What To Buy At Anthro’s Fall Sale





Guys – there’s an awesome sale going on at Anthro, and it ends tonight! 20% off full-priced fall clothing with code FALLFUN.

There’s so much good stuff to transition your closet into fall (or winter if you live in Boston – what’s up, 39 degrees?!) We came up with some versatile picks you can wear for work or play. I don’t want to maintain a separate work wardrobe, so I choose pieces that won’t raise eyebrows at the office but still look cool on date night or maaaaybe at a fancy playground. Disclaimer – I work at a software company so your mileage may vary at a formal office. And Cam has some seriously stylish maternity picks that you can wear during and after pregnancy, and possibly the rest of your life, they’re that good. Picks this way!

Amanda’s Picks


Cam’s Maternity Favs



  1. Amanda. You made me buy that sweater coat, and it is everything. Like, it’s seriously such high quality you would not believe. You better get it from Santa.

      • Ha! There could seriously be a whole post on different ways to style this jacket.
        I have a strict “no cardigan” rule at work (I think they tend to look frumpy on me), but I’m letting this break the rule because the collar makes it chic, right? :(also I called Anthro Monday and they let me have the 20% off still…)

        • Another great idea on a styling post, want to send some pics? I pulled the trigger last night (without the 20% discount, *smacks self upside head*) so I might snap some outfit shots too! The collar is definitely the best part – it’s kinda like a blazer/cardigan mashup that I am seriously going to wear with all the things this fall & winter.So glad to hear Anthro extended the discount – great customer service!!

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