What I Want To Wear: Thanksgiving


Several of you have emailed asking for Thanksgiving outfit ideas…and this year I'm looking for the sartorial equivalent of comfort food.  But I also want something pretty, dammit!  I want to offset all of the hard and ugly of Fall 2013.  So whether you've been dealing with your own form of #takethatbreastcancer (and OMG I hope not) or just had a crazy few months….these are for you.


A Glamorous, Long-Sleeved, Maxi 

Nothing adds drama like a long, sweeping skirt.  I'm picturing myself regally entering the dining room: red lipstick firmly in place, shoulders back, one (sparse) eyebrow perfectly arched, my patchy, bird-like hair – UGH!!  SEE?  It's why I need the glamorous dress.  Such effortless elegance.  Besides, these things are crazy-comfortable.

[Dresses 1, 2, 6 and 8 are nursing-friendly.  Dresses 4 – 8 would work for pregnancy.]



1. Cavatina Maxi Dress from Anthropologie, $148

I think her pose says it all.  I'm willing to bet that this is nursing friendly, too. 

2. LA Made Jersey Maxi Dress, $105

Awfully boobalicious, I know.  Kinda why I like it.  A plunging v-neck (and artful ruching) does wonders for hiding a poochy stomach.  I'd layer it over a pretty bra and probably pin the neckline a touch, or layer it over a lacy cami. 

3. Fairbanks Maxi Dress From Anthropologie, $148

I love the sophisticated art teacher vibe here.

4. Tart Off-the-shoulder Maxi Dress at Nordstroms, $148

Hey baby.  My naked shoulder is distracting you from my poochy stomach. 

5. Rachel Pally Stormy Dress, $248

For when you want to feel like a tall, statuesque goddess.   Too pricey?  Forever 21 has one that is similar…ish.  Similarish. 

6. Swell Siren Long Sleeve Maxi, $34

See the little bit of ruching over the pooch?  Now that's what we like to see for Thanksgiving.

7. Mossimo Long Sleeve Maxi at Target, $35

Ok, I can see her nether regions…but the reviewers like it. I suspect it's just a lighting problem.  Most of us don't want around backlit with our legs spread.  Just sayin.

8. Three Dots Pleat Jersey Maxi Dress, $198

These long, swingy dresses make me feel like a princess.  Or maybe a grecian goddess.  In any case, Piperlime also has it in blue.


A Statement Sweater Dress

I just made that name up.  It's for when you want to wrap yourself up in something warm, cozy, and, thankfully, cute

[Dresses 2 and 8 are nursing-friendly.  All except for 1 and 10 would work at some stage of pregnancy.]



1. Maurie and Eve Echo Sweater Dress, $105 at Nasty Gal

Love the mod vibe.  I'd wear it with black leggings and over-the-knee boots.  (Or just tall boots, since I don't actually have OTK boots.  Sigh.  A girl can dream.)

2. Simply Vera Wang Sweater Dress, $35 at Kohls

The draping makes the dress.

3. Fluffy Sweater Dress, $71 at ASOS

For when you want to get petted all night.  You glamour-puss, you.

4.  A New Angle Dress, $50 at Modcloth

Again, wow.  Draping for the win.  This would also be fab with a shirt underneath.

5.  Cabin Cuddly Dress, $85 at Modcloth

I'm thinking navy tights and brown boots.  

6. Lucca Silk Sweater Dress, $168 at Anthropologie

Silk front, sweater back, and you guys:  POCKETS.

7.  Milly Turtleneck Knit Dress, $350 at Bloomies

Arguably the cutest sweater dress ever.  I die for the zippers.  

8. Hadley and James Cashemere Cowl Neck, $169 at Bluefly

Yup.  They had me at cashmere.

9. Ann Taylor Polka Dot Sweater Dress, $109

I like the whimsy of this dress.  I'd wear with opaque black tights and the OTK boots that I don't own for day…or with lacy tights and pumps at night.  Just for fun.

10.  Sweater Dress with Waist Band, $71 at ASOS

Uhhh…yeah. This is good.



ps.  Want more Thanksgiving outfit ideas?  I've updated all of the links in last years post


  1. I have the first maxi dress from anthro. It even has faux leather details at the cuffs, and a side slit. It’s amazing and amazingly comfy. I am a size 12/14 and it is so flattering. I had not thought of wearing it for Thanksgiving…great idea. (my plan was to pair it with killer heels for the hubs work party)

  2. I didn’t plan on getting totally sucked into the blog this morning but those darn “you might also like” links keep getting me and now I’m all “What am I going to wear for Thanksgiving….AND CHRISTMAS….AND THAT SUPER FANCY CHRISTMAS PARTY?!!!” and my kids are all “MOMMY?! We’re hungry where are you?”
    I have this pretty little cozy sweater with sequin skirt thing all over my pinterest but not sure how that could fit in, or if I really want it to, I don’t like my chicken legs and usually go for outfits with tall boots to cover em up! But more importantly…what AM i going to wear to a fancy Christmas party?! Never been to one and just looking at the classy little invitation is freaking me out!

  3. I’ve been obsessing over what to wear for Thanksgiving all month! Especially since my parents decided to go to a fancy pants restaurant instead of the usual turkey dinner at home. So far I’d been trying out your crazy pants+ nice top theory, but might have to try some of these options as well. 🙂 I’m especially loving the polka dotted sweater dress!

  4. Right?!? I’m not sure whether to be relieved or bummed S didn’t update the casual Thanksgiving post (my life), but I certainly wouldn’t have left the house on time if she had…
    KAS, our style boards were separated at birth. I LOVE the cashmere and sequin combo. I also dislike my legs but am seriously considering a skirt with black tights and stiletto booties. Maybe???? And I think I have holiday party envy!!
    Last, I couldn’t resist a quick peek at the updated links (!), so a word on the Old Navy shift for my fellow busty mamas. (However awful that sounds.) I have the 3/4 sleeve version and the material is substantial and washes/dries/wears really well. I just tried on the sleeveless shift and, while the navy was very pretty, it was not for a busty/nursing mama. REALLY high neckline, REALLY, REALLY tight chest. Just…NO. If you’re smaller up top it’d be a score. FWIW.

  5. Hi Abi I have it in my basket online as I love it. Read all reviews and am going with petite. However I am a size 8 very busty with lots of post
    Baby rolls that just love to jiggle. I saw u r size 12-14 what size did u order? I am thinking I will get the medium instead of large tho I don’t want it snug. Thx great to hear how you love it!

  6. Love all the dresses. I have last years version of that Kohls Vera Wang–if its the same fabric (it looks like it is), totally wash n wear!!
    Now I wish I had a Thanksgiving worthy of a dress…sadly, the dairy farming in-laws host and most of the family will be wearing overalls. And not the cute kind.

  7. I ordered this dress and thought it ran tts. The waist is tight and the fabric will show any bumps below belly button through hips. Spanx -worthy because it’s gorgeous

  8. Great to know, thanks! It looks ideal.
    Knocked it out of the park with the picks this year. Love the LA Made maxi but it’s waaaay too long for petites. I may steal the idea of a lace cami for the vera wang dress, though.

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