Shana’s Black Friday Picks – Mostly Practical, With A Few Stars


First of all, if you haven’t checked out our Best of Black Friday / Cyber Monday page, I might…I might scream. Actually, if you haven’t yet checked out that page, don’t tell me. It’s better that way. That page is basically My Life’s Work (no big deal). All of my favorite pieces, broken out by retailer exist on that page. You do have to scroll down past our (very helpful!!) list of Black Friday-related articles to see My Life’s Work, but still. It’s there.  Just…scroll on down, you guys. I would be ever so grateful.

NOW. The list below? This list is just pure fun. This list contains all of the pieces I have ordered, am in the process of ordering, or am seriously debating ordering/dropping major hints for Mike.

Four shoutouts before we begin:

ONE, the stunning designs of Voloshin (a local Philly designer I love) are all 30% off with code THANKFUL30 until Monday. My top three picks are this insanely soft sweater (the lines are so graceful – pics do not do it justice), this show-stopping maxi dress (see it worn all summer-y here or more recently, here), and this cute and easy dress (last worn here).

TWO, I forgot to include these rag & bone skinnies in the collage below. They’re also at Nordstrom.…or you can find them at shopbop, too, if you are trying to get to the next sale level. And if you are shopping at shopbop, throw in this pair of faded black rag & bones. That wash is perfection. (I just ordered both.)

THREE, my old, well-worn and much-loved army green parka is somehow back in stock AND on sale at Nordstrom. Actually, it’s also on sale at Amazon for even less. You can see it most recently on my IG, here.

FOUR, many of my most-worn pieces are all on sale at shopbop. I covered those in detail here (with pics).

My Top Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Picks

Solid Black Friday sales = great gift ideas, plus deals perfect for Mama's wishlist...Parachute sheets on sale, silk PJs, travel gear, bags & boots...yes!

1 // Sweaty Betty Baselayer Top and Bottom – I discovered these last ski season and LOVE them. They’re warm, functional, and seriously cute — which is a nice perk, considering I spend every weekend in them for three straight months. You can see last year’s baselayers worn here.

2 // Beats Studio3 Headphones (also at Amazon) – I need headphones for long plane flights because ear buds start to drive me nuts. These also happen to be noise-cancelling, yassss.

3 // Sorel Kinetic Boots (also 25% off at for Cyber Monday)- I wore these boots home to Michigan for Thanksgiving. They are a sneaker/ winter boot hybrid and are MAGIC. I’m wearing them everyday as my main shoe….but then I can also go sledding, etc., because they are also winter boots. The only potential issue? They run pretty narrow. They do loosen up with time, but it’s still a narrower fit.

4 // SAM. Jetset Short Down Jacket – This puffer is cool enough (the fit, the details) to replace my leather jacket in the cold of winter. And while I often go for a puffer in quirkier colors, the benefit of this one is that it is, in fact, cool enough to pull off basic black without being boring.

5 // Amazon Echo Show – sponsored – I’m partnering with Amazon this holiday season to rave about their Echo Show. Rest assured, this was my idea, born out of a genuine love of this device. We actually bought Echo Shows for each set of grandparents last year (and one for ourselves) and have been using them on the daily to drop in on each other.  It is, without exaggeration, the best grandparent gift we’ve EVER given. And right now Amazon is offering $120 off with the purchase of two, which makes this a no-brainer.

6 // Linen Mist in Rest – Love the idea of softly spraying my linen sheets in this soft blend of lavender and verbena before bed.

7 // LNA Longsleeve Slash Tee – I’m forever looking for interesting t-shirts to layer under sweaters. This one is perfect.

8 // Beauy Bio Glowpro Microneedling Regeneration Tool – I have a friend who’s a dermatologist who puts a damper on basically all new face creams (at least when it comes to anti-aging). She did, however, acknowledge that microneedling is “looking more promising”. I’ll take it.

9 // Totes Signature Clear Umbrella – My friend Kari left one of these at our house the other day, and in the chaos of school dropoff during a rainy week, it was passed from friend-to-friend for days before it got back to Kari. The result? This umbrella was the talk of the school playground. We can’t figure out why it’s the absolute best for walking in the rain, it just IS. Kids or adults.

10 // Bobbi Brown Eye Contour Brush – I love a good smokey eye, even during the day. And this brush is the secret to my success. While my makeup-artist sister can do a smokey eye with a toothpick, I need something 100% foolproof. This is it. (I own two, just in case.)

11 // Clare V Chou Chou Wristlet – (Cyber Monday update: The red is 30% off here) – AHHHH…I’m literally SWOONING. This is the only going-out bag I will ever need again. A tiny little something that I can throw on my wrist? YES. YESYESYES. ps. My little straw Clare V from this summer is also on sale….

12 // Free People Starlight Henley – And my quest for two interesting layering tees is done. SOLVED.  Now all I need to do is figure out how to un-shrink sweaters in the wash, and then I’ll be able to move on to world peace, that sort of thing.

13 // Parachute Linen Bedding – OK, this one is serious. Parachute has basically ONE sale a year (maybe two?) and anyway THIS IS IT. And these linen sheets are game-changers. They get softer with each wash, are the strongest sheets I’ve ever used, and the feel….they’re not cold when you slip into them. It’s almost like flannel sheets, yet they’re still nice and cool in the summer. They are the only year-round sheets I’ve ever tried. AND? If you prefer your bed, uh, slightly rumpled rather than made, they make the rumpled state look totally gorgeous and planned. We have this duvet and this bottom sheet.

14 // Equipment Starry Silk Pajamas (Cyber Monday Update – 30% off here)- I’ve been dying for real silk pajamas for YEARS. I was originally thinking that I’d like a full-length pant, but these are so freaking cute (and on sale). ps. If you want a menswear set and don’t care about the silk, these are my favs. So sexy on (and half the cost of the Equipment set).

15 // Sam Edelman Hai Boots – The boots that made me circle back to the tall-boots-over-skinny-jeans thing, a silhouette I thought I’d completely ditched. And wait until you see what these boots are doing for midi dresses, sweater dresses, shorts — they’re outfit-making. (I’ll be wearing them with this off-the-shoulder sweater dress tonight.) These boots are selling out everywhere, so if you’re loving them, don’t wait.

16 // Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm – Any longtime reader likely knows how deep my love runs for this oil-based cleansing balm. It takes off even waterproof mascara, doesn’t dry out your skin, and doesn’t’ require you to splash water on your face. My entire nighttime regime is actually Colleen Rothschild — you can read my thoughts (and see which products I use) here.

17 // GHD Gold Professional Styler – I asked Scotti, if I were to get only ONE tool for beachy waves, do I go this small flatiron or a curling iron? She picked the flatiron. She likes the even, hot heat of this brand, I like that it is worldwide voltage compatible – perfect for travel. Now I just gotta figure out how to use this thing….

18 // Dagne Dover Neoprene Toiletry Bag – I’ve been trying to find a replacement toiletry bag for my shower stuff. Those plastic travel bags get really gross after a while, and I hate having to use ziplocs each time we travel (during ski season, it’s every weekend). I have high hopes for this neoprene bag….

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