What Moms Wear: Warming Up a T-Shirt Dress


Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 10.35.47 PM My favorite – a reader submission!!  Reader Jacci from Ohio sent in an adorable pic of herself in what she described as a classic & comfy mom uniform:  a t-shirt dress and leggings. 

Jacci makes it cold-weather friendly by layering it over a basic long sleeve t-shirt, then adding tall boots and a denim jacket.  She then dresses the whole look up a bit with a gorgeous statement necklace.  I'm LOVING the rolled sleeves – perfection.

If it's as as cold as it looks in the pic, I think the whole outfit (denim jacket included) would also look amazing layered under a parka.

Want a better pic of the dress & t-shirt?  Yes, of course you do:


Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 10.36.08 PM

I also love the hair tie around her wrist – a girl after my own heart!!

This outfit would be so easy to re-create.  Bust out some summer dresses (Jacci actually informed us that this was her beach coverup from last year – brilliant!!), throw them over leggings and long sleeve tee, add your tall boots and statement necklace.  Or a cool scarf. 

I just remembered where I had seen the parka-over-denim jacket idea.  Refinery 29 pulled it from a Net-a-Porter lookbook:

Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 10.47.27 PM

Wouldn't a parka totally work with Jacci's outfit?  And oooo…Jacci, I think layering a striped tee under the dress would also be a nice touch!  And still very much a part of "classic" style!  Especially when the sleeves are rolled over the denim, as in the first pic. 

Jacci also has a fashion blog, In Search of Chic, where she's been posting her daily outfits as part of a 30-for-30 remix challenge (30 pieces of clothing, 30 outfits).  As someone who also feels a bit silly when photographed, her post, Only Incredibly Dorky People Do This totally cracked me up.

Jacci, you rock.  Thank you SO much for sending in your outfit pictures!! 



ps.  Lest you forget, I wanted to mention (again) that we'd so appreciate your vote for best fashion blog in the 2011 Bloggies



  1. Jacci is adorable! I love her absolutely appropriate use of leggings & beach coverup, the all-black, the jean jacket (had been wondering what to do with mine!) and the necklace is so pretty to tie it all together. The boots are to die for! She is a total inspiration, thank you.
    Shana, on the topic of leggings though: what are your thoughts on (gasp) jeggings? THEY ARE EVERYWHERE & I am anti, but just wanted to check. This video pretty much sums up my position (i.e. looks like the wearer forgot her pants) & I’m sure you’ll be like-minded … right?

  2. I have a short sleeved dress that I wear with leggings and was wondering how to winterize it. I wasnt sure what color could go underneath or over it…thanks! So nice to see what other Moms wear

  3. Amanda – I too love jean jackets. Check out our Jackets – Denim link for more ideas. And I’m so glad you liked Jacci! She looks so cute.
    Now, jeggings. These can be tough. There are really three categories of jeggings. First, there are denim-colored leggings that, when treated like leggings, can be cute. See example here: http://www.aintnomomjeans.com/2009/11/mom-street-style-november-2009-mom.html
    Then…you also have actual denim (jeans) leggings. These should look exactly like jeans (with actual pockets, etc), but come with roughly 20-40% stretch for a super skinny fit. I actually love these (mine are from Gap). They are not scary. See here: http://www.aintnomomjeans.com/2011/01/wearing-lofts-orange-windbreaker-and-babywearing-too.html
    Lastly, there’s a weird jean-wannabe-legging that is closer to a legging, but with weird fabric not made of denim at all, with no pockets or screen printed pockets. These are scary. Run, run away.
    Nell – Oooo….stripes! Try it!

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