The Best Spring Shoe For Boyfriend Jeans, Skinny Sweats, and Other Tricky Problems


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Few things in life get me more excited than finding a great go-to shoe. Amiright? I found the perfect transition shoe for early spring…yay!

I’d been looking for a good neutral, stacked-heel boot for a while and in my search mules started popping up everywhere. I found an amazing pair that 1. stay on, 2. look cute, 3. go with everything, AND 4. solve a few wardrobe problems I was having. Score!

These Steve Madden Miillo Mules have already made an appearance over on my Instagram account (@elletrain) and in #myeverydayedit post so you may have seen them there. I couldn’t be more in love with them and I thought I’d share how I styled them and just how versatile they are.

2016-02-13 14.49.22

See how they come up a bit more on your foot than some other slip-ons? This really helps keep them on well. The heel height is just right and the footbed is comfy. They come in black, too, but I am loving this taupe color because it goes with SO much. These mules are such a nice departure from the ankle boots I’ve been wearing all fall and winter, but they’re still warm enough for the coolness right now. My ankles love having a little freedom and showing a little ankle right now feels (and looks!) quite sexy.

I styled them here with a light striped sweater, a blazer and the Levi’s refitted 501’s I love. These shoes are great for boyfriend jeans. I struggle with knowing what shoes to wear with BF jeans, since I’m not really a pumps or strappy heel girl. These help give me a little lift in height and really compliment the looser fit of the jeans, but they’re still ‘my style.’

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Yes…that’s a look I’m afraid I get from Sienna all too often right now. There’s a fair bit of whininess that goes on around here these days. I’m trying to use the positive parenting approach, but the struggle is real, you guys…staying positive with a toddler. She’s freaking hilarious though so it all balances out. The other day I was trying to get her to nap (also a struggle now) and she said “I have a idea! Let’s eat a GOOD snack and then we can go see Santa later!” Hahah. I mean. Negotiator extraordinaire. At 2 1/2. We’re in trouble.

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Outfit Details

Blazer – Mine is old, but I’d love to update to this Textured Blazer from Express. Love that it’s a heavy knit.

Sweater – Old American Apparel. But this Breton Striped Top from Boden is perfect.

Levi’s 501 CT Jean – Mid-rise and a bit cropped, perfect vintage feel, but updated. True to size for a looser fit, size down for more of a fitted boyfriend look. (Size 28, for reference.)

Steve Madden Miillo Mules – True to size, in my finding. You know them by now. They are good. Give mules a chance.

The Horse watch – This was my Christmas present and I adore it. Love. It’s oversized and a beautiful menswear vibe piece. I’m planning on ordering another band for it, too. They offer a few bands separately. Love. Did I mention I love it?

Styling Problems Solved

Any shoes that can solve style problems become the new favorite pair in my closet. Not only are they great with boyfriend jeans, but they are amazing with these black denim joggers I have. Joggers are a little tricky to style sometimes, too, so I’m loving that these shoes help balance out the casualness a bit. The open back lets more of my ankle show, which is more flattering with joggers. A full ankle boot would cover that area and make my legs look heavier. Win.

2016-03-02 14.52.14

 jacket (similar) | scarf (similar) | sweater (similar) | joggers (size small) | mules

I’m still trying to embrace the all white outfit that I love in theory (and love all over Pinterest), but the right shoe has been the tricky part. These mules are great with it! They are light enough to work well with the white jean and not feel too heavy. Pair with a statement tee and blazer for a sporty, casual but put-together vibe this spring. Add a light taupe scarf for now, leave it at home in later months.

2016-03-02 15.09.29

2016-03-02 15.10.22

blazer (similar) | graphic tee (similar) | jeans | mules | new fave lipstick

A Few Additional Options

Here is a collection of similar style mules, in a few other color options.



Let me know if you try some out! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this transitional, closet-changing shoe style.

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    • Not the perfect answer – but remember the power of thought and word! My in-laws started talking about the “terrific twos” when my firstborn was still a baby. Changing how I thought about it helped me start to think of it more of a terrific age to enjoy and laugh at, then a difficult age to dread.

      Because EVERY age has challenges 😉
      kids become what you think and say about them.

      • I love that idea! I’m discovering that my 2.5 year old says the things I say all the time. If I say “thank you so much,” so does she. If I say something sharp, so does she. It is so delightful to hear her say nice things that I find myself encouraged to choose that attitude myself much more often. She makes it easy, because she’s got such a friendly and cheerful personality to begin with, but I definitely find that my choices affect hers, and it helps me out to see that. The twos have indeed been more terrific than terrible.

  1. Question: Are they comfortable? They are adorable! I’m looking for great shoes for a SanFrancisco vacation – walking all over the city – Should I just go with Supergas or is there a comfy bootie option? Would love your thoughts!

    • They are really comfortable, to me. I haven’t done a ton of walking in them for a long time, but they are great for running errands and whatnot. They might be great for vacation for evenings out, etc. 🙂

  2. I found an open heel (cut out, so it still has a strap) DV bootie in a light tan suede to be the perfect fall and spring transition shoe! Also no need for pedi.

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