Welcome To The New Mom Edit!


Hey, hey, HEY-AY!  We’re done!  The site has been upgraded, re-vamped, shined up, polished….and we couldn’t be more excited.

Want a quick little tour?  Here are three things I’m especially excited about:

Mobile Just Got WAYYYYY Better

Mobile users, find all of our navigation buttons by clicking the three little lines one the top left:


A Better Shop Experience

Click on the words SWIM SHOP, and you’ll notice a whole new way to navigate through all of the summer fun that was hand selected by the TME team.

Mobile users, like before, use the menu at left.

More Info About The TME Team

I am beyond lucky to be working with such an amazing group of women.  Now, you guys can get to know each of them a little better….AND, see what is currently in everyone’s closets.  This is especially helpful if you see us wearing something on FB, IG, or stories, but can’t find the link.  Or if you just can’t quite remember which post you spotted that cute dress in….check out our closets.

Desktop users, click on the “Contributors” link at the very top of the page, or hit the giant “About The Mom Edit” graphic on the side.  Mobile users, you’ll find the same link at the very bottom of the main page.  Each author has filled out a fun FAQ (most are pretty hysterical), and has a link to a shop filled with pieces in their current rotation.

You’ll also see these links at the bottom of every post.


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!




      • I agree with Liz but also with Cristin on the constructive criticism . Definitely cluttered and overwhelming. I think for those of us who are overwhelmed by it, there is just a lot of information present. I tend to favor blog layouts that are simple. The giant colorful social media links to the right on a computer screen are highly distracting and so prominent. And on my laptop screen at least there are small links to several social media options above the current post, it seems a bit much. But mostly it’s just all the links on the home page, too many options too much stuff.

  1. Thank you for the updates. Is there a place to see all of the articles by 1 contributor? My body type fits with one person best so I would like to see her posts more easily.

  2. Love it! Been reading you daily since I had my second bubba in 2013. You and your crew are awesome and inspiring. Keep up all the good work. Your talent and dedication is appreciated and inspiring!

  3. Thank you for this place–the honesty, the supportive and helpful commenters, and the real-life inspiration. This is, and has been for years (I’ve been reading you since the beginnings of aintnomomjeans), my main fashion inspiration. You’ve built an amazing community here!

    A couple thoughts on the new look…
    *How do you get to older articles? Sometimes life gets crazy and it’s a week or more before I get here, but I don’t want to miss anything. At the end of the Latest Articles section, it would be really helpful to have a link to Previous, or maybe make Latest Articles a clickable header like Swim and Momlife. And for those times when I want to find a specific post, please add a Search.
    *The homepage does seem a little cluttery/distracting to me, but that’s probably just my preference for simple/clean showing through. Overall, nice update!

    • Hi Denig,
      The search is available from the spy glass on the right side of the menu (for desktop) and the right side of the logo (for mobile).

  4. Loving the mobile site. Also the contributor section & FAQs is pure gold. I read all the FAQs instead of unpacking from our vacation… oops!

  5. I like it. I also loved reading the FAQs on the contributors and would really like to see your actual closets. Please! Show us how you manage your wardrobes! I also wish you had a contributor that was plus-sized/real-sized or however you want to call it. The average size is 12, and this is not represented.

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