What Moms Wear: Rachel’s Flares, Sneaks, and It-Girl Sunnies


IMG_1154 Whole Foods is like a haven for cool moms.  Anyone remember Krista?  Love her.

My newest Whole Foods find is Rachel.  Rachel sauntered into the little Whole Foods in our 'hood (not even the fancy WF in Cherry Creek) wearing her version of sweatpants & sneaks.

Um, yes.  If by sweatpants you mean on-trend, super-soft, wide-leg denim paired with a cashmere sweater, classic converse and gorgeous $400 sunglasses.  And, of course, crazy-adorable children.

So cashmere always drapes well and washes easily, sneaks are totally mom-friendly, but let's talk about her sunglasses.  Her sunglasses elevate her look to a whole new level of chic. I will go so far as to say that all moms would do well with one pair of crazy-amazing sunglasses.

I'll never forget the day that J (a die-hard, high-end sunglass addict) pulled the $10 Target specials off my face and replaced them with polarized Valentinos.  Then sent me home for a "test run".  I was never able to go back.  Seeing without squinting was a whole new experience, not to mention that high-end sunglasses come with really good UV protection.  We actually got J to do a quick article on "Sorta" kid-proof sunglasses a while back.  She has some cool picks (including my fav's, Salt).

Now back to Rachel.  Her denim is actually an old pair of trouser jeans from Banana Republic, a J.Crew shawl-collar cashmere sweater, gray converse sneaks and a pair of Face A Face sunglasses. 

Rachel's outfit is perfect as-is…but since nude and blush tones are huge for Spring, let's recreate Rachel's outfit in a lighter palette.  Here's what I'm thinkin':

Really, this is causal-cool at it's best.  I'd wear this outfit with my husband's watch.  And am now dying for a new pair of sunnies. 



ps.  Only a couple more days left to vote for us hardworking mamas as the best fashion blog in the 2011 Bloggies!  Baby, our future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. (snort)  I wonder if this line of reasoning will work on my husband…am totally scheming for those sunnies.






  1. I love this outfit. Especially in the colors you discuss. Probably because it feels very safe and do-able all at the same time. And cute! And I already have $300 Versace sunnies that I love. (I’ve been am expensive eyewear convert for years!) And um yeah, I may need to go get those gray Converse. It’ll be like senior year of high school all over again! Except with 15 more lbs. Ha.

  2. I’m so careful with my expensive sunglasses that I’ve lost every pair I ever bought. Sigh.
    I’ve been relegated to cheapies for a while now. And I actually love them–I never feel guilty about losing them or breaking them, and I have a gazillion pairs all over my life: in the car, in the trunk, in each bag, in the office, waiting by the front door. I literally wear them every day, every time I go out of the house, and so forgetting them is a major pain. So I will lust after your Valentinos, and realize that this is one place where I just have to suck it up and buy cheapies…
    Adore her denim though. On other people, even with similar pieces, this outfit could come across as college student instead of chic mom. But she nails the proportions and draping (and those sunglasses!), and it’s just awesomely stylish instead.

  3. She is gorgeous & glam @ WF! (You should totally start a feature about Whole Foods Moms, S). You are so right, the sunnies (& haircut IMHO) really clinches this one. I am a (former, sigh) sailboat racer so the high-end sunglasses have always been a must for me – my faves are Maui Jims, totally made for being on the water. Somehow I never lose & always take excellent care of my sunnies when I spend $300+ on them! Mine are a bit more functional/sleek than those pictured here (big glasses just don’t work on the boat w/all those lines & ropes flying past the face), but I am now exploring more glam possibilities. This is inspiring me also to don my black low Chucks ASAP – another staple from my former sailing life. Grip the deck well, non-marking (a must, esp. when crewing on someone else’s boat) & not as pricey as other sailing shoes. Wow, I am now officially looking forward to spring & getting my 14 month old out on the boat!

  4. I’ve been wanting a pair of low Chucks forever….
    So this inspired me to put on my J. Crew “High Heel Flare Jean” (bought on sale late season a couple years ago) with my sneakers (I had previously had them shortened to wear with flats and sneaks – ironic, considering the name).
    I’m still wearing my Juicy Sunglasses I purchased discounted – I think I’ll have to wait on the $400 pair, but so tempting.

  5. Classic & perfect for PP wear. Speaking of which, have you checked out the Gap President’s sale? At 39 weeks pregnant, you would think I wouldn’t be so excited to go shopping for spring, but I have been ready to ditch these preggo clothes for months. (This isn’t my first pregnancy, btw, so I know these things won’t magically fit over night.) Anyway, their new modern “soft” collection is perfect for moms still working on shedding those pregnancy pounds. I’m really feeling the soft pant, in particular, and they have gorgeous wide leg jeans on sale, too, plus great cardigans for nursing access. I thought of your blog when I saw the belted utility jacket. Not quite the anorak from your previous post, but for under $65 I think it’s a great alternative. Ok, I’m done day dreaming for now. I’ll go put my stretchy pants back on for another few weeks 🙂

  6. Lisa – I’m all over this one too. So very easy, everyday. Yet SO cool!
    Amy – I used to lose sunglasses like crazy. I spent a few months commuting to CA for work…and my husband would tease me that I was doing a weekly sunglass donation to the United staff, LOL. But when I relied that to J, she simply said, “when you spend over $300 on a pair of glasses, you won’t lose them. Trust me.” Oddly enough, I haven’t. (SO knocking on wood right now). It helps that in Denver, I literally need them everytime I step outside. It’s harder to lose them when they are attached to your face constantly. But yeah – the Ray-bans are def. a sign.
    Amanda – I’m now crazy-jealous. I love Denver, but we are SO land locked. Sigh.
    Mad – I’m surprised at how much I like the flares&sneaks pairing, but it totally works!
    Amber – I actually saw this comment earlier, and headed out to the Gap – so thank you!!
    Michelle – Thanks for the comment!! I’ll bet Rachel will be glad to hear it.

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