What To Wear To a Beach Wedding (With Options for Maternity, Nursing, and Post-Partum)


Lately, my inbox has been filled with requests like these:

My biggest dilemma is finding a casual-yet-appropriate-for a beach wedding dress.  Any ideas?! 


We are fortunate enough to be able to take our family to the Caribbean for a sibling’s wedding in April.  I need help!  I will be 7 months post partum with a belly that still looks pregnant and I am hoping to still be breastfeeding.  Where do I start to look for a dress that is appropriate for a beach wedding?  


I’m always happy for an excuse to look at pretty pretty dresses.  And if any occasion calls for a pretty pretty dress it’s a beach wedding.  But not just any pretty dress – you need something…unstructured.  And by “unstructured” I mean an unstructured feeling…something that feels light, breezy, something that goes with sun-kissed skin and windswept hair.  Tailored perfection is not the goal (even if the wedding is fancy).  My rule of thumb?  Look for a silky, flowy, or glamorous dress that could also be worn with flipflops in some cool-girl California wedding.  That’s your dress for a beach wedding.

Once the pretty dress is found, I recommend you finish off your glamorous self in the best beachy-casual kind of way:  with flat metallic sandals and simple jewelry (I like a few gold bangles).  Warm it up with a denim jacket (for a casual wedding), a pretty wrap (for a fancy wedding – and by ‘wrap’ I mean ‘lightweight scarf’)…or a white blazer.



 Tbags Knotted V-Neck Dress | Ancient Greek Sandals

Echo Wrap | Blaque Label Ivory Blazer | BCBG Gold Beaded Metallic Clutch | Drop Earrings

Gap 1969 Denim Jacket (also like this Paige Denim Jacket) | Jessica Simpson Bow Clutch


Happily, there’s a whole bunch of dresses (and sandals) perfect for beach weddings.  Keep reading to see my favs.

Gorgeous Dresses For a Beach Wedding

In general, I like maxi dresses because you won’t have to worry about accidental bum exposure if the wind kicks up on the beach.  If you do go short, make sure the skirt isn’t too flippy (or wear swim bottoms underneath just in case).  Another fun option?  ROMPERS.  While this piece may be too casual for formal or semi-formal weddings in general, odds are they’ll be perfect for a beach wedding.  And bonus points for easy kid-wrangling.


Metallic Sandals

If the wedding’s on the beach, you have three options:

1.  Wear stilettos, but know that you won’t actually be wearing them.  They’re more like a purse in this instance, and will spend most of the time dangling from your hand.

2.  Wear wedges to give you a little more stability on the sand…unless the sand is very soft.  Then you’ll look like you’re walking in slo-mo.  Which, you know….we’ve all done it.

3.  Wear chic flat sandals.  You can walk around, chase the kiddos, babywear…and the flat sandal actually helps to balance the glam of the dress.

My favorite flat sandals (and a few wedges) are below.

NOTE:  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention The Meraki Company’s Greek Sandals are one of my very favs.  I couldn’t get them into the boutique below (techie probs), but check them out – especially the Halkidiki style.







  1. I don’t have a beach wedding to attend this year (darn!) but I love so many of these dresses and if nothing else it reminds me that I need to get in shape by summer.

  2. Shana – have you looked at dresses from Soma? Would love to hear your take on those! They’re a fave for beach wear because they’re just so darn soft, especially for those of us who burn easily.

  3. Two problems:
    1) Where’s the cotton??? Most of these are polyester and beaches are usually hot.
    2) I absolutely need bra friendly dresses. At a 32H, strapless and pretty bra straps are not happening.
    I only found one contender from this list, the Young Fabulous and Broke maxi. And at $250, yep, broke!
    Sigh. I’m just too high maintenance.

  4. I really like the image of the heels as an accessory. For me, if the wedding is actually on the sand, I’m gonna be barefoot!!

    This makes me want to go to a wedding so bad!! It could be in Siberia in parkas. I do have hope for one girlfriend….they met on Tinder in Hong Kong!!

    Great suggestions Shana.


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  5. Ok I’ve been browsing the wedding posts and I’ve got a stumper (for me at least): September wedding in NJ, outside, at a camp in the woods! I will be just over a year postpartum with baby #3 (= big ol’ pooch) and possibly still nursing. I have a very small budget. I’ll probably need shoes too. Think lots of uneven ground and trees. Ideas? My husband is in the bridal party (it’s his brother’s wedding) and I know his get-up is fairly casual.

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