Want To Know Which Brands Are In This Year’s NSale?


While we’ve known the dates of the 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for a while (shopping starts for Icons on July 9th, public sale opens July 15th)…Nordstrom just dropped the dates for the 2024 preview period: June 27th, starting at noon, EST.

Nordstrom also dropped…a 2024 NSale promo video.

If you are wondering who may have watched that promo video a zillion times, paused every single frame and pulled together an early list of brands we *think* we saw…me. I’m the problem, it’s me.

Or, more accurately, there was actually a bunch of us in the office, all squinting at our respective screens. So. If you want to see what we *think* is in this year’s 2024 NSale, head over to our just-launched page, The Ultimate Shopping Guide to The 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We literally have a list of all brands spotted so far.

(Here’s what the page looks like. Roughly.)

Click to head on over to our NSale page….

If you have any questions about sale dates or times, or even tips for shopping the Nsale…check out the guide. It’s literally all in there. We also pre-loaded the shopping widgets in this guide with some realllllly fun finds from Nordstrom’s existing sale section, just so you don’t get bored waiting for July.

Lastly!! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our special NSale newsletters. It’s something we started a couple of years ago, and the feedback we’ve gotten has been really positive. If you want the earliest possible look at our best finds, our unvarnished opinions on the good/bad/ugly (these newsletters often publish late at night, and exhaustion makes us blunt), or if you, uh, just really like us, subscribing to our special NSale newsletters is the way to go.

Once articles go live on our site things typically sell out fast, so our special NSale newsletter is our way of giving our most loyal following a head start. And we obviously never share your emails – with anyone, ever.

Fingers crossed for more sweaters in this year’s sale. 😉



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