What I Packed For A Trip To LA In October


I saw signs multiple times that said “LA Is For Love” on my recent trip — and it is. I LOVE Los Angeles. The sun, the food, the bright murals, the fashion, the modern art, the architecture…you’d never know last year was my first foray to the ultimate of West Coast cities.

I recently went back to LA for a few days and yup, I’m still smitten.

Everything I Wore In LA: Travel Days, Sightseeing & Lounging Around

A little note about me…I never pack lightly. Never. But the three things that were clutch on this trip to LA in early October were my Nike Air Max sneakers (should have worn them every day…we walked a lot,) the Athleta Revive Modular crossbody (hello sunglasses at the ready!) and these AllSaints Slim Cargo joggers in black.

I could have pared down my packing list quite a bit as long as they included those pieces mentioned above. Throw in honorable mentions to a neutral cropped tee, my Vuori hoodie and my Kristen mini belt bag from local Marcher Studio and you have a phenomenal combo that is LA-worthy (but still comfy!)

On this trip, I got to tag along with two pals who are photographers and attended the Adobe Max conference. I hung out with my dear friend Nicole’s husband and sweet kiddo during the day doing some sightseeing and got in some good auntie time with my little Canadian bestie. She trots ALL over Toronto daily, so she gave me a run for my money walking all over DTLA! It was a blast. She’s the cute toddler in these pics.

For Travel Days

Since LA is a quick flight from Portland, my travel days actually consisted of both traveling and sightseeing, which, honestly, those outfits overlap quite a bit. Comfortable yet not sloppy is always my goal. And I have FINALLY got my luggage sitch on lock. (Details below.)

Comfy pants are at the top of my list for airplane outfits, but I still want to look put-together. I often wear my heaviest but comfiest shoes (this time, these) so I start there and then move to which pants I like to pair them with most.

Travel outfit idea. Los Angeles in the Fall.

Tee (M) | Joggers (M) | Hoodie (M) | Bag | Sneakers | Suitcase | Backpack

The Outfit: This outfit above is my new go-to for sure. These Gap joggers have proven so good time and again. They are nylon and nothing fancy but they fit me and are so easy to wear. I am digging this monochromatic base outfit here, pop with with the Vuori hoodie (that I definitely needed on the plane) and my chic-er Nike Air Max in black, ivory and gold.

The Luggage Set-up: You may have seen my carry-on setup here in the video I did with my brother this summer. I’m still rocking that combo and I check a medium sized suitcase, as well. I can easily pull both bags before and after check-in and for the plane the crossbody (I LOVE) fits into my Calpak backpack. I put my shoes and a few other things I don’t want to check in the Mini Carry-on and the backpack slides perfectly on top.

Tee (M) | Jeans (30) | Bag | Sneakers | Suitcase | Backpack | Similar Shirt

The Outfit: This outfit was cute and felt trendy for our perusing around LA the afternoon we got to town. I will say…these knit jeans, though I love them, needed to go through a wash after the long day to get them to snap back into shape. They’re awesomely comfy but now I’m realizing not the best for travel when you are hoping to wear them more than once.

For Sightseeing Days

LA was fairly warm when we were there, but nice in the shade. It was a little humid too, but while I wore a dress one day, cute jeans and sneakers are more my jam.

Sightseeing outfit idea. LA in the fall.

Tee (M) | Jeans (28) | Bag | Sambas

The Outfit: I am in love with the Free People Moxie Jean and these were cute and comfy for the trip. They hold up to multiple wears (yes, even in ivory!) and I loved them with my black Sambas.

Note: What I didn’t love? That my Sambas totally gave me blisters. Granted, we walked about 5 miles that day but gahhh. Annoying. Otherwise, they’re so comfy for regular wear.

Tee (M) | Jeans (28) | Bag | Sambas

Remy and I at The Broad Museum here checking out the Robert Therrien piece (L) and the Koons (R) There’s SO much rad art in LA. We had a blast. Definitely don’t miss the upper garden area next door at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was my favorite!

Similar Top | Joggers (8) | Sneakers | Bag

The Outfit: This look wound up working beautifully (though I swapped these Nikes for the Air Max before heading out.) These Allsaints Cargo Joggers are an NSale find and sooo super cute. I’ve had trouble locating the exact fabric match but this is the same pair — just in a jersey fabric which would be rad to have. The fit is superb.

Dress (L) or shop this print | Similar Bag | (Borrowed) Sandals

The Outfit: Nooworks is one of my favorite smaller clothing brands and they have brick + mortar stores in LA. I’ve shopped their fabulous limited line of pieces for years online (Em loves them, too!) and got this rad wolverine print dress the first day we arrived.

It was nice to have a dress to wear on this trip since it was a little warm, but I can’t wait to pair this with my high tops or Frye moto boots now that I’m back home in the cooler PNW. Posy was kind enough to lend me her SUPER comfy Sorel sandals though after the Sambas debacle the day before. Heh. Now I want the pistachio color for next summer! (On sale, btw!)

For Lounging/Working In The Hotel

Since I was a tagalong on this trip, I had plenty of time to work and hang in the hotel room between outings. I don’t always nail my loungewear on trips but I feel like I finally found the right versatile pieces that wound up being just what I needed.

Sweater (M) | Tank (M) | Pants (M) | Slides

The Outfit: This Z Supply tank and pants turned out to be the BEST pjs/loungewear and I’m thinking of getting them in tan now, too. They’re seriously soft and totally wearable as a real outfit. And this Free People sweater (we all love it around here) is amazing and you need it. SO soft, perfect for throwing on first thing in the morning or for cool evenings plus, it looks amazing with all the barrel jeans I love. TTS.

Idk whether to tell you these Jenni Kayne slides are worth the crazy price or not (I got them on a promo with their skincare line recently – dang this body oil IS worth it tho). But I do feel really fabulous in these and I totally wore them around the hotel. They’d also be great to wear on nice days to brunch or on vacay to a sunny resort.

Similar Tee | Shorts

The Outfit: After a sweaty walk all over DTLA and a shower, one afternoon I popped this combo on and it was comfy so comfy. These days I need a cooler lounge/pj option for those times I get overheated and I love that this feels a little on-trend for my 45-year-old self, haha. I would have def worn this with the Air Max sneakers on a coffee run or an afternoon walk.

A Few More Highlights From My Time in LA

  • Shopping at Big Bud Press (their jumpsuits!)
  • Eating at Joy on York (amazing atmosphere and fab Taiwanese food.) Their sister restaurant downtown, Pine and Crane, was phenomenal, too.
  • Seeing Pedro Pascal in Highland Park. He walked by us 5x that day haha. Love him.
  • Donut Friend donuts! Get the X-Ray Speculoos. Trust me.
  • Grand Central Market downtown (SO much yummy food to try! We loved Lucky Bird and Fat + Flour for cookies, pie and coffee.)

There’s so much more of Los Angeles I need to explore and I’ll for sure be back sooner than later, but if you need some recs on some favorite spots I have discovered so far let me know!

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Non-hotel room photos by Posy Quarterman (and Lucas Young!) Thank you!

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  1. Love this post! You mention Gap joggers but the link goes to the ALLSAINTS cargo pants. Which pants are you wearing? Thanks!

  2. Way to bury the lede…PEDRO PASCAL! OMG he’s such a fave of mine! I wish there was a pic of you two together in your rad LA fits🤩

  3. More LA recs please! I’m planning to take my 15yo son over New Years and want to see great art (which LA has tons of). My kiddo is vegetarian so if you happen to know of any great veg spots, share please.

    • We didn’t make it to LACMA this time but I hear that is definitely worth a trip! Sadly we had JUST missed the Keith Haring exhibit, so definitely check to see what the show at The Broad is. Sometimes you need separate tickets, but their regular collection is amazing and definitely worth seeing regardless! Idk veg spots specifically but LA is very vegetarian friendly! Lots of great juice and smoothie places as well as tons of awesome various types of Asian food. I’d search for vegetarian spots in Highland Park or Silver Lake areas (two of my fav neighborhoods!)

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