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Happy November, everyone! The temps are definitely dropping and the holiday buzz is just around the corner…

Coats & Jackets, Boots & Loungewear: Editor Top Sale Picks Of The Week

Kicking the month off in high gear: Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale dropped with great deals on so many team favs, like Linzi’s splurge-worthy striped sweater (now over 50% off — a serious deal for Vince cashmere). For a casual cold-weather uniform, pair with go-to jeans (or, maybe some trending corduroys), and throw on some classic chelsea boots (these are chic + durable). Cozy it all up with a puffer coat (this one is made of recycled materials, AND 40% off with code: FRIEND)… perhaps even one with a faux-shearling hoodie for maximum warmth.

One more for the homebody leaning hard into cozy loungewear… a matching velour set (crewneck and joggers) that’s festive, yet subtle.

Onto the good stuff, more sale picks below!

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday! While everyone else is jumping into Christmas, I’m still hanging onto Halloween with a few items around the house I hate to put away quite yet…including my Morticia makeup, perhaps as an everyday look? Cast your vote here, dahling. It’s the perfect time to rewatch The Nightmare Before Christmas, methinks. I also just started Only Murders In The Building last night and OMG…it’s SO good! Definitely recommend.

While I’m not ready to deck the freaking halls quite yet (trust me, love those holiday vibes, but let’s wait a beat, yeah?) I AM ready for those holiday sales. And they are good this weekend, friends. I’m eyeing up these Gap velour joggers that are 40% off (matching set options, too) but unsure of which color. Gah. So many good shades. Also, A&F is nailing it with this sherpa vest and many other cozy finds (chic Ted Lasso moment?) Considering a little try-on post. Happy Weekend, peeps…Happy Diwali! Xo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Happy Deepavali (or Deepawali or Divali or Diwali) for those who celebrated yesterday or are celebrating this weekend. My mother-in-law overnighted some of her DELICIOUS food per my husband’s request (the Deepavali Hero we call her), and I made several dishes that turned out… “okay-ish”.  There’s a reason my husband requests his mother’s cooking. It’s the thought and effort that count though, right?  

We’re keeping the celebration small this year (one other family), but I’m still very much looking forward to being with folks we love and lighting candles and doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk (if it dries up a bit) and doing sparklers and eating good food …in addition to eating my “okay-ish” food. I told Shana she gets the rejected food that doesn’t make it to the dinner table for our “real” guests. She always gladly accepts and tells me it’s wonderful. Thanks, friend. As for sales…the best deal this week is this piece from the Denimist…fashion-y brands marked WAY down are always so fun to find. And my go-to stripe Vince sweater is on sale too.  Also…can these enter my “so ugly they’re cute” shoe rotation or maybe the other green ones I feature below? Happy weekend everyone!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Greenlea is in a local production of Disney’s Descendants and I am that mom who bought tickets to Every. Single. Show. (That’s two on Saturday, folks.) I actually do love going to see it, though, AND it gives me an excuse to dress up… although last night I wore this red velour set: joggers, sweatshirt and topped it all off with glitter boots. I don’t know if you can call that “dressing up,” but I was comfy and festive. 😂 (PS, it’s on sale right now!) 

In other news, I’ve always wanted one of those light-up deer for my yard (I can see Shana’s eyes rolling from here), and finally just bought this one that’s on sale. The question now is do I keep it?? Gah…I’m obsessed with Christmas decor and my husband hates it! LOL 

Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy weekend! My kid just turned one-year-old yesterday (catch a glimpse over on insta), and my husband and I have been a blubbering mess. Time is no longer linear, and I’m just waiting for that Pause Button to be invented (and go on sale…wink). 

But for sales that actually exist, check these out if you need an underwear refresh (select colors marked down!). The company is absolutely amazing and thanks to their no-slip (velvet) grips around the bands, nothing gets twisted under leggings or jeans (PS: the seamless bralette is way more supportive than similar ones on the market). Also, if you haven’t noticed, Black Friday sales have begun everywhere. Deals are pumping, and this gift set is my favorite I’ve seen so far (a product I use daily and swear by for dryness)! Xx

Meredith’s Sale Picks

By the time you read this my brother and future SIL will have moved in with us kicking off step 1 of my mission to convince everyone to move to Colorado. Turns out getting that guest room together wasn’t a bad idea.

Is it just me or do Black Friday Sales start earlier and earlier each year? No complaints from me. Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale is fire, and includes my favorite sweater and pair of jeans

J.Crew continues to be that girl and is offering up to 25% off with the code: NOVEMBER. If I were only to buy two items it would be these cords and this top. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday!! My mom, the best friends and I are meeting up in Oakland today for an epic dim sum lunch; it’s movie night tonight (any family friendly recommendations that won’t make me tempted to scroll my phone?); and we’re starting to prep for Friendsgiving next week with the Bubble Fam and our surprise Disney vacay the week after. Lots to be grateful for as we enter the official season of thanks.

Sales folks — Abercrombie’s clearance section is worth a gander. That sweatshirt vest I love is now under $30 — and someone please snag these mid-rise boyfriend jeans for a cool $19.99 so I can live vicariously. Some good finds at The Rack, too — this teardrop Frye bag is gorgeous, timeless and perfect for every day. Happy weekend!

Kat’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, beautiful people! It’s officially my favorite time of the year, and I am sure you can guess it’s all about the holiday spirit for me! I’ve been a huge fan of Christmas forever and have to say I am beyond excited that it’s now acceptable to let the holiday season kick off on November 1. Yes, I have been playing Christmas music every day, and yes, I will be getting into holiday decorating very soon! This year, I am planning on hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party for my friends and our dogs, and I found some of the cutest ugly sweaters for dogs!!! This pup sweater is one of my favorites and is under $20! Ps. Stay tuned for a full-on roundup coming to the blog soon! 

In other news, I just released another 30 minute HIIT workout on my YT channel, and the bala bangles and power ring I used in the video are both on sale right now! I’ve also been wanting to try these jeans and now that they are on sale, I think I just might have to get them! Hope you all have a happy weekend! XX – Kat 

Julieta’s Sale Picks

There’s not a color client that doesn’t make me feel lucky to do what I do. Every woman has a different and special story, and wanting to discover their best colors always goes beyond outer appearances. I’ve been getting more and more gorgeous women embracing their silver hair, but have felt insecure and a little lost in the process. It’s one of the reasons they want to know what colors will enhance their natural beauty. No more processed hair color, no more heavy makeup, just them with their inner and outer beauty. It’s been a joy to see their faces when they see how a color palette can do that. 

I’m now booking the latest color spots for the year, and it will be the last chance to get it at the current price. My advisors (husband, accountant and assistant) have all shaken me and told me how valuable this is. You can email me for more info. Now check my favorite sale picks this weekend. Anybody getting ready for Black Friday sales? I sure am. 

Cam’s Sale Picks

Now that Halloween’s come and gone, I am onto Christmas. Yeh, Thanksgiving is nice, but meh…not adding anything new around the house. The pumpkins out front remain, so I call that decorating for Turkey Day. The Christmas Season, however…oh ho ho ho…it is on. I can’t wait to decorate this house. I am thinking a faux tree, considering this Spruce Christmas Tree for our front room (don’t want to spend $ every year on one for that room). Reviews are pretty glowing!

Need a good pair of dependable jeans? Jump on these Madewell Vintage High Rise Jeans. They make some comfy, comfy denim.

Happy weekend! Cheers, Cams

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