What To Pack For Weekends At The Beach


Anyone heading to the shore?  Somewhere between beach balls and sunscreen and sand toys….you’ve gotta pack for you.  Here’s our quick and easy packing guide that will keep you cute (and comfy) no matter what your big beach plans are.  We’ve included a beach vacation capsule wardrobe, as well as outfit suggestions for things like movies on the beach, going for ice cream, etc.

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  1. Oh, this YouTube video! Your boys look so handsome. And old. 😮 We’re in Cape May this weekend and just loving it!

  2. Same! I’m a loyal newsletter subscriber and i can’t find it! Also, I’m leaving for a beach vacation in lower upper Michigan Sunday!

  3. Hi Shana. I’m subscribed to your email list, or at least it says I am when I try to update my preferences, and yet I don’t get the newsletter? Can you please send it to me? Thanks!!

  4. aw, SHOOT. [S bangs head on desk] – I updated the newsletter, but forgot to include the link! We’ll be sending out a special newsletter with the dressing room selfies for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in a hour or so, and I’ll make sure that link is fixed, too. SO SORRY OMG.

  5. 1) Glad I’m not to only one who does this kind of thing! 2) I tried the link to this article in the Dressing Room Selfies email and it took me here again. We’re headed to the beach this Sat for a week and… I … haven’t… started… packing. So yeah, I was hoping you’d, you know, just sort all that out for me 🙂

  6. Similar to what others have said, I have signed up and don’t get the newsletter. I only get The MomEdit Daily. I have tried signing up again but it tells me I am already subscribed. I even signed up with a different email account and still don’t get the newsletter. I have checked my junk mail too. Please help!!

  7. Shana, another newsletter subscriber, and neither link (original email for this post nor the one for the Anniversary Sale email) is working. Both still bring me back to this post.

  8. Gang!! The Mom Edit Daily is the newsletter! If you scroll past the latest articles, there’s a section that reads, “The Mom Edit’s Guide To Packing For the Beach has arrived!! You can download a copy riiiiight HERE.

    Happy Summer!


    Team TME”

    If you hit our Editor Picks (all from the Anniversary Sale) you’ve gone too far. Make sense?

  9. Thank you! This does make sense. I don’t think I ever saw the “newsletter” called anything other than the newsletter. I was expecting to get “The Mom Edit Newsletter” in my Inbox. I assumed the Daily was just a daily recap of the blog, and then the newsletter was a bigger/ different thing. Maybe it would help to call it “The Mom Edit Daily Newsletter?” Because it is the newsletter? Just an idea. Thanks!

  10. Hi Shana, I found the section in the newsletter as you described, but there is no link to open up the actual download? I tried clicking on all the words as well as the photo.

  11. Yes that makes sense, I see the pic and I see where it says download a copy right here but if I click on either the picture or the text, nothing happens. I tried it on my phone and on my laptop and I do not see it. I feel like this should be easier. Has anyone actually been able to download this beach packing list?

  12. Every other photo on the mom edit daily email from 7/12 has a clickable photo except the weekends at the beach one. What am I missing here?

  13. I have been searching the newsletter that I received in my inbox, as well as the post on the website, but cannot find the link anywhere. Leaving for beach trip next week, and would love to utilize the packing list.

  14. Gang – the download link is in EVERY daily newsletter….except for the very first one (from last week). We messed up, and forgot to include the link. If you look in today’s newsletter, for example, just scroll all the way to the bottom – the download link will be there. Sorry for the confusion!

  15. Regardless of heat, helmets always! You can get a significant concussion just falling off a slow speed bike on a bike path. Ok, taking off my bossy pants now…

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