I’m typically a denim-underwear-all-summer long kinda girl, but there are a few occasions where I’ll skip the super shorty-short-shorts in favor of a slightly longer pair.

These occasions are as follows:

When summer has arrived in full force but I’ve yet to notice because for some inexplicable reason Philadelphia public schools thought it would be best to keep the kids until….wait for it….June 20th, which means I’m sportin’ a mad case of pale-leg (which everyone knows is the real culprit behind spider-vein-leg) well into July.


When we’re going to be spending countless hours on plastic seats in 90 degree weather.  With 100% humidity.  Squinting at tiny men who are – let’s be real – mostly just standing around.  AKA….baseball.

In this instance, it was both.

But I had done a little “research” *cough*shopping*cough* last year to find these not-too-short, yet not-quite-midi length shorts, and I noticed that Nordstrom has restocked them in fresh new washes.  My wash is from last year #solastyear, and true to form, this years’ are better.

Click through to see more pics of the shorts – not great pics, but good enough (the baseball game had an extra inning, and at one point it actually rained without cooling anything down) – and a few fun Phillies game pics. You can actually see my children get stickier as the game progresses.  (If you follow me on IG, @shanachristine, you’ll recognize a bunch of these pics…)

Also, despite my tone (heat, humidity, rain, etc.), we actually LOVE Phillies games.  One of our very favorite things to do in the summer.  Once in a while we splurge on good seats, which is especially fun since Pax and Mike are both REALLY into it.  Raines?  He likes baseball some, but half the time I catch him staring off into space muttering about gun options in Halo.  And me?  I just like that we’re together, we’re outside, and it feels like a pretty amazing way to spend a summer afternoon.


Outfit Details

tee: I stole this old tee from Mike, but if you are looking for cool sports tees, I love Red Jacket (I usually just buy guy’s tees, sports companies tend to add too much glitter and embellishment to their womens’ lines), Junk Food (the women’s line is actually good) or if you are a Philly fan….check  this JAWN shirt.  OMG yes.

shorts: DL1961 Renee Shorts – mine are from last year, but the new ones are good.  Check it:


boots: Lucky Brand Kamby boots (sesame)

belt: old, but I love this simple, square buckle belt by Halogen

backpack: Moop Shop c/o (made in Pittsburg!!)

sunglasses: Ray-ban Erika


Go Phillies!




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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always.

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  1. THESE are mid-length?! Haha, I think TME needs to admit they have a very different shorts standard from many of the readers (to judge by the comments on the “mom shorts ” series). Maybe time to just talk about them by inseam length.

    • Right?? Those are so short! Maybe you have to be in your 20s to wear shorts that short?! NO moms I know wear shorts that short–but my friends & I are all in our late 30s to mid-40s.

        • Right, & short shorts are clearly your style, but is your readership demographic on the younger side? I’ve noticed a lot of surprise in reader comments over how short the “longer” shorts are…but I’m wondering if those comments are from us somewhat older readers? 🙂

          • First, I think it would help to keep in mind who authored this post. Shana is a self-proclaimed lover of denim underwear, so by comparison, these are mid-length shorts for her. Second, I’m in my late thirties and my shorts’ inseams are totally inline with Shana’s thinking. Age alone does not preclude someone from rockin’ short shorts. 😉

          • I think some people here are too critical…Aeriel…I’m with you..:)..Shana and the team do an awesome job…people…please remember they are humans with feelings too…Moms doing their thing…if it fits with you ok..if not move on….
            Shana…delete if I am out of line….

  2. I love these shorts a lot! Any chance you ladies will do a “look for less” option for shorts? These are great but I can’t stomach 3 figures for full-length jeans, let alone shorts! Would love to see if you have some finds at a lower price point (or maybe you can convince me what makes these worth the price–I’m open to hearing arguments!)

    • I like the blanknyc jean shorts, still pricey at 78.00 but cute and soooo soft! Most denim shorts I try on at lower price points just don’t feel that soft

    • I bought some awesome denim cutoffs, similar length, from Lauren conrad’s kohls line last year. Very soft. I wear them all the time!

    • I agree with Jacqueline – most of the lower cost shorts aren’t nearly as soft. BUT…I second Maggie’s rec for AE’s tomgirl shorts (or heck, most of AE’s shorts). Scotti did basically a giant ode to their shorts…. here it is: http://themomedit.com/2017/05/the-most-comfortable-shorts-ever-american-eagle/

      I used to swear by Abercrombie’s shorts, but this year they were a little different (the leg shape was a little more a-line). But the wash is insanely good. AND? They’re on sale for $23, sooooo….might be worth a shot! http://rstyle.me/n/cp3fvfb89h7

        • Another vote for AE here. I checked out their shorts after Scotti’s post and now I live in a pair of the distressed midi jean shorts. Very comfortable. I sized up one size from my normal Loft size and they fit great.

          • I did in fact hit up AE yesterday–I’m loving the sized-up midi shorts. Thanks again, everyone!

  3. So I totally understand that this is essentially a shopping blog, but as someone who favors the capsule wardrobe, I would LOVE a post on how you handle the sheer volume of clothes. Are you constantly getting rid of things, do you hold on to it all, does it ever just get so completely overwhelming, what are your thoughts on constant consumerism? Things like that.

    • I feel like I need to state that I am not a troll- I follow TME. Shana is my favorite because I just enjoy the way she writes, but I am genuinely interested in my questions from the first comment. Not trying to be a jerk.

      • I am curious about this too! I think about it a lot, actually. I love this blog, love fashion, and love shopping. But sometimes I look at all of my clothes and feel an “embarrassment of riches,” if you will. The more I learn about the impacts of “fast fashion” on the environment and the horrific labor conditions that exist to support it – and not to mention the treatment of the animals that get slaughtered for our beautiful leather stuff – the harder time I have continuing to blindly buy things simply because they’re cute. I pay attention to where and how they’re made (i.e. I can’t bring myself to buy leather anymore) – and I’ve actually gotten back in to my old high-school pastime of thrift store shopping. But of course, I still get excited about Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, too. I am in no way perfect and am still trying to figure it all out. I have seen Shana make comments about things being made in USA (and thus justifying a higher price point), which I 100% support and agree with. So I would love to hear more of her thoughts – because I think she’s extremely smart and has probably given these things some thought as well.

    • Jess, as a fellow minimalist I love this question! There are moments I feel like clicking on ALL THE LINKS..thanks, TME, thanks! 🙂 I love watching the trend breakdowns and checking out what the editors (whose styles mesh with mine) are buying/wearing, but actually clicking buy ALL THE TIME doesn’t mesh with my ideas right now. I like to view those editors’ posts as a group, though, to figure out which pieces truly help to define their styles, and identify any of those pieces that might do the same in my closet. So I’m essentially picking through a curated selection. But I’d love to have these editors answer your question – how do they curate?

    • LOL Jess! “I AM NOT A TROLL”. OMG dying. But seriously – it’s a great question, and one where the answer has changed over the years. At first, this blog rarely featured personal photos – it was primarily collages of retailer photos. So my wardrobe didn’t look like a fashion blogger’s wardrobe. Then I slowly started to do personal photos, and we (the collective we – me + readers) realized that it’s freaking HELPFUL to see these pieces in a real-life scenario. And frankly, I’m often amazed by how often retailers choose to show a misleading photo of a piece (light wash jeans are my personal pet peeve).

      So yeah – personal photos changed the game. Add into this that most readers want to see these pieces on an actual person (and most are interested in how something wears, washes & drys)….and you can imagine how a blogger accumulates SO many more clothes than the average person. Frankly, “testing” out these pieces, or new trends – especially for a group of busy moms is a major part of this job.

      So how do I manage it?

      Sometimes, I return. Especially if I’m responding to a reader question about a specific piece (or a specific type of piece), or I just need to try and style a trend three different ways….I will return it. But if I’ve really put the piece through the mom-life paces, or I feel like I’ve used it too much to return (gray area, I know, but integrity matters)…then I won’t return it.

      Everything else goes into one of two piles: blogger closet, my personal closet, or gets donated.

      Blogger closet – these are the pieces that I think I may need to feature again – current trends, really popular with readers, or pieces I truly believe in and are STILL AVAILABLE.

      Personal closet – these are the pieces that make me swoon, the ones that I’ll keep forever…the pieces that usually enrage readers, haha. “I remember when you first bought that and it keeps haunting me!!” kinds of comments. (Lighthearted, of course.) Once in a blue moon, these pieces (or veryyy similar) come back into stock and make everyone happy. But I don’t always blog these. Personally, I use bloggers not just for styling inspo but really to make shopping easier….and there’s nothing more annoying than, “this fabulous item is sold out #sadface”. Ya know?

      Donation – I donate everything else. I’d love to say that I have an amazing donation resource for you, but the truth is that I give everything to a friend who works with people struggling to get on their feet. I trust him to give it to people who need it. There’s no tax benefit, but I like knowing that they’re being put to good use. That said, if you guys have any good recommendations in this area, it might be worth doing a quick article because this is NOT the first time people have asked about clothing donation. (Or recycling – I’d love to hear recos for that as well.)

      Years ago, I was using ThredUp heavily. The payouts aren’t huge, but they do add up, and frankly, ThredUp makes it so insanely easy.

      I thiiiiink that’s it. Jess, OMG, this is probably WAY more than you wanted to know, lol!

      • Except….you also asked about constant consumerism. I totally get that. And frankly, even as a fashion blogger, I have to constantly remind myself that these clothes are PART OF THE JOB, S. Otherwise I get totally overwhelmed and maybe even disgusted (nothing like a little self-loathing once in a while), because it IS a lot. But my goal with this whole website is to make our readers’ lives easier, and to help people feel good about their own personal style, and how they express it. We keep up a constant stream of fashion because it’s fun, and because different trends/pieces/price-points appeal to different sets of readers…NOT because I expect a single reader to buy everything we write about.

        Personally, I tend to gravitate more to the buy-less arena, but a high price point doesn’t make me blush.

        My sister, on the other hand, keeps her price points suuuuper low, but likes her closet a little more stuffed.

        I’ll wear the same black turtleneck sweater and over-the-knee boots everyday, and Scotti will have this gorgeous array of perfectly accessorized outfits.

        Neither of us are wrong, just different strokes. And I suspect our readers are all over the map. But if there is ONE thing I’ve learned from years of blogging…..we have a bunch of really smart, opinionated women reading TME, and I suspect that they will make their own decisions about consumerism (said with SO MUCH LOVE). haha! xo

        • This was great, and I appreciate how much effort went into it. I love to hear that you donate stuff, and love that you admit to a blogger closet, vs. personal closet. You are absolutely right that everyone makes their own choices about what matters. We all have to balance our job, thoughts, etc. with what is actually occurring in our life. Mine would be the fact that my husband works at Mayo but I actually favor herbalism and holistic medicine! I’m like Maggie in her comment where I come here for inspiration but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything I’ve seen straight off the blog. Probably some copy-cat Target versions though! Thanks again for your thoughts, it’s nice to know how you think.

        • I loved reading these responses Shana, because I have wondered about this myself (having been a reader since before you were doing personal photos) and I think this transparency definitely deserves an actual post.

          If you do that, I would find it helpful if you expand on how you distinguish between the pieces you are really keeping for yourself vs. Those that are just so-so/trendy/for-blog-only since you must have more experience making those choices than most of us and I totally get it wrong (I.e. buying things for my fantasy life rather than my real life, getting sucked into something fitting but not really being my style, etc) and any tips you have would be appreciated.

        • Would you ever consider a post in which you provide guidelines on which items you’ve had in your closet that you swear will come back in fashion, but The Mom Edit knows there’s no way in hell it will happen? Which are safe to donate, the ones I won’t regret giving away?

        • Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Shana. As a longtime reader, I’ve sometimes genuinely wondered whether your denim wardrobe alone would fit in my closet! And while the 19 century wasn’t known for generous closets….still! 🙂

          I appreciation the curation and have made a few for-life additions to my closet thanks to TME. But as a minimalist, I’ll never stop begging for a peak or two into the things that live in your personal closet and how you put them together to keep them fresh!

        • Great questions, reply, and commentary! I appreciate the fact that you (Shana) can share that the consumerism disgusts you sometimes, and the reality behind the blog posts. I myself love beautiful clothes, but feel so guilty about my environmental footprint.

        • Shana, like others commenting, I too have had the same question about what must be piles of clothes in your home. I appreciate you being willing to open up this discussion. I admit, with free shipping, I order away and return most. Yep, and I sometimes feel guilty about all that fossil fuel being used to bring boxes to my door. And sometimes I feel guilty about this clothes ‘hobby’ I have: shopping, returning, going through my closet and trying on a bunch of stuff for a great outfit I feel confident wearing. (How different is it from a golfing hobby where someone spends $$ a week on a course that takes water and chemicals and man power to keep the greens pristine? -I say with hesitation because I do realize there IS a difference)
          I love your personal style and have found I have bought many items you preview in your writing. Because my closet is full I appreciate the higher end choices you show us as I am buying less, better quality and getting way more use out of one silk top I absolutely love.
          Thanks for all of your free content. You and your team are doing a great job.

          • Ps-again, thanks for all the free content. I quit reading blogs that have ads scrolling thru the posts due to the annoying distraction.

  4. I’m 40 and love the short shorts. And not only that, but all the moms around me wear similar length short shorts. Maybe it’s regional?

  5. honestly…I like you in denim underwear better..:). ..you have the legs for them…although most of us don’t…so thank you for showing an alternative..xoxoxo

  6. Shana, I think I’m so used to your denim underwear that these shorts look so long! I had to click on the link to see the inseam. They are much shorter than I wear, but why do they look so long on you???? And to add to the conversation, I have no idea how long my friends’ shorts are. Probably because I can’t tell based on the photos in this post. Ha!

  7. I actually wear my shorts shorter now (at 35, with two kids) than I did when I was younger. It helps balance the fact that I wear slouchier fuller coverage tops now that I’m fluffier round the middle.

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