What I Actually Wear Everyday: My Realistic Winter Uniform


When people ask me what words describe my style, the first thing that comes to mind is elevated athleisure. While I do love to wear sexy dresses and maxi skirts, my everyday is much more casual (and I love a winter uniform).

I live in yoga pants, cool hoodies, and a great pair of sneaks, and while most people might consider that boring, what sets my daily uniform apart is that I intentionally dress this way. What I mean by dressing with intention is that I don’t just wear sweats and a hoodie, I elevate the looks with accessories, style my hair and wear a bit of makeup. I live for that effortlessly put-together vibe, and that is 100% what I gravitate towards in my day-to-day outfit choices.

Realistic winter uniform

half zip | pants | hat (similar) | sneakers | bag

An Elevated, Realistic Winter Uniform

I often think people assume that tomboyish, athleisure style is less put together, and at times it definitely can be. But when you add all the elements, the outfit, the accessories, the hair, the makeup, it’s actually very stylish and IMO gives all the cool girl vibes I live for. 

Realistic winter uniform


And while we aren’t the biggest “rule followers” here at TME, this is one I live by… “Rule number 416: accessories, hair & makeup will always elevate any outfit.” It’s the icing on the cake, if you will. The final touches that make everyone so enticed to eat a slice, or in my case feeling confident & cute in whatever I am wearing.

Start With Comfy Pants: Spanx Perfect Pant

Realistic winter uniform

half zip | pants | hat (similar) | sneakers | bag

If there ever were a pair of pants that were hella comfortable and keep me feeling and looking snatched, it would be the perfect pant from Spanx. They 100% live up to their name, because they are absolute perfection. Quite honestly, they are the sleekest pant I’ve ever slipped into.

Realistic winter uniform

The Spanx perfect pant is designed with their premium ponte fabric, that smooths everything out on your body. As Spanx does so well, they’ve also got shape wear technology hidden into the pants, and I am a sucker for the built in tummy control. Oh, and they are machine washable, which is a total win for me!

Realistic winter uniform

half zip | pants | hat (similar) | sneakers | bag

The perfect pant is available in a variety of different styles: slim straight, high rise flare, kick flare, wide leg, and my personal favorite, the split hem wide leg. I also want to note that Spanx is one of the few brands to recognize that plus size people can also be petite (aka short) and they offer every one of these styles in petite, regular and long inseams from sizes XS to 3X. I am wearing the petite 3X, and the length was spot on for my 5’2″ stature.

This Lululemon Hoodie Is Everything

Realistic winter uniform

half zip | hat (similar)

I love how adding a pop of color to my mostly black and neutral wardrobe creates interest within the outfit. And this winter I am all about playing with dopamine dressing. The vibrancy of a bright piece of clothing just makes me so damn happy!

While I certainly am a neutral loving babe, and would typically gravitate towards a neutral hoodie or half zip, I opted for Lululemon’s scuba oversized half zip in the prettiest shade of blue. The color is seriously stunning and exactly the kind of serotonin boost I want for winter.

The attention to detail within the design of the half zip is stunning, and I love all the piping and subtle logos on the hood and zipper clasp. The material feels soft on my skin, and it’s that delicious combination of soft yet breathable fabric that I look for in hoodies. It’s slightly cropped and hits right at the bottom of my waistline. I love it so so much, and am going to be wearing the heck out of it this winter and spring. For sizing reference I am wearing the XL/XXL.

Accessories Matter: Cool Sneakers & Prada


Accessories are the key to making basic outfits feel less boring, and right now I’ve been loving the Salomon sneaker trend that has been making waves this year. I know what you’re thinking, who the heck wants to wear technical sneakers?! Well, I do, that’s who!

The Salomon sneaker feels like a more exciting take on the dad sneaker, and I love that they come in a variety of different colorways. Also these shoes get all the bonus points for being comfy for all day wear, and the toggle laces are cool and convenient.

hat (similar) | sneakers | bag

Last but certainly not least, add Prada. Or any bag of your choice!

Of all the designer purchases I have made over the years, the triangle Prada bag is my absolute favorite and my most worn. When I make designer purchases I am looking for something that I know I will use daily. I want to wear my investment pieces, and this triangle bag is one hundred percent my style. It’s slightly sporty, it’s luxe, and it elevates any winter uniform + any outfit I wear.

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Cheers to keeping it real with your winter uniform!

XX – Kat

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  1. Any other pants suggestions you wear your Salomon’s with? I have the white pair, taking them to Spain when Adidas didn’t cut it in Italy resulting in dreaded plantar fasciitis!

    • I’ve worn mine with my white linen pants from athleta and they look great with them! I’ve also seen other people wear them with baggy jeans, though I am not sure those would be something I’d pack for Italy. If you had a long enough maxi skirt or maxi dress, the pop of white could look super cute too!

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