What Target Does Best: Spring / Summer Picks


I have such a love-hate relationship with Target.  I even went so far as to call Target "mom crack" in a previous post.  But, eventually, I'm drawn back in.  Usually after issuing some ultimatum. 

To M:  "I am NEVER going to buy clothes at Target again!  I'm serious – it's my New Year's Resolution." 

Ultimatums usually get me in trouble.  Like my "I will never co-sleep" ultimatum, or my "My kid will NOT be a picky eater" ultimatum. (Yeah, right.)  The list goes on, really.

So true to form, despite my "resolution" this year, I have just returned – VICTORIOUS – from Target, loaded with all kinds of insanely cheap-yet-adorable clothing.  Sigh.  I'm back in love.  For now. 

The Liberty of London for Target Collection helped woo me back in, but it wasn't the only source of temptation under those fluorescent lights.  A perfect romper (thanks to M's post I have a full-on romper addiction), look-alike Hunter Rainboots, and a perfect tiny cross-body bag — all under $20!!! — sold me. 

Here are my favorite picks for Spring / Summer:

Liberty of London For Target

This collaboration is really, really great.  Typically these collaborations are all hype and lots of disappointment, but this is my clear pick for the best one yet.  That said, there are a few things worth pointing out:

1.  Most dresses and shirts are 100% polyester.  For that reason, I'd stick to styles that you'd wear to go out, not something you'd want to wear all day.

2.  The photos on Target.com make the collection look…pretty bad.  These designs look so much more amazing in person.  Which makes #3 so much more surprising….

3.  Everything is sold out online.  However, stores are re-stocking every couple of days, so keep checking your local Target.  Denver was virtually cleared out on Sunday, but now have a full stock back in.


Starting with the pink dress at the top left, and then continuing clock-wise…

1. Pink One Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress, $34.99.  This dress drapes and flows in all the right places to camouflage a poochy stomach or saggy boobs.  Also, the top elastic can be positioned such that it covers any chest flab (unlike the positioning in photo).  Just pull the under-the-arm part up over the chest flab, and pull the over-the-arm part to the side a bit.  This dress would be perfect for a summer wedding or party.  

2.  Keyhole Jumpsuit, $34.99.  This thing looks scary in the photo.  But it's the one piece I couldn't leave the store without.  I just felt….so cool in this jumpsuit.  It's sexy in a completely fun and playful way.  I'm going to wear mine on date-night with sky-high heels and a fitted denim jacket.  And a lime-green pedicure.  Like most jumpsuits, it does a great job of covering a poochy stomach, and would even work for early pregnancy.

3. Babydoll, $19.99.  The worst thing about saggy boobs is when you are lounging around the house without a bra.  They level at which they swing serves as a constant reminder that you no longer have your 20-year-old-pre-kid-body.  Which is why I love this top.  It actually has a full bra built in.  So I can lounge, all summer, with perky-ish looking boobs.  And it covers any stomach pooching.  I'm going to wear it with white cotton pajama bottoms. 

4.  Halter Maxi Dress, $34.99.  My first thought, upon trying on this dress, was that I wished they hadn't taken the peacock theme quite so literally.  But really, there is something very, very glam about this dress.  Unfortunately, the ruffles on this dress lay (and I tried 3 different ones – they all did the same thing) in such a way as to make you look pregnant.  Not good for most of us.  However, the reason this dress made the cut is that it is a brilliant maternity dress.  Totally glamorous, totally gorgeous, so perfect with a belly and fab pregnancy boobs.  And at $35, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal.

5. Balconette Bra, $16.99.  These bras are so pretty.  The best part?  The straps are gorgeous and go all the way over the shoulder.  Which means that these straps will look amazing peeking out from under a tank this summer.  A perfect bra for moms who hate strapless bras. This bra comes in blue (pictured) and pink.

More Favs



Starting with the trench in the top left corner, and continuing clock-wise:

1.  Merona Short Trench Coat, $27.99.  Another picture
that falls waay short.  This trench has really cool unexpected elements
like the belted collar and the back detail.  It looks much more
expensive in person than the $30 price tag.  Not for very busty gals
(there's too much going on), but for the rest of us, this trench is a
great Spring coat option.

2. Hollywood Intuition Tote in White, $29.99.  This is
my pick for a perfect summer diaper bag. So crisp, so clean, and can be worn across the body.

3. Mossimo Blue Romper, $19.99.  I found a picture, but this
romper is actually not available online, so check your local Target. 
It's a dark chambray, insanely soft denim romper with spaghetti straps
and a button-down front.  You can nurse in this romper.  I bought it a
few sizes bigger so the fit is nice and slouchy, and the tie fits low on
my hips (covering any poochiness). 

4. Zetta Tall Rainboots, $20.  Seriously?  These look exactly like the Hunter rainboots I've been coveting, but about $100 less.  Like Hunters, they come in a ton of great colors.  LOVE.

5. Hollywood Intuition Nylon Cross-body in Orange, $14.99.  Whenever I go anywhere without the little man I gleefully grab a teeeny-tiny bag.  This nylon cross-body bag is the teeeny-tiny bag I'm going to reach for all Spring and Summer.  Since I rarely go anywhere without the little man, I'm also glad it comes with a teeeny-tiny price tag.

So YES.  There are some amazing finds at Target right now.  But go quickly – I've found that Target tends to stock several months in advance, so by the time Summer is finally here they'll be stocking Christmas decorations.  [shudder]




  1. Let me bring you back to reality of this discussion since we have it once a year.
    You will be in love until you go to wash it. Then one wash later it’s not going to fit like it did. You will start to see something unravle. Or you will decide that this time you are going to only wash in cold and line dry. Hence saving the garmet for a few wears. Only one day the nanny or yourself will be in a hurry. It will go into the dryer on high and what will come out will be with elastic twisted, or faded, or now just smaller than you remember it. You will in a few short weeks be sick of these clothes and now they will be in the pile for the clothes you wear when cleaning, or just staying in when nobody will see you. In the end you will look at that pile of clothes that cost $100 or more and remember that for that money you could have just bought two or three tees from Nordstrom and a pair of shorts, pants, or a skirt that would last forever.
    This week I am on a hate relationship with Target. I can’t stop myself from browsing when I am there. I think there are such cute pieces. But, I am so tired of buying something for 20 to 25 dollars that doesn’t last more than 2 or 3 wears. It bugs me. 🙂

  2. See, I’m the other end of the spectrum. I LOVE my Target clothes. Bought judiciously, they give me some great on-trend pieces that I don’t have to buy at Nordstrom or JCrew (cause why buy a cute neon pink belt at JCrew when I can get the same one at Target?). Sure, those things aren’t going to last as long as my good Ralph Lauren cashmere. But let me tell you–that Liberty of London trench coat I just bought looks adorable with my black cashmere tee and jeans!
    I’m totally a Target addict, and proud of it!

  3. Amy – I think you hit it right on: “bought judiciously”….I totally agree. And nice pick on the Lib of London trench – perfection!
    But like Nicole, I am done with Target for basics like ribbed cotton tanks. I bought a few Mossimo ones last year…and they didn’t last the summer. All of the hems frayed after just a washing or two…..GRRRRRRR. So yeah – it’s hit or miss.

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