What To Buy at LOFT’S 40% Off Sale


I don't know what's going on at LOFT these days, but I love it.  The colors are good, the styling is good, and they are currently offering 40% off of select styles.  Here are the items that caught my eye:



(all prices listed below do not include the 40% off discount)


1.  Printblocked T-Shirt Dress, $89

Love the effortless, French-girl-chic of this dress gives off.   I swore I'd buy more patterns, and this one has two.  

2. Colorblock Cotton Twill Trench Coat, $148

See?  Now, this is what I'm talking about.  This trench is just sofreakingcool.

3. Scalloped Neck Cotton Sweater, $59

I'm ALL ABOUT the open weave sweater, especially in the summer.  The extra texture is so much more interesting (and sexy) than the typical sweater.  Lucky for us, LOFT has three.  Check out this one or this one, also. 


4. Lou & Gray Striped Maxi, $59

Hey, Gray-Sweatshirt-Wearing Mamas!  I found you a skirt. 

5. Open Tuxedo Blazer, $98

I've been on the hunt for the perfect tuxedo blazer….this is a serious contender.  So sleek over dresses, but insanely chic with destroyed denim.  (I need to patent that phrase, "insanely chic with destroyed denim"…or at least pay myself a quarter everytime I use it.)

6. Linear Heart Print Cotton Tee, $30

I'm a sucker for a perfectly washed gray tee, and this heart print is so charming. 


7. Scoop Neck Linen Tee, $30

This.  This looks fabulous.  I'd order up a size or two – it's the kind of thing you want wash again and again. 

8. Orange Bikini Top, $39 and bottom, $39

Oh, look.  A cute bikini that actually covers your bum.  Wait – does that make it the bikini version of mom jeans???  I don't care.  I like it. I like the orange color, too. (NOTE:  I don't typically like skirted bikinis…but this one gets it right.  If only they offered it in orange….)

9. Knit Open Blazer, $98

Attention!  This is a sweatshirt blazer with striped cuffs!!  Did you hear me?  Sweatshirt!  Stripes!  

Nuff said.  

Happy shopping!




  1. For pregnant mamas in need of a suit. The ” fluid blazer” in galaxy grey (similar to the tuxedo blazer) and the maternity scuba pants in galaxy grey do in fact match! And the maternity pants are also 40% off.

  2. I actually recently tried that adorable heart t-shirt on in the store and it’s cut kind of weird. Normally Loft fits me perfectly, but this shirt kind of pulled under the arms and made my boobs look awful. So, if you love it you might want to try it on first!

  3. Beware with Loft sweaters. I went a little nuts in the fall/winter and 2 of my favorite sweaters are already in the rag pile after a couple of wears (threads pulling out and unravelling) even though I hand-washed and flat-dried. That dress is adorable though!
    Any help on my hunt for petite maxi skirts? I’m not the “hem it myself” sort and I can’t justify tailoring prices for weekend wear.

  4. Have you tried Anthropologie? They have a great collection of maxi skirts that run in petite sizes. I love their printed flowy skirts and pants, very forgiving and sophisticated yet comfortable.

  5. Keep in mind hemming a skirt should be pretty cheap. Plus it’s something I’d be fine with the tailor in the mall doing vs. going to a more upscale tailor. Getting a good deal should more than offset the tailoring costs.

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