s the fact that it’s basically mid-august, but I’ve found myself craving some new sweaters. Shana has turned me into a full-blown cashmere gal.

Summer Loungewear, Comfy Dresses & Good Denim On Sale

So naturally, when I spotted this super luxe cashmere cardi for a whopping 50% off, I had to Add To Cart. Our girl Scotti knows how to hunt down a good cardi. (And ps. she gave us a little update on how she’s doing below!)

If you’re not quite ready for sweaters yet (OR you don’t rock them all summer long like I do, ha) this is one seriously gorgeous house dress. And those colors would be perfect for early fall. So. Good.

Plenty more finds below! Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Amy’s Sale Picks

I’m so happy we’re in August, if I’m being honest! The second half of summer just feels different …feels good. It’s really fun to watch all the retailers begin to roll out fall fashion, while simultaneously putting all the glorious summer items in the sale section. 

In the past, I’ve been more than ready for a transition of seasons, trying to wear sweaters and jeans in the hot August heat, but this time around I’m clinging to my bike shorts and sandals. Which is why I feel totally justified in filling my cart with this swingy twenty dollar sale tank and this ribbed bodysuit (both would also be perfect under sweaters when the temps do drop). Lastly, if you missed the FP wrap dress from the NSale, this dress is super-similar (just a bit longer sleeves and shorter length) and a WAY better price!! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

We finally have all of our stuff in Colorado and are starting to get settled(ish) into our new home. I’m trying to practice self-care daily with my beloved epsom salt baths, Shakti Mat and plenty of hydration. I also finally feel like I can focus enough to read again, one of my beloved pastimes. Top on my list are The Other Black Girl and Goodbye, Vitamin

Other things I can’t wait for? 1) To receive this “angry zebra” sweater, whose judgmental face is truly all of us in 2021. 2.) For it to be cool enough to wear these delicious cashmere and cotton joggers. Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend! 

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. Whew. We might get some beautiful lovely RAIN today here in Portland and I’m beyond stoked. We so need it, and I crave it after long hot summers like this one. Call me weird, but I live for rainy days. Planning a big move soon? Did you see @chrislovesjulia and their horrific moving company saga? Dang. Nightmare. Perhaps watch before you make plans. I don’t typically follow along with what they’re doing, but it is great they’re giving people a heads-up on what a scam it can be.

As far as fashion finds? When in doubt…athleisure. I have no idea what I want to wear right now besides these and this. And am having weirdly nostalgic pulls towards one of these rn. Wishing you some time to sit and chill this weekend…and good coffee. Always good coffee. xoxo

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Hola from Bogotá, Colombia! I’m in fall mode here but I love it. I don’t like August in NY, it’s too hot for me, so the average 60 degrees here feels so nice. Expect some fall posts by the end of this month with things I’ve been wearing here, mostly jeans like these MOTHER The Tripper jeans I can’t get enough of. I’ve had a very similar wash for over a year and the fit is my favorite. 

We’ll also be going to warmer parts of Colombia in about two weeks, and I wish I would have seen this crochet midi dress. It’s gorgeous. I can see it transitioning well into fall with a biker jacket, or even a sweater layered on top. 

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Hey everyone! I’m slowly coming back out of my post-surgery cave…just dipping my toe back into “real” life. I’m so happy to be out of the darkest part of recovery and able to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Shana and family will be here soon and I’m so looking forward to just being able to relax up at camp (Lake Independence!) with them. Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and support. They have been SO appreciated!

I just bought these matching sweatsuit sets for Greenlea and I (mine here, hers here) but then wondered if Ozzie would feel left out…so then I thought maybe I’d get him one but then would Zack feel left out?? And then I laughed out loud at my train of thought…no, Zack will not feel left out. He can do without the hot pink tie dye sweats. I’m pretty sure. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😂 Happy weekend, everyone!!

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey, friends. Bit of a hectic week around here — we went to Monterey for a couple of days at the beginning of the week, and now we’re in Sacramento with family for a couple of days before cracking down and getting back into school mode next week. It’s been a rough few days parenting-wise, too. I just think hormones are running high and my summer parenting reserves are finally tapped out. Oh, and California is on fire again. Yikes, pals. Maybe some sale distraction is in order.

This little Free People lounge set is so cute and my fave combo of short shorts and long sleeves. And these Rebecca Minkoff platform sandals are fun and just ‘90s enough — they’d be great with cropped 501s and a tee. Happy weekend, friends! Here’s to a fresh start.

Kat’s Sales Picks

I have had one of the most off weeks in a long time, and I am looking forward to keeping it a little more low-key this upcoming weekend. I think with the combination of lots of travel and the beginning stages of buying a house…I have burnt myself out….One thing that has been helping me to shut my brain off is Paris Hilton’s new cooking show. Watching her strut around in her velour track suit has got me nostalgic for a pair of these. Here’s hoping that things will be a little more calm this weekend. XX 

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