What To Buy At The Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale



Good morning!  The Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale has started, so this shopping enabler felt obliged to point out that this sale includes some Weitzman OTK boots, tons of Vince, and a pretty spot-on perfect James Perse SWEATSHIRT.  Also, a few parkas/winter coats I’m loving.

Now I’m off to get the kiddos to school….enjoy your Thursday!



  1. Love your picks! Couple of the jeans say low rise. Do you know how low? I actually found the Dre jeans a little stiff. Loved the fit and wash though. The Vince color block tee is great. Do you know how it runs? Would you take an XS or S?

    • Couple thoughts on this. I found the Dre jeans super stiff and almost uncomfortable at first as well. They definitely loosened up though. I still haven’t washed them and I’ve probably worn them 20 times. I know that sounds gross but I’m told that high quality denim shouldn’t be laundered more than once a year.

      Vince runs VERY big. I’m a size 2-4 and always buy an XS. I buy S in other brands.

      p.s. love your name. 🙂

      • Leigh – I agree with Abbie – Vince runs a bit big. I take an XS. But you’re finding the Dre jeans stiff? Huh. I’m trying to remember how they were at first….I know they weren’t sweatpant soft like my Citizen Flares, but I don’t remember them being super stiff. In any case, after a zillion wears they are very soft now. And I’ve laundered them a few times, too. (Typically, I’m like Abbie – I only wash jeans a couple of times per year, but I keep spilling coffee on this pair…maybe that’s the secret? LOL)

      • Oh! AND – the rise. Even the ‘low rise’ jeans aren’t that low. The back rise on the skinnies, for example, is 13.5 inches, the front is (I think) 9. High rise jeans start at 10 or 11, so it’s pretty close.

  2. Great post, I’m a faithful reader and love your blog. Just a friendly comment, though: I don’t think hospitals should be handing out formula. Maybe it was a joke, but it’s not really funny, since studies show that mothers often read these formula “gifts” as a pressure not to breastfeed and get a message that formula is better than breast milk. Obviously some parents have or maybe even want to use formula, and we shouldn’t judge that. But formula companies pushing it for their own profit to mothers who would otherwise breastfeed with the right encouragement and support is just tragic. And don’t even get me started on what these formula companies are doing in so-called “developing” countries. It’s horrible. Do some research and you’ll see what I mean. So I guess what I’m saying is that these sorts of comments don’t really have any place on a mom-friendly blog. Thanks for listening. Keep up the great work.

    • It’s funny how we all read things so differently. I read that as a way to refer to the hand-outs after L&D in general, and maybe as even a slight (i.e. “Why don’t you give us something useful/valuable, like this awesome nursing-friendly sweater and UNlike this can of formula!”). So I read it actually in a completely promoting of breast feeding way!!!

      • Yes exactly – there was a slight eyeroll with that comment. Frankly, I could’ve use a few more pairs of that disposable underwear and a heating pack, and less Fun Tote Bags that say “Breast Is Best, Love Enfamil!”.

  3. Is there a secret post here I can’t see? I keep reading all the comments and looking at that little four square pic and I have no idea what jeans you’re talking about or even the formula comment! Help…

    • Can you see the boutique items? Below the teaser pic of the four pieces? We’re talking about comments I embedded in the Bobeau wrap cardigan and Rag and Bone Dre boyfriend jeans.

      • I see all of the glorious pics on my phone (just checked), the links with individual pieces, but not on the laptop. I knew there would be a good chance I’d embarrass myself, my ole trusty HP or my AT&T internet connection with that question.

        • If you use an ad blocker on your laptop, you’ll have to turn it off to see the product pictures/links.

          And I tried ordering the the girlfriend jeans in watts yesterday and they cancelled my order saying they weren’t available anymore. Boo.

          • Heidi! That was it! I just downloaded an adblocker so I could watch my msnbc without interruptions. Just disabled and everything shows! Thanks.

  4. I love those Minkoff bags, esp. the long fringe one which may or may not be practical. I need/want a small bag to fit just my phone (6s plus which is big), cards, keys. boom. I’m actually thinking of selling my Transport Tote! Sacrilege??

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