What Moms Wear: Rebekah’s Geek Chic


  Reader Jacci sent us a query, asking about our Mom Street Style articles…which we haven't done, in…hunh.  A year?  To be honest, I had stopped posting them for a couple of reasons – the main one being that I was too pregnant and uncomfortable to be walking around…and the other reason being that my photography skills are quite terrible.  The Sartorialist I am not. (snort.  I think that goes without saying.)

While my husband can take a good pic (he takes all of the ones of me)…the pics I take usually end up blurry in odd places, and either under/over-exposed.  BUT…we're not really about perfection, here at Ain't No Mom Jeans, and inspiration is still inspiration (even if it's a bit blurry)….so I'll get over myself.

Gang, meet Rebekah. I ran into her at Nordstroms.  Despite most trends going in the direction of over-sized tops, she was exuding some sort of geeky hipster-cool in her shrunken sweater, rolled skinnies, and topsiders.  It's like the hip geek's version of prep.  I love it. IMG_0981

The key to making this outfit work is the fit and the exposed wrists and ankles. 

To recreate Rebekah's look, you could run out and try to find the exact same pieces (all from Forever 21, by the way…except the shoes).  A solid plan, espiecially if you are loving the funkier colors – gray jeans, maroon sweater, etc.  Or…

I actually see this as a great opportunity to make use out of those old button-down shirts that you wear to work and old, boring sweaters.  Find some that fit nice and tight, layer them, and roll the sleeves like Rebekah.  Paired with some skinny jeans (rolled to show ankle) the outfit should have a nice shrunken effect that is anything but boring.

Topsiders are a perfect footwear choice here, but oxfords or ballet flats would also work.  Too cold?  Add some patterned socks. 

I'd amp up the geekiness a bit by adding a digital watch.  I've been drooling over Adidas' Candy watches for quite some time.

Rebekah, thanks for being such a great sport!!  (And I LOVE the look on her daughter's face in the second pic.  LOL)






  1. yay! love street style. my fav part of this site. thanks for ‘getting over yourself’ b/c i’m only looking at the clothes and not the picture quality. now, if we could all be as skinny as Rebekah 😉

  2. So simple, so cute. Everyone can do this look–it’s not about the trend (well, I suppose those jeans are skinny) but about the vibe and the proportion.
    For winter, I’d probably wear moccasins instead of topsiders. But that’s the brilliance–this look works as well with a thin cotton sweater and topsiders as a warm lambswool sweater and mocs!
    Thanks–cute, practical, and easy.

  3. YAY! Thanks so much 🙂 I love to see what real moms are wearing out and about with their kiddos. I also love the way you break it all down for us. Although, I gotta say, on this one there was an element missing from the “how to make this work for you” tips. Namely, having a tiny body! This look would *not* look the same if she weren’t as thin as she is. Very fun look all the same, though!
    Thanks, again!!!
    ~Jacci in Ohio

  4. Hey Jacci in Ohio – I read your other blog – homeforthebetter!
    Anyway, I like street style, too. I think you should try your luck at finding some cute moms that are *other* shapes and sizes…*ahem*. I’m not a very big girl, but my thighs are never going to like skinny jeans!

  5. I’m wondering if this look might also lend itself to “boyfriend jeans” (baggy, rolled at bottom), as long as the sweater and Oxford are fairly tight so it doesn’t look frumpy (?). I don’t know if I could pull off the skinny-all-over look at the moment! 😉

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