What Moms Wear: Tysie’s Take on Transition Outfits (Two of Them!!)


IMG_1868 I LOVE reader Tysie's translation of the J.Crew military jacket + maxi dress look we featured here.

Notice that she pulled a summery dress into rotation with dark tights, tall boots, and a military-inspired shirt. 

Notice also that she used a cool leather belt in place of the usual fabric tie.

Notice also how crazy-adorable her daughter Lilah is.  Holy Moly.  If I could only look that cool in fur boots….

Aaaand..lucky us…Tysie sent in another pic!  Shorts!



Again, everything is just so spot-on.  The socks peeking out from the tops of the boots.  The stripes.  The beenie.  The proportions of the vest and the shorts.  And again with the insanely cool fur boots on Lilah.

M – one of us seriously needs to have a girl.  Fur boots!!  Cream fur boots!

If you can't get enough of adorable Lilah and Tysie, check out Tysie's blog, A Lilah A Day.  She has some seriously cute Lilah outfits (it's like a parade of adorable hair bows) and more cool-mom outfit pics.

Tysie, thank you so much for sending in your outfit pics!  Totally inspiring!!




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