What To Pack For Europe In The Summer


Wondering what to pack for your upcoming European trip this summer? Putting together a list of necessities can be SO. freaking. daunting. I don’t know what it is about traveling overseas but the pressure to remember it all is on. And don’t even get me started about narrowing down shoes. Oof.

Shockinglyyy (and I mean this ironically), Shana came to the rescue. She’s a pretty expert traveler and thus an expert packer, and I just want to hear all the traveling, carry-on, jet setting tips that she has. There’s either never enough or wayyy too much (like 10,000+ Google pages) that it just feels excessive and unhelpful. And ohmygodthestress. Someone make it more simple!!! *Enters: Shana’s bulleted list.*

What To Pack For A Summer Trip To Italy

In our most recent video, S outlines her must-haves for a summer trip to Europe (specifically Italy, since it’s a really popular destination as of late). She helps us figure out a general vibe for curating our on-the-go wardrobe and shows us everything she’d pack if she were heading out over yonder in the next couple months.

So if you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip abroad, you’ve now got an easy packing guide to follow (with some super helpful & gorgeous visuals)! Ciao!

Psst — curious about everything Shana’s wearing? You can find this latest video here on our YouTube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Abby & Shana