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Another week down. I know we all have Texas on our minds as we keep in close contact with Meredith down in Dallas. She and her family are hanging in there, but she has another update for us below. In case you missed it, our team pulled together plenty of ways to help right now if you’re able. Some are as simple as making a Venmo donation. And as always, we’re blown away by this community and your continued support (right down to the kind words and comments). Thank you.

Now we’ll do what we do best…a little sales shopping distraction.

Warm Coats, Cozy Loungewear, Cute Sneakers & Jeans (of course) + More On Sale

Madewell, where have you been? Somehow, this brand has been flying under my radar but now they’re here…with 20% off everything this weekend for Madewell Insiders. (It’s free to sign up!) Linzi is eyeing this perfect striped tee and it’s making me CRAVE springtime. There are a ton of striped tees to choose from, actually. And if you’re looking for really cool sneakers (aren’t we all?)…these.

Two more: did you know Zulily has Beyond Yoga? Laura’s favorite space-dyed sport bra is on sale over there. This one is adorably-hilarious (good find, Kat). More finds below!

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Amy’s Sales Picks

To no surprise, I have coats and cozy clothes on the brain this week. If there was ever a time to hug our warm clothes a little closer, it’s this week when nearly every corner of the country (except maybe Florida) experienced wild winter weather. February is always a hard one to get through in Michigan, but I never thought I would be staying cozier than Texans this time of year — thinking of any of you living there constantly (and so thankful for Meredith’s updates — you’re amazing M!).

I included a mix of personally owned-and-loved items, as well as a few I’m dreaming of myself — like these cashmere sweats that, yes, are still super-expensive even on sale, but they’re cashmere, people!! I’m imagining they feel like clouds on your body. A fave coat of mine from Mango still has some stock left (it’s perfectly oversized,) and would look gorgeous thrown over those cashmere sweats! 😉 Stay warm and squeeze your loved ones. Xx

Linzi’s Sale Picks

To our Texas friends…hope you and your families are safe and this mess gets better soon…VERY soon. We’re thinking about you. Readers, if you missed the post, here are a few ways to help Texas winter storm victims. While reading about Texas this week (and eventually Texas small businesses), I came across this Dallas-based, Black-owned jewelry business, Auctober Love, and fell in love with these cool little earrings. Started by two sisters, they have a nice selection of simple everyday jewelry on their site, but will also customize any earring just for you. I love reading about how these types of small businesses started as well as how they’re involved in their communities.  

And now for the sales…Madewell is running their 20% Off for Insiders Sale (Woohooo!!! Free to sign up), and I just ordered some new denim to try, as well as several spring tops (try-on-sesh post coming soon). I am feeling the spring tops right now for sure (several below), but I’m most excited about trying these light gray jeans. And if you missed it, my fav gray/black wash MOTHER Insiders are on sale several places, but best size availability is here, as well as the link below in my roundup. 

Meredith’s Sales Picks

Greetings from Texas where we’re bartering for firewood and racing to cook/change diapers/power our devices/dry shampoo our hair (true story) when we get power back for 45 minutes. After five days of rolling blackouts we’ve finally had continuous service for an entire day (the luxury!) and some water to boil (living like a Queen). But in all seriousness, we’ve been lucky and while we don’t know the extent of the damage on our home, we’re grateful to have a place to stay. We’re not out of the woods yet and my heart is with my fellow Texans — well, everyone except #CancunCruz. 

Honestly having TME to work on has given me some much-needed normalcy and a place to channel some pent up energy. Plus, I’ve been in the same clothes for days (Thanks stupid pants, UGG slippers and this one Scrunchie in particular for working overtime), so some of these sales are starting to look pretty enticing. Thanks to everyone on TME team and readers who have reached out and asked how my family is doing. I’m feeling the love and appreciate it more than you know.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

The images coming out of Texas are just heartbreaking. We know cold up here in Michigan, but we can’t possibly know what you guys are going through without food, power, water…it boggles the mind, really. And although Linzi already included this link to TME’s article about how to help, I’m going to include it again just in case you missed it. I just…have no words. We’re thinking of you and are sending love (and CASH) your way! 🙏🏼❤️

As far as my sales picks, they’re all pretty much part of a general warm/comfy/cozy theme. I think we’re all craving some of that right now, like Amy said above. This cashmere sweater is an investment, but it will literally last YEARS and will get a ton of wear. (Right now I’m basically living in my warm soft cashmere sweaters.) Hang in there, friends…

Laura’s Sale Picks

Y’all. Freaking A. I was losing my mind when we lost power during below-freezing temps for 24 hours earlier this week. I cannot imagine what our Texas friends are dealing with. I know we’ve all mentioned it here, but having a small taste of it ourselves earlier this week makes me rage with even more fire towards the ridiculous infrastructure issues there. I grew up near Texas (brisket BBQ is best, fight me) and my heart aches for y’all. For the rest of us, let’s keep doing what we can to help out, as everyone has mentioned above. I’ll just mention, I LOVE THIS TME TEAM.

OK, so the sales picks are a little all over the place, as is my brain right now. Anyone else just SO over keeping it together? I have my first therapy appointment in a while today and I am SO glad. Do it. Get what you need, friends. No shame in that game. Need a little pick-me-up? I have this fab lip color from Black-owned Lip Bar and I need to replenish it (so exciting it’s at Target now!) I like shade Unimpressed (fitting, right now.) I also need to up our mask game to this 3-layer family set. Where, oh where, do Sienna’s masks go???? Probably with the Tupperware lids and missing socks…Love y’all. We’ve alllllmost made it to March, which means spring…somewhere? Many many hugs this week. xoxo

Em’s Sale Picks

Dang guys, what a weird week. Lana was off school this week, but since we traveled last week, we mostly hunkered down and hung out around the house — which made for one very bored kiddo (thank goodness for FaceTime and grandparents!) — and noshed on the leftovers from our impromptu Lunar New Year’s feast. It’s been drizzling here, so I’m daydreaming of those sunny poolside mornings in Palm Springs — and future opportunities to wear things like this gorgeous one-size-fits-most romper situation from Black-owned business Oula Company. It’s pricey but totally dreamy. (See their whole collection here.) Sending all the warm, sunny, pipe-thawing vibes to Texas, too, while I’m at it. If you didn’t catch the link above, S outlined all the ways in which you can help in this post. (Meredith’s running commentary from the frontlines has been eye-opening, too — and entertaining as all heck. I swear she could have her own humor column.)

Talking sales, Levi’s is topping my list of personal temptations this week with 50% off all sale, bringing this cozy sherpa trucker to just $58. It’s the perfect piece for fall and winter here, but the lighter color means it’d be easy to throw on for chilly summer evenings, too. Oh, and since I know we’re not even pretending to be done with sweats, this is one of the chicest sweatsuits I’ve seen (pants here/top here). Think stupid pants — but with tailored details like a faux-fly? Might have to chuck that in the cart, too. Happy weekend, friends!

Kat’s Sales Picks

Well this week has been…strange to say the least. But at this point, it doesn’t seem like a surprise that so much is haywire, it’s like we’ve been living in the twilight zone or something. We had exceptionally cold weather here, -30 degrees is not normal for CO, but my thoughts keep going out to those in Texas, especially all my extended family who have been without heat, power, and water. In other news, my Purple mattress came in, and I have to say I am feeling like the princess and the pea when it comes to finding a mattress to invest in. Everyone I know who has this mattress says it takes some getting used to, and then you absolutely love it! Well, I am going to give it a few weeks and then report back with my thoughts. My day two of having the mattress thoughts are “damn this thing is jiggly like jello” and “bouncy,” so who knows if I will end up loving it or not.

Anyways, the sales this week are pretty great, and my forever favorite sweater is on sale in black and camel right now! Anthropologie is having a sale on their tops and this one gives me all the Bridgerton vibes. ps. I really feel like I need these in my life! Hope you all stay warm, and safe this weekend. XX

’til next week,

Team TME


  1. Hey guys! Danielle is right! Old Veronica Beard Farrahs. We’ll keep an eye out for those exact jeans to ever come back (fingers crossed!) but in the meantime, I pulled together some with a similar vibe. (FP does this really well.) Have a wonderful weekend. Xo! Similar options here: https://shopstyle.it/v/Vmp

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