Wetsuits And Surf Suits

If there is one category of swimwear that I’m most excited about, it’s THIS ONE.  As a Mama of two crazy boys (who only seem to get crazier each year), this is my answer to all of the water-skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding and general ruckus that goes along with summer life.  I’ve included both surf suits (which are basically one-pieces with lots of coverage) and wetsuits (which will actually keep you warm).  I bought a lightweight wetsuit – technically a ‘spring suit’ – at the end of last summer, and it made a world of difference.  (You can see my article, For Mamas Who Play Hard: Wetsuits! here)

One key difference?  Wetsuits keep you warm because they are made of neoprene.  Neoprene will break down in chlorine, so if you’re hoping to stay warm in a chlorinated pool, a surf suit (made out of regular ‘ol bathing suit material) is your best bet.  (Thanks, Kim!)