The Best Flip Flop Alternatives to Elevate Your Style


Scroll through social media on any given day and you’ll learn pretty quickly that you don’t want to go up against a fellow mama bear when it comes to nursing v. formula or leggings as pants. Seriously. Don’t. But, is there a general consensus on flip flops? How do we feel about those? I’ll volunteer myself as tribute to say I’m not a fan. Not even a little bit. Outside of swatting flies or putting on a lively, family rendition of “Stomp!,” I just don’t think they make the world or my outfits better.

But, the gag is, I love flats in pretty much any other shape and form. Then, if you can rip the laces, buckles, bells, and whistles off, and you’ve really won my heart and sole (#momjokes). Lacing up shoes is a luxury when my oldest is still learning to tie hers. By the time she works out her bunny ears or velcro straps, mama’s gotta be ready to roll and look good en route. I’m always looking for effortless upgrades to my style, and these shoes all get the job done comfortably. Whether I’m headed to a playdate or a casual day at the office, here are the flat, easy-on/off shoes I’m leaving by door this spring (sorry, babe).

Slip-On Sneakers

I can’t quit you, floral prints! Apparently, a sure-fire way to make florals even more spring ready is to pair them with  chambray-ish blue. Dang, these Vans Asher slip-on sneakers are cute! Some of the reviews indicated sizing down a half size, but I was pleased with the fit of my actual size, so my vote is TTS. And, it probably goes without saying, but they’re so comfortable.


Quick question: Are we Insta besties yet? If you’re following my Instagram shenanigans, you know I’ve been wearing these loafers the last few weekends, so I found a similar Steve Madden pair for you. And, not just any weekend, marathon shopping and kid birthday party weekends, and the mules kept up! Y’all…I had my reservations when I bought them last season, but I’m a believer. Somehow, the faux fur is plush and comfy without being hot. And, I feel really cool when I wear them, which has to count for something, right?


OK, spring, let’s do this…espadrilles reporting for duty. But not the sexy platforms (yes, you need those, too!), I’m talking flats. Is it just me or is the lace-up detail here unexpected? Bonus points for the metallic, too. You may remember these Dolce Vita Vana flats from my airport style post, so you can see how versatile these are.


Slides, footbed sandals, whatever you call them, they’re basically the OGs of flat sandals. They’ve always been comfortable, but they’re so much more stylish lately. I love these bows on toes and neutral color of these White Mountain Henley flats. I’ve seen tons of patterns and cool colors in other brands, so there’s something for everyone!

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Outfit Details


Sweater Blazer, size M – J. Crew – Listen, I can’t help that spring finally decided to show up between the time I shot this look and when it goes live *shrugs.* Still, I’m happy to have finally shed my winter coats for a lighter layer, ala this sweater blazer. Honestly though, if your office is anything like mine, you’ll probably wear it indoors, too! It’s lightweight enough that it’ll be your go-to for a while.

Striped Tee, size L – H&M – Pretty hard to beat this deal. I love that there’s a bit of stretch in it, too. I’m making peace with the fact that I wear striped shirts 98.34% of the time. If it ain’t broken…

Raw Hem Ankle Jeans – Kohl’s – Well, this was a nice little surprise from the Lauren Conrad line. I love the fit and details: The high rise, light distressing (great for work), and raw him were pretty spot on. I went with the 12, but the 10 (my actual size; out of stock at the time) would’ve been perfect.

Aimee Kestenberg Backpack – QVC – This has been my everyday bag lately. Saks Off Fifth also has a navy version in stock (for less!).

Dolce Vita Vana flats – These are so fun and versatile. I’m wearing my usual size 9.

Cateye Sunglasses – Target – Yep, every single post. I’m seriously not taking these off. Ever.

Lightweight Floral Scarf – Old Navy – I resisted the urge to wear this as a turban on this shoot, but that’s more than likely how it’s going down IRL.  

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Jilted – This is my new fave fuchsia lippie!

I think that’s enough to ditch those flip flops in style! Don’t forget to check me out over on Instagram @BeingTiarra. If dancing kids and date night ideas are your jam, you’re gonna have a good time!