What Moms Wear: New Mom Amber’s Faux-Fur Jacket & Heels


P1088140  Readers, this is my dear friend Amber.  Some of you may remember her from this article where she chastised me for my original position on over-the-knee boots. 

"Let your moms be hot!  Tell your moms they have a RIGHT to be hot!"

Yes.  And now Amber is a hot-mom herself, of the crazy-adorable baby Harlow.  And when we met up with Amber & the fam recently, her outfit made me a bit nostalgic.

I remember after R was born, when the weekend came I would gleefully don my high, high heels and get all glammed up, knowing that my husband was there to do the baby lifting.  Even if we were just going to Target.  As R got bigger, our weekends started to be less baby-focused and more toddler focused (key difference:  chasing) and I stopped rocking my sky-high heels.

I miss those heels.

So if you can tear your eyes off of Harlow and her insanely cute flower headband (reason enough to try for a third child, right?)…let's chat about Amber's outfit.

J. Brand Houlihans?  Check.  Michael Kors Tatum Booties?  Check.  Juicy Couture Faux-Fur Hoodie?  Yup.  Mom-friendly?  Actually….I think it IS. 

We are huge fans of the Houlihans here at ANMJ and while I personally couldn't rock the Tatum booties, I think they could be easily swapped out for short, flat boots.  (Or just wait for a weekend, those of you not chasing anyone yet).  But what I'm finding totally inspiring is the faux-fur jacket for moms.

While I think a white faux-fur jacket would be slightly insane for most of us, I do love how a faux-fur jacket would immediately dress up any jeans-and-a-tee combo.  (Or cargos and a tee).  It's like the most lux version of an interesting sweater (which we first introduced here).  Or just add a dash of lux with a faux-fur accessory.

In addition to the Juicy one that Amber's wearing, here are few faux-fur pieces that might be worth a try (and best of all, most are on sale!):







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  1. Um, I never comment but I feel I have to- this is decidedly not mom-friendly. But perhaps this is a joke? Faux fur and a baby? One little spittle of anything and you have a gross, matted fur coat. The pants, sure. The boots? Barely. What’s the point in having a blog about mom-friendly fashion when you are going to post pictures of people who are wearing what all the normals wear? I have Lucky magazine for that.

  2. I warned Shana against using me for a post in fear of reader backlash! I think Fashion is a matter of personal style and for me that does not mean changing 180 degrees just because I am now a mom. If my baby spit up I too would not wear faux fur but for now luckily she does not! I agree its not for everyone-maybe its more appropriate for chasing toddlers? And the heels? I could run marathons in those babies but that’s just me. I applaud flats AND heels, plaid AND faux fur. Shana does an amazing job keeping everyone fabulous on this blog and opening readers minds to style choices they may have otherwise considered unavailable to moms (skinnies anyone?). Readers may love the flatboot posts but struggle with how to rock the shorts/tights combo or vice versa. There is something for everyone to find their personal best. Regardless I think the message is to find what works best for YOUR personal style as a mom.
    Be assured I can also be found many a day in uggs and leggings but if the above outfit has me looking as though I stepped out of Lucky magazine as a mum? That is something I will take as a compliment 🙂

  3. Wow! I definitely think this is one of those things not everyone can pull off-but Amber definitely does! I have a spitter/puker myself so I try to avoid anything I can’t machine wash. So probably no faux fur for me. I do love though how this outfit shows you can stick with your personal style-even if that’s pretty glam-when you have a baby.

  4. What a refreshing post! I often flip through my fashion mags longing to wear the latest styles but fearing now that I am a mom my choices are limited to what’s “practical”. Your featured mom shows that style is not just reserved for hollywood moms, that its ok to not “look” like a mom and that I should not be ashamed to wear the latest trends if I am up to the challenge!

  5. Terri – thanks for the comment! Part of what we try to do is to translate looks into something mom-friendly, in addition to creating mom-friendly looks of our own. This isn't the first time we've started with a gorgeous, high heeled outfit (remember the sartorialist's pic of the girl in a beige cape and Chloe wedge booties)….figuring out how to do this translation sometimes is tricky.
    I actually love Amber's look for moms. Like I mentioned in the post, swapping her heels out for flat boots would make this a bit mom-friendlier, but faux-fur? Totally stylish, many pieces can be thrown in the washing machine (air dry, though), and thanks to stores like Forever21, is also very affordable. When you think about it…isn't that pretty much the definition of mom-friendly?
    I'll admit, however, that I didn't see the mom-friendly possibilities right away….which is why I really wanted to post this pic. Amber translated mom-friendly in her own way and bringing in a new perspective is always makes us think. In this case, my thought was, "hunh. Faux-fur just might work!". Your thought was obviously "S has lost her mind!!" which is ok too. 🙂
    Terri – thanks for the comment – we seriously love honest feedback here. I wonder, perhaps, if the faux-fur will grow on you, like it did me? (hunh. There's a joke in there somewhere)
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  6. Wow-Amber you look amazing!
    I agree that this choice may not be for everyone, but what is practical for one is not practical for another. I love dressing up and wearing heels as well. I work out of the home and so I get to indulge myself in heels, lots of jewelry, etc. while I am at work or if I go out. When I’m home in the evenings or on weekend, you can usually find me in jeans, tees, sweaters, and flat boots (or super comfy wedges in warmer weather).
    As mothers, we are already judged by everything we do, say, etc. I think we should embrace other women/mothers instead of criticizing.

  7. Eeek, I hate to be involved in “reader backlash”. I think the reason why I felt compelled to post is because I stinkin’ LOVE faux fur. I have faux fur something-or-others in about four virtual shopping carts as we speak but alas, I can’t take the plunge due to a toddler with perpetually grubby hands and a spitter-upper. Amber, you do look like you popped right out of a Lucky magazine and that is a compliment of the highest order. Shana, thank you for taking my comment so well, I love your blog and you struck a nerve (who knew it was so exposed?).

  8. Ooooh, you guys are getting controversial 😉 This post just makes me think of the different ways people *perceive* moms when they’re dressed to the 9s out with their kids. Note: I’m not meaning you here, Terri! 🙂 Just the general population. Some people see in mom in high heels & faux fur and think – “Yeah! Rock it!” and other people automatically think that mom is self-absorbed & materialistic (which, of course, is deciding an awful lot from mere appearances alone – but, honestly, that would be the general reaction here in Ohio). Which also points out that some of this is cultural, even within the U.S. Moms might be able to rock certain looks in California that would just come across as trying waaay to hard in smalltown USA. There’s no way we can dress to please everyone! It comes down to what works for us & what our hubbies love us in, too. Like that quote from Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style – “I cannot control how I am perceived, I can only control how I am presented.”

  9. Like Christy and Amber I too am a mom who loves to wear heels and lots of jewelry on many occasions and do not believe these items need to be reserved for date nights or those without babes. While I love your blog I struggle with the overall theme that being a mom means changing or putting limits on style. Style is personal and readers should be able to interpret trends in a way that fits their lifestyle and culture. Wearing heels does not a bad mom make! In addition to what you consider to be mom friendly posts please include more true fashion forward looks to aspire to (like the above ) for us moms who believe motherhood should not be a restriction!

  10. I love this blog, it is the first blog I check every day. I love it because I love fashion, trends, reinterpreting style… and I love being a mom to my small children. Style blogs featuring the latest fashion and trends are a dime a dozen and I have about a bazillion of them bookmarked. S and the girls have a fabulous niche market-mothers who love fashion but who are chasing around toddlers while holding babies. If, however, subjects start to veer off to what is only fashionable, then they have lost their niche and have become just another style blog. This potential outcome for my beloved blog is what propelled me to initially comment. I appreciate S’s comment that faux fur can be had that is machine-washable – this is truly good advice and makes me give the idea another thought (which was the intention of the post I imagine). This is not about philosophical mom issues although those are always fun (snort).

  11. The difference between this blog and other fashion sites like lucky is that this blog features moms! Seeing real moms Shana, Mollie and now featured mom Amber rock fashion forward looks shows that they are mother tested and approved, which inspires me and gives me confidence (vs models in a magazine or other style blogs). I too love ain’t no mom jeans -just asking for more of the above in addition to the usual…

  12. Jacci, your comment about people thinking moms who look glam are trying way too hard totally struck a nerve with me and I agree with you 100%. I spend a lot of time with other moms, and so many of them have just given up fashionwise! I was going to wear something one time and said that people would comment too much about me putting forth so much effort (because apparently skinny jeans and boots require a lot more effort than mom jeans and gym shoes??) and my husband said, “Well, wear it and maybe more of the moms will start putting forth a little effort.” I loved the way he was thinking–inspire the other moms! And BTW, this blog totally inspires me to put forth a little more effort each day, so thanks!

  13. When I see the fashion forward dressed to the 9’s moms out and about my thoughts aren’t so much critical as, “Wow. What am I doing wrong? How does she find the time, how does she muster the energy to put forth a little more effort?” We’re all faced with our own challenges, we all set different priorities — one person’s drive to get a daily workout in each day may be another person’s drive to get a homemade meal on the table, etc. I don’t know. I guess my 3-year-old is just wearing. me. down. these days, and I feel like I can’t put forth a little more effort each day. I’m all tapped out.
    Sorry for the downer comment. Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut this time. I do love your blog and love coming here for inspiration even though I fail to carry it out like 98% of the time. Someday I’ll get there. Someday.

  14. Don’t worry, Kate, I am often lacking effort too. I just get bothered by moms who automatically think that if another mom put some effort into her clothing, she must be stuck-up. I think it has a lot to do with people’s insecurities, but it frustrates me that so many moms spend so much time judging other moms. I completely agree that everyone’s priorities are different, and we’re all just doing the best we can. And by the way, 3 year olds can wear anyone down!! This blog is still very fun, and a nice break from the 3 year olds, right? : )

  15. Gang – WOW. I have to tell you…I feel so…honored, perhaps? that a group of such amazing women read this blog. I love the frank and open discussion here, all without getting judgmental or nasty. I know there’s a stereotype out there of moms as competitive and/or judgmental, but I’m starting to wonder where the stereotype comes from. You guys rock.
    Terri – Thank you for kicking off the discussion and being such a good sport. I promise that we will try very hard to NOT lose focus and become just another fashion blog. I like running around with the kiddos (AND looking cute doing it) too much to let that happen. 🙂
    Kate – As a mom of a three year old myself, I hear you. This sh*t is crazy. As you may have guessed, this IS my outlet. You should see the state of our pad…(and full disclosure? my husband does most of the cooking).
    The rest of you…please keep your honest comments coming! Good or bad, we live for this discussion.

  16. Kate & Megan B, I think you hit on a lot when you mentioned comparison & insecurities. The truth is that none of us do it **all**. Some women may look (from afar) like they have it all completely down, but -truly- none of us do. There’s always something falling through the cracks. I think it’s good to know that… to know that Shana’s husband cooks, that my older daughters do my laundy (but my son still has no clean underwear!), etc. We all have our own unique days. Getting ready everyday has to be fairly quick for me (and even then I break it up over the morning), but I’ve chosen to prioritize it for my own reasons. My husband would rather I take care of my appearance and serve a really simple dinner than make a 9 course meal and look like a truck ran over me. I can’t raise my children, have a sparkling clean house, make 3 fantastic meals a day, and look decent, too. I have to pick and choose what gets my time & attention. All of us do. So, Kate, you aren’t necessarily doing anything *wrong* 🙂 I was really blessed by your honest and open comment.

  17. Hi Shana. Can you do another post with some comfortable tall boot pics? Some of the ones featured on that 2009 post are out of stock. Would love some of your most popular posts to be updated too…links are out of stock as well. Love your madewell swingy jacket too but can’t find anything comparable. Baby Cheapskate linked me to your great site. Thanks.

  18. Fran – You bring up a good point (and I wanted to make sure to respond). We do need to figure out a way to keep some standard posts current…working on it. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Mother of Style – I think, someday, heels will be OK again. Someday, right? LOL

  19. I love this post and the discussion that it provoked. I am a “newish” mom of an 11-month-old and have tried to hang onto some style over the past year. Dealing with the post-partum body issues and the heel dilemma hasn’t been easy, but I’ve tried. Yeah, sometimes when I am dressed up I get looks (and wonder if there is judgement behind them), but you know what — I feel good when I put a little effort into it. That feeling is sometimes priceless during these confidence-shaking early days of motherhood.
    Bottom line: no matter how a mom is dressed, we should all keep some compassion for the work she is doing, and hope that she gets to feel good at some point in her day.
    And Amber, I think you rock! Way to represent!

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