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Happy Friday!

We have a fun little Sales Report sneak peek for you today: Laura’s beautiful cashmere wrap is on sale! I’m calling it a sneak peek because we’re rolling out 3 easy ways to style it on the blog tomorrow. (So check back if you’re snagging it!) ps. it’s lightweight — aka, perfect for cool summer nights.

Fav Beauty Finds, Trendy Denim, Stylish Sandals & More On Sale

And and and…my favorite foundation of all time is on sale!! And Scotti (our resident beauty guru) loves it, too. So you know it’s a good one. I would highly recommend!

More sales below. Happy Weekend, everyone.

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Jess’ Sale Picks

Welp. It snowed here yesterday and it’s currently 29 degrees. Dang it. I knew Michigan wasn’t gonna let us off the hook that easily. But, no matter, I’m all about ‘mind over matter,’ and in my mind, it’s summer. I mean, technically, it’s still only spring (to-mato, ta-mato) but I just cannot WAIT for the warm sun and the lakeshore.

Spring and summer sales are starting to pick up right about now. Gap has been a favorite of mine lately, and right now, they are having a storewide 40% off sale with the code: VIP plus an extra 10% off on top of that with the code: PERK. I went on a Gap shopping spree this week and bought a bunch of their denim shorts (on sale they are all well under $40) and several of their high-rise distressed jeans I’ve been eyeing for a big try-on session, which I will post about coming up. Also, I FINALLY was able to buy a pair of p448 sneakers, I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to go on sale to buy a pair, and they finally are! The P448 Jon Low Top Sneakers are 40% off at Nordstrom and are fully stocked! Yahoo.

Meredith’s Sale Picks

Texas decided it was back to “winter” this week. I don’t entirely mind because it gave me an opportunity to bust out my stupid pants and delicious Vince Cashmere Sweater (still on sale!) and go “duvet-chic” for a spell. The baby is SO close to standing on his own without assistance and he is FRUSTRATED. Anyone remember those days or living them currently?

Also, if you’re organizationally obsessed like me, I am super excited about these magnetic capsules by Cadence I ordered that you can customize and use when you travel. I fly for the first time in over a year next week so I’m hoping these babies come in beforehand. Coming along with me? (Not my children), but my new Clare V. Bag that I got on sale during the Shopbop Event. I’m usually not a snakeskin person, but I couldn’t resist the contrasting black and brown plus the suede stripe with a pop of red. (It’s perfect.)

Amy’s Sales Picks

Happy weekend, sweet ones! This Sunday has been looming on my calendar because it’s when my husband and I depart with our (almost 6-month-old!) baby for a consultation on his upcoming surgery (I shared a little bit about that on this instagram post). A friend of mine who went through this same process (and traveled to the same hospital 6+ hours away) said to try and make family memories outside of just being there for Surgery Things. I loved that, and am trying to find some good playlists and snacks to accompany the long drive — as well as some cozy road trip outfits. I’m thinking about this sweater with leggings or bike shorts since we’re having some cooler spring weather. Also, some of my GO-TO makeup products are on sale, like almost every favorite item in my makeup bag, including this CC cream that has just enough coverage to look gorgeous alone but is light enough to be perfect for summer — find them rest below! Xx

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Greenlea starts in-person school on Monday, and Zack and I are feeling all the feels about it. She’s excited and nervous, and although we’re SO excited for her, we’re also bummed she won’t be around all the time. I mean, there’s been a WHOLE LOT of family time this year and of course, at times it gets to be a lot, but…ultimately we just really liked being together. Her going back to school is definitely bittersweet. So this weekend I’m going to be smothering her with hugs and snuggles and kisses and she’ll be MORE than ready to get back to school next week!

In other news, my top sale pick? These VINCE sweaters are both 40% off…this one is cotton-cashmere and would be perfect for cooler summer nights (over some cute denim shorts or linen pants,) and I love this seamless funnel neck one–the drape is perfect.

Laura’s Sales Picks

Hey, hey Friday! Somehow this week has flown by. That’s a first in a long time. But what a freaking rollercoaster. Still MUCH work to do, my friends…for our planet AND our society. It was a heavy week. In other news, my dear friend & photographer Christopher Dibble just had his first book come out…written by designer Max Humphrey. It’s so so cool! And they sold out on their first day! (You can still order and receive it when they do a reprint) LOVE. So proud!

Sales wise? Ooh these under $100 sneakers (can’t get them to load in the widget below) SO cool! Haven’t seen anything like them. Love. And my current product for gifts, home, etc.,? The Empathy candle from Portland-based, Black-owned candle co. Mister Ok’s. Owner Precious had an interview on IG with Makers Union PDX yesterday, and she’s my new favorite person. Check out their line of awesome products.

Kat’s Sale Picks

It’s hard to believe the day is finally here, y’all! If you follow me on IG then you likely saw on stories that today is my last day working in education. I am beyond grateful for all the new opportunities on the horizon for me and am so excited to be dedicating my time to sharing more here on TME and on my social channels too. In my recent post on finding my zen, I talked about how I have been one stressed chickadee, and part of that was juggling what has felt like three full-time jobs. The last few months my works days have been hella long, I am talking 12 to 14 hour days 6 to 7 days a week. It was far too much for me to handle, and while I am sad to leave my students, I am so excited for a better work-life balance and to focus my energy on the things I am most passionate about.

Since I will be working from home full time starting Monday, I have got office sales, leggings, and zoom tops on my mind. Speaking of tops, I am beyond excited that VINCE recently launched plus size clothes and while the silk top I got isn’t on sale, it is 100% worth the investment and will be worn so much in the upcoming weeks! ps. this VINCE silk top is 55% off (straight sizes only). I will also likely be wearing a whole lot of these next week, and am crushing on this sweater dress from Anthro that looks so cozy! Cheers to a great weekend, y’all! XX

Cam’s Sale Picks

Hi! So, it’s been a bit chilly here this week, which had me stopping on lightweight jackets, like this pale blue rain jacket. Easily stuffed in a bag, packed for a trip, etc., Also, I am super curious about Benefit’s Gimme Brow (considering that I have little to speak of. I had been using Boy Brow, but just used the last of it today)…anyone else use it and have good results?

Uh, and one more thing before I sign-off…this Daisy T-shirt. Ordering. Right. This. Minute. Maybe pair with these Pink Ankle Strap Sandals, hmmmm? You’re welcome. 😉 Cheers, Cams

Chinny’s Sale Picks

It’s been quite a week….if you follow my IG stories, you’ll know it’s been particularly draining. Every Black person I know, including myself, is tired. Yes, we’re happy with the verdict, but the fact that it could have gone the other way is quite depressing…and on top of that, more sad news came out just as we got the verdict…as I said in my stories, I’m trying to focus on the little things…hoping that things are changing…hoping my little ones don’t grow up to feel how I felt this week.

Anyway, it might seem vapid, but shopping and going full nesting mode has helped. I’m 32 weeks this week, and well-aware I’ll be meeting my little person very soon. Without realizing it, I’ve found myself focusing on accessories and home-related stuff. Which makes sense that my top sales picks revolve around these categories: these gorg neutral slides from & Other Stories (from $129 to $39! No wonder it’s selling so fast), these ridiculously reduced large retro Chloe sunnies (I have a knock-off pair and I can confirm they make you look glam instantly), and finally, this statement lamp shade guaranteed to upgrade any room it’s placed on.

Julieta’s Sale Picks

This was my son’s first week back in school full-time, and the tension in the house dropped 1,000 percent. Anything school-related is super triggering for me, recently discovered that in therapy, and the past year was not easy. As an immigrant with Spanish as my first language, I’ve found myself Googling and learning a bunch of things so I could help him. I often had to say “son, remember mommy learned English in her 20s and didn’t go to school in this country. I don’t know this, but let’s figure it out together”.

Now sales!!!! This wrap jersey jumpsuit (also in petite and plus size) is one of my top picks for a comfy spring/summer day. Mine is too small now, so I may use this sale, which rarely happens, to get my new size. All in all, it’s a good one. Which color would you choose? I love the olive and navy, but of course black too.

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey pals. First sales report as the proud parent of a 6-year-old. For some reason, this one seems…big. She seems big! And even though she still requests snuggles in the middle of the night, during waking hours it’s already becoming clear just how embarrassing I can be. Which I actually don’t mind all that much. It feels like a rite of passage. Thinking I’ll really lean into it and just perfect the art of mortifying my child just enough over the next 10 years. Lucky little Lana.

Sales this week — NAADAM has 30% off spring faves, which happens to include my two favorite sweaters that get year-round use in these parts. Wearing this one in black as we speak (with these jeans — I’m still so smitten), and this one is a little more of an investment, but it’s the top I’ve worn most over the past two months (I wear a S in both). Full post coming soon, but it’s worth snagging while this sale is going. Oh, and this cashmere blanket wrap is usually $400, now $69. Talk about the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Cheers, friends!


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