What Moms Wear: Amy’s Fabulous, Flattering Poncho


PB035323 Amy and I did a closet consultation together last Fall.  In preparation, she had pulled most of her clothes out of her closet.  As we went through the consultation, I noticed this striped poncho hanging in the back.  "Aim, what's this?" I asked.

"Oh, that's just some thing my mom picked up for a couple of bucks at a garage sale.  I don't think I've ever worn it.  It's cashmere, maybe?  Mom always makes it a policy to buy any cashmere pieces she finds at garage sales."

Um.  Good policy.  Not only is this baby cashmere…but it's a Vince cashmere striped poncho that retails for about $300.  Holy Moly.

This poncho can be worn a multitude of ways, but in this case, we paired it with an easy black and gray striped long-sleeve tee, jeans, vintage heels and some of her fun Stella & Dot jewelry (she's a Stella & Dot stylist).  But Amy has also thrown this outfit on with her more comfortable Danskos and still looked adorable.

Whenever we feature poncho-type items, we tend to get comments from moms saying that they like ponchos, but that they are a bit out of their comfort range.  But seriously….just throw 'em on.  With virtually anything.  These things look cute with skinnies, flares, bootcut, etc.  And they are crazy-flattering. Post-partum or pregnant?  Perfection.  Nursing?  You can even go without the nursing cover.

Ponchos are also a perfect transition piece for when you want to ditch the winter coat, but it's still a bit chilly.





  1. Amy – This piece looks fantastic on you!!! I love how it is pulled together, and Shana is right, you bought a VINCE poncho for pennies??? That is amazing luck!!
    Shana – I only wish I lived in Denver (or you moved to Boston) so I could have you do a closet consultation for me!! Thankfully I have your blog!!!

  2. This is awesome…except I am short, Mexican, curvy woman and if I wear a poncho, it looks like I just came down from the mountains of Chihuahua. Maybe I should just double-braid my hair and work with it, since I have some SERIOUS post-partum pooch hiding to do.

  3. I desperately need a closet consult/intervention, but I live in the Chicago ‘burbs. How does one find a reliable consultant? Any advice?

  4. Agreed, if I can’t have ANMJ come to my closet at least I have the blog. I love when I find something at a rummage sale or 2nd hand store, although I tend not to have less and less patience for it.

  5. So cute! Laughing at Beth. I might need a piece like that tailored to be shorter too!
    For the record, I bought a low button jacket and paired with some cuffed ankle-bearing pants and cute heels and my pooch disappeared as if by magic.

  6. You guys crack me up!
    Hey Heather – tough question. There’s really no easy way to do this. I’d do some google searches, and see if any have a blog. Honestly, if they aren’t blogging…hunh. I’d be wary. Ideally, you should be able to find some consultants and check out their style / philosophy via their blog. I’d avoid anyone too….well, too focused on their tastes, or too focused on trends. You ideally want to find someone that is interested in helping you express YOUR style, not their own. And so many go down that “life coach” path…it turns me off. Argh. Sorry I’m not more help – M and I need to stop popping out kids so we can start going to blog conferences, LOL! That probably won’t happen for a while, though…
    Anne – Rock on, Girl.

  7. Heather, I agree with Shana on this one. I have tried in the past to find a stylist here and haven’t always had the best of luck. Often they have their “go-to” looks, and I find I buy the pieces and then return them as they truly aren’t me. To be honest, it wasn’t until I started reading ANMJ that it dawned on me that none of the stylists ever asked me about my preferences! It was all about finding things to go with what was already in my closet, yet I don’t like what is in my closet…
    If you find any tricks to find the “right” person, let me know! Until then, we have the ANMJ blog to help us along!!!

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