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Happy Friday (and wow, happy October?)! Let’s kick off the month with some sales, shall we?

Sweaters, Coats & Walkable Boots, Plus More Fall Layers On Sale

Backcountry’s Winter Forecast sale is up to 60% off, including this The North Face raincoat that Shana’s wearing above! It’s a team fav. The longer parka length is super-flattering and helps keep legs dry.

Is it officially sweater weather? All of the soft cardigans are calling my name… this one’s cotton-cashmere and under $100! Reviews say it runs large, so plan for an oversized fit.

These boots are made for walkin’…that almond color, higher shaft and slightly chunky sole are such good updates to the classic Chelsea boot.

You may have noticed we’re all very excited about the Saks Friends & Family Event going on now until 10/4. We’ve drooled over all the splurge-worthy finds and agree that the clear winner is denim. These MOTHER Tomcat jeans and Re/Done Straight Leg are long-time team favs.

Happy weekend, everyone! Keep scrolling for more great finds below…

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday! Whew. Was this week like four weeks in one? Happy, happy wedding weekend to our dear Gwen! Xo My brother and SIL are getting here tomorrow, so I am SO ready for this weekend to arrive! We’re also getting the best pizza in Portland tonight (hi, it’s Gracie’s Apizza) with dear friends. It is the weekend of socializing that my soul needs. This Aquarius NEEDS her friends. And then plenty of alone time. But also…FRIENDS. 

Found some adorbs stuff and a few real go-to jeans in the sales this week. Y’all are tired of hearing about the MOTHER Tomcats, but while I don’t wear them in summer or with flat shoes, they are ALL THAT with chunky boots. Perfection in a combo (see here). And they’re on sale at Saks. And I definitely need this. SO freaking cute! (OK just ordered it haha) Have a great weekend, friends.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

We’re headed down to the shore in a couple hours for the weekend and can.not.wait! The weather at the shore could not be more perfect for fall dresses with denim jackets (been playing around with this one–not on sale, but stretchy like L’Agence at a fraction of the $$). Speaking of denim, if you’re looking for fancy, but oh-so-comfortable and leg-lengthening flare denim….these on sale.  And for sweaters..I’m almost done with my J.Crew cardigan post, but now have to try to add this guy (on sale) as well. So good.

One more thing…make sure to check out the reader comments in my family dinner post….SO many fun and easy dinner ideas submitted by readers!!! Thank you, thank you loyal readers for joining in the brainstorming fun! Please share more! And Shana, I’ll include you too, thanks for your potato chip and choc chip addition. 🙂

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend, everyone! My follow-up appointments at UofM went well–although they weren’t able to get the entire tumor during surgery, they are less concerned with the small amount that was left behind. I’ll have yearly MRIs to check on whether it grows or not (hopefully not) but for now it sounds like I’m in the clear! Woot! The most interesting thing I learned was that they (temporarily) removed my temporal lobe during surgery–the part of the brain that’s responsible for memory and processing of language. I find myself struggling for the right words sometimes and now I have a reason! It will take awhile for my brain to fully heal…about a year, they say. All in all I’m feeling good and want to thank you guys again for all of the well-wishes!

We’re continuing our road trip all the way to the East Coast for Gwen’s wedding (YAY!) and I’m seriously missing these right about now…the lowest price I’ve seen them! Oh and most of my picks this week are from Saks’ Friends & Family sale because it’s SO GOOD. My top pick? These jeans…you had me at “comfort stretch.” 😍

Amy’s Sale Picks

Hi friends, happy October!! A month full of changing leaves, sipping hot apple cider, and watching the neighborhood slowly decorate for halloween are all some of my favorite things. While I haven’t decorated yet myself, I’ll be wearing this when I do to feel a little more festive. 

I also have a few road trips coming up this month and this piece will be coming along to keep me comfortable. It’s not only a favorite piece of mine but select colors are included in the Saks sale right now! As for what else I’m packing? AH, to be determined… but come join me on insta as I’m sure there will be lots of coverage in my stories! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

“You’re…happy about the cold temps,” a bewildered Target cashier asked me this week. Oh yes, wrap me in a duvet and call it chic. It’s officially sweater weather in Colorado — well sweater mornings at least, which means I get to bust out my favorite new sweater (and it’s under $80!) and my Abercrombie fleece (currently on sale) on the regular. I’m sure this will get old come Feb., but let me live in this state of bliss for now. 

In other news, my Jersey came out this week with a seriously “juicy” purchase. Check out the reel here. And, speaking of Abercrombie, they are having 25% off most items and 15% off everything else this weekend. This is not the popped collars and low-rise jeans of your youth. Trust me, if you haven’t visited A&F in a while, you should.

Em’s Sale Picks

Aaaand, it’s October. It’s gonna be a fun month around here. Can’t wait to see pics from Gwen’s wedding (squeal!), I have a few exciting posts coming up, and the weather this week is finally clearing up. We’ve had sunny skies for…five consecutive days? That’s something to celebrate in these parts. My favorite home goods store in town, Abode, is having a warehouse sale this weekend, too. How many reclaimed wood troughs is too many reclaimed wood troughs?

And big news on my sale picks this week: everything is under $100. There’s been some dialogue in the Insider’s Group lately about price points, and while we always stick to featuring the pieces we authentically wear most, I also authentically love a deal. I think we all shop our own weekly sales picks more than anyone realizes, but often times the purchases don’t make it onto the blog because the picks are so good that they’ve…sold out before we could share them. Gah. Anyhow, my top picks this week: this checked dress, which feels a lot like the infamous nap dress everyone’s into (but for under $70 with A&F’s additional 15% off sale) and these camo joggers, which I swear I could build a capsule around that would take me through the remainder of fall. So so good, and 62% off. Cheers to the weekend, friends!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I’ve now decided to listen more to my body. The past week and a half my body and brain were just not feeling my usual rhythm, so instead of pushing myself, I listened and prioritized, and for the first time in my life I was intentional about resting without the guilt or the feeling of being lazy. I am now waiting for my abuelita’s health to get better. She’s hospitalized and now in the ICU. My mom couldn’t even talk on the phone, so I’m here thousands of miles away keeping the hopes up. 

Some favorites are on sale below. Have a great weekend. 

Cam’s Sale Picks

I haven’t done these in a while — the sale roundups. Life has been so cool lately, with moving into our new house, unboxing (all.of.the.boxes) and just settling in. I love our house! It feels like home already and I knew that it would, ever since the moment I stepped into it the first time. So, I have really just been enjoying making it our own, planning rooms, finding furniture, painting, etc. 

You’re here for sales, though, so let’s get on that! There’s some good stuff out there right now, my dear. In fact, TWO of my favorite things from the NSale are on sale right now. YES! One, I have these PAIGE jeans and they actually work on my tall self. I love them — comfy + wearable for everyday. Second, this Kurt Geiger Tweed Bag. The designer is a new favorite of mine; it’s unique and fun. I favorited another one of their bags last year, in fact.

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