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Happy Friday!

After a quick scroll through today’s Sales Report, I noticed that plenty of our editors found some really good white tees on sale (maybe we were all inspired by Linzi’s latest post). First up–a team favorite–the James Perse Crewneck, Jess found this cute little tank top, Cam loves J.Crew’s take on the basic tee, and Amy’s fav is just $17!

Weekly Sales Report 5.14: Sporty Loungewear, Statement Shoes, Stylish Swim & More

But if you’re looking for something one step up…this little white top is a stunner. And such a good price. I think I need it.

We may be feeling inspired by all the white tees this week, but there are plenty of great sale picks below. Happy weekend, everybody.

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Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend! The temps up here at the top of Michigan just hit the 60’s and all this sunshine has me dreaming of new sunnies. I’m eyeing up this beautiful pair that are actually 68% off right now! Also, my *favorite jeans of all time* are magically on sale in the “vintage ash grey” color. 

I sized up in the jeans based on reviews and fell in love with the loose style, but recently ordered a pair in my true size just to compare. I was floored by how much it changed the look of the jeans…yet were still so good. In my true size the waist fit perfectly, with a well hugged booty and a gentle loose fit in the leg. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re wanting to break away from skinnies but don’t want something dramatic. For my style personally, I still prefer the one size up, just because I love the looser waist and the more dramatic leg width. Either way, do NOT sleep on this amazing sustainable pair of denim!! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

This week I’ve felt totally out of control with packing, moving into my mom’s for the short-term, so, I did what any level-headed PMS’d human would do and hacked off all my hair. Ok, I didn’t do it, my hairstylist did. Truthfully my favorite kind of hair appointments are the ones where you feel a little scared/sick sitting in the chair. I feel uncomfortable and liberated, but overall I think I dig it. The best compliment has been Shana saying I’m giving Gwyneth vibes a la Sliding Doors. The worst? My husband asking if I was inspired by Ellen (which might be his only pop culture reference to be fair)…Check out the new ‘do on my Instagram (Wearing the coziest little number: my new Naadam Cashmere Sweater – in the photos. Emily is right that Shana is always right). Ok, on to the sales which are a little “crabby.” 😉  

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. Welcome, weekend. Welcome. So if anyone else follows astrology some, Jupiter entered Pisces last night and apparently that means abundance and miracles until July 28th! I mean, if that’s not good news y’all. Whether you believe in that all or not like uh we need this kinda good right now, yeah? I am a highly sensitive person and I really felt something shift last night. Thank goodness. I’m ready for it.

Coming back to Earth and stuff on sale (it’s all about balance, my friends) you gotta snag some of these seriously comfy Mayslie joggers from Paige…the days that jeans aren’t working for me I put them on and feel fab. TTS and so soft and worth the investment. Second pick is these tanks I ordered from GAP. My fav cut and so flattering. On sale for a steal right now! xoxo

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Today is the day, you guys…I’m officially 40! Whaaaaat?? I have all kinds of mixed emotions about being 40, but I love birthdays. I bought these shoes to celebrate because I LOVE THEM. They are not practical at all, but OMG the sparkles! (Plus they were on sale–and still are!) They’re actually a lot more comfortable than I thought they’d be…so I’m going to go put them on and celebrate. YAY!

Linzi’s Sale Picks

My huge “research project” on white t-shirts was finally published this week! Hooray! You would think I would never want to even see a white t-shirt again, but I’ve actually been wearing my off-the-shoulder tee from Black-Owned Business Tiny Closet all week. It makes every pair of jeans look better, and now I’m intrigued by this top on Tiny Closet’s site as well. I don’t think I could do the au naturel thing, but DANG she looks good! Maybe over dresses or swimsuits for me? 

As for the sales…this gorgeous top is a TOTAL stunner in both the slate blue and crisp white. Despite my husband’s loathing of me wearing any type of fringe (or maybe BECAUSE of my husband’s loathing of me wearing any type of fringe), I’m wanting all the fringed cardigans including this one that’s on sale at Anthro. Happy Weekend–here’s to wearing what makes you happy!

Cam’s Sale Picks

I’ve been potting plants this week (English lavender + a bit of basil), as well as watering and tending to our very small veg garden…and goodness. There is something so rhythmic and calming about the process. It was a good reminder to me that, even though I say I don’t have the time, I should make the time for gardening. It’s something I genuinely enjoy, which just so happens to bear fruit (or vegetables & flowers) ;).

As for my sale picks this week, I am all in on those comfortable, easy, and fun pieces that uplift an everyday outfit. I’ll be honest, I am having trouble restraining myself from buying another pair of GGs, because these Golden Goose w/ Metallic Pink accents are calling my name…and only a few sizes left, so! ALSO, this Zadig & Voltaire Plum Bag has me sighing. It’s such a steal – one to buy now and carry later. Lastly, I’ve had my eye on J.Crew’s Cabana Oversized Sunglasses…just cannot decide on which color…Cheers, Cams

Jess’ Sale Picks

Hooray! It’s mine and Scotti’s birthday weekend! Fun fact: we have the same birthday, May 14th! I’m headed to Chicago to spend the weekend with my family and to celebrate my niece’s 1st birthday (she was born one day after me, on the 15th, so fun!). We’re meeting my parents at Fogo De Chao, one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Chicagoland area. It’s so great to be able to go out again!

Now onto sales. Everything is 40% off at Gap with the code: FRIENDS. I found my favorite denim shorts ever there and they are included in the sale. Also, check out Bloomingdale’s sale section this weekend, too. They have SO many cute summer dresses on right now–especially their Aqua brand–which is affordable and so stylish. Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, friends! It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through May. Like where the heck is time going?! I am so excited for summer and will be heading back home a ton for lots of family celebrations. My brother is graduating from high school, I’ve got several family weddings to attend, hoping to spend some time in Sedona, CA, and I’ll be heading back to NYC too. Needless to say, we’ve got lots of plans for the summer, and I just went on a spending spree for some of the events I will be attending. The thing I was most excited to find on sale this week has to be the GA Palazzo jeans that our entire team tried! I am planning on getting outside this weekend and am sending all the sunny vibes your way! Oh and ps. I found a pair of GG sneakers that I think I might actually love. XX 

Em’s Sales Picks

Big news, friends. We finally watched the Disney Descendents series and it kiiiiinda doesn’t suck. I know we’re late to the game here. I made Lana wait until she was 6 to watch it for fear of it being too, uhhhh, sassy (meanwhile we’ve watched the entire Harry Potter, Star Wars and, yes, Transformers series as a family, so don’t think me too holy)–but the music is pretty damn catchy, as far as kid stuff goes. I also get a kick outta the fact that Rotten To The Core sounds exactly like Little Bit Alexis. The. Little. Things!

On the sale front: the jeans I talked up in this post (you know, the one where S was right again dammittttt) are marked down to $89–about half the sizes left. The exact wash I have in the Gap girlfriend jeans has been largely restocked, and they’re part of the Friends & Family sale. Everything you ever wanted to know about them in this post (though heads up: Facebookers are saying they prefer to size down). Happy weekend, pals. It’s gloomy here — hope you get after some sunshine!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

I recently ordered this jacket and threw it on top of my workout set. I never thought I’d like it so much! Done! I was ready to run errands and feel chic. Got a lot of compliments at Trader Joe’s and in my DM’s when I posted it to my IG stories.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect one-piece swimsuit, this J.Crew one is a best seller and perfect for that postpartum belly.

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