What To Buy At The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale



Gang, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale is here!!  I love using this sale to stock up on Fabulous Things I Would Never Otherwise Afford, as well as some spot-on summer basics.   But beware:  A few of my sale finds start with “W” and rhyme with “eitzman” so HIDE THE CREDIT CARDS.

Also?  Scotti and Amanda are playing along, so keep reading for Scotti’s nursing and post-partum picks, and Amanda’s home & design finds.

Shana’s Picks











For Men


Scotti’s Picks


Amanda’s Home and Design Picks

I’m so thrilled Amanda is playing along!  Here’s her top five….

Voyager Duvet Cover – Beachy cool print in a color that will make your skin glow. If there’s anyplace you want to look good, in bed’s probably high on the list.
Rounded Corner Picture Frame – Cute little frame in always cool black & white. Perfect for an instagram shot of my newest little.

‘Iron Gate Twists’ Hand Tufted Area Rug – Neutral palette but interesting pattern would be great in a master bedroom or somewhere without too much (small) foot traffic.

Dip Dye Pouf – Casual cool boho style in a convenient piece of ‘furniture’. We have poufs around the house for extra seating or as side tables, so portable and versatile.

Geo Plush Throw – Snuggly modern throw blanket in a summery seaglass color. I’d grab this for cooler nights on the patio.


Happy shopping!




  1. Just fulfilling my duty as a denim price stalker, ha ha. Now onto checking out your picks…my wallet does not thank you. 😉

  2. I want to piggy back on Belinda’s comment. I’ve been thinking about this lately too. This blog has been such a great resource for me lately. I enjoy getting dressed in clothes I love, but I am always getting absorbed into my little boys’ lives. It’s inevitable and beautiful in it’s way but it is also easy for me to get lost. When mamas feel isolated (on and off for the past ten years, hello!) and busy with their families and shut off from any sort of socialization (not including teachers and babysitters) it’s great to have this site to come to and check out clothes & stuff in posts that are written with a lighthearted, not-too-terribly-serious voice. Just the way I like my women! It has been a wonderful resource and helps to ground me when I feel lost in the busy-ness, reminding me that I do have a sense of humor and an opinion and style (maybe I shouldn’t get too carried away).

    I guess I just want to say thanks for helping me remember that I’m more than a diaper changer, dinner maker, floor sweeper, 4 wild boy wrangler…

    Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be wearing my brand new kimono all weekend long!! Maybe even with a cropped rash guard…


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