Words cannot express how badly I want to go to Coachella this year.  Why?  Guns ‘N Roses is back, playing a reunion concert to end all reunion concerts.  Also, Sia.  It’s enough to make me swing from a chandelier in the cold November April rain.

So when I received this email from Jill, I was pumped:

Was wondering….are you considering a ‘festival fashion’ blog post? Here’s why I ask: after years of sitting on the sidelines…I’m finally going to the Coachella Music Festival this year in Indio, CA. My dear friend and I are road tripping (without the kids or husbands) from Arizona to the desert for the second weekend and we could not be more excited!
Many other fashion blogs and online stores like Shopbop and Nordstrom have nondescript ‘festival look books’ which are full of fabulous female fashion trends….but somewhat unrealistic. I’m not going to buy 5 inch Jeffery Campbell wooden platforms, hip to ankle crochet bell bottoms and Pinterest a carnation and rosemary flower crown.


Would I throw on some One Teaspoon Bandits or a Free People romper with a peek a boo bra? YES! My friend and I cannot be the only Moms making the pilgrimage to dance like we are 23 to Major Lazer! We sprung for the VIP tickets and want to look fabulous – would love a little inspiration and guidance. You always do such a fabulous job of putting together the whole schmear from necklace to sandals.


Would you consider doing a post like this???!!

Jill – You betcha.  Not only do I have some ideas, but Laura and Jess both wanted in on the action.  All three of us, it turns out, are thrilled to hear you will be living out our Coachella-fueled fantasies!

So here’s what we did:   we each came up with a look (or two).  They’re gorgeous looks, if I do say so myself.  But more than that, the pieces we chose had to do double-duty.  They had to be pieces you really will wear again.  And?  We’re keeping in mind that Coachella often means mud, so no overly precious footwear (like blush suede sandals, for example, or heels of any kind).

Keep on reading for our festival looks, you sweet child ‘o mine.

My Take

If I were going to venture out to Coachella, I’d find a seriously cool pair of tough-girl ankle boots and wear them with miles of bare leg.  An army jacket because I always manage to get cold, a pair of aviators (it’s practically a rule at this point), and layers of delicate jewelry.  For something different, I’d try two matching hand chains on each wrist.  A small (yet stunning) cross-body containing sunscreen and credit cards would round out my look.






Outfit Details

romper: Free People Cotton Romper (although, if you are worried about bathroom breaks in a romper, these One Teaspoon Bonitas and this comfy little Free People top could be swapped in.)

jacket: H&M Jacket

boots:  Begonia Leather Bootie (almost sold out but these Freebirds look amazing, or these.)

accessories: Anthropologie necklace,  Ray-Ban Aviators,  Frye BagGorjana hand chains (or a cheaper fringed version from Bauble Bar)

lip sunscreen:  SuperGoop (this stuff layers OVER your existing lipstick)

Laura’s Coachella Dreams

Gah. I’m dying to go hear some music outside!! I was so spoiled being in Nashville for 10 years surrounded by amazing musicians and opportunities to hear live music all. the. time. I do miss that, but I can satisfy a tiny bit of that by planning what I would wear to a music festival, at least…sigh.



Outfit Details

Dress: Ecote Guinevere Open-Back Frock Dress Urban Outfitters – This print is like the perfect mix of sweet floral and bandana. I adore it. This red orange is a favorite of mine for summer. Adding the shorts makes a mini dress easier for festivals and outdoor, but it would be gorgeous alone with flat sandals for date night, too. (P.S. The image will not show in the shop widget above!)

Shorts: Rag and Bone Destroyed Cutoff Denim Boyfriend Shorts – I love how these are a bit longer. They’re perfect under mini dresses. Roll them up a bit for wearing with regular tops. The wash and destruction on these are spot on.

Hat: Nordstrom Floppy Wool Hat – I love the soft color of this hat. So light and springy, but wearable year-round.

Glasses: Ray Ban Large Original Aviator in Pink Flash – I adore these. Pink Flash. I mean. Gorgeous with the red dress…and everything else.

Boots: Free People Wild Fire Fringe Boot – I mean. So good. Low and comfy for standing all day listening to music, but not boring at all, yeah? An easy color to wear in dust/dirt. I want them to wear with cutoffs all summer, please.




Outfit Details

Overalls: BDG Nikki Overall Romper Urban Outfitters – These. Perfect olive color and so comfy. I have a similar pair in chambray and the loose fit and light fabric are good all summer. Super easy for a cover-up or here with a pretty orange bralette.

Bralette: Free People Longline Day Bra – Gorgeous color and I love how it’s longer so it’ll cover a bit more under the overalls.

Hat: Poler Camp Vibes Trucker Hat – I adore Poler. It’s a Portland-based outdoor goods company. Camp Vibes all summer y’all.

Sandals: Bed Stu Soto Sandal – These are so good. The leather on Bed Stu sandals is amazing. I tried these out a bit ago because they are super cute. I have hard-to-fit weird sandal feet…I hated to return them! If you aren’t wide in the toe box area you will love love these.




Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Every Little Thing Cat Eye Sunglasses – LOVE the shape of these, but that they are a light color. Makes cat eyes easier to wear, in my opinion, as does the rounder shape of these. And the pink lenses are so pretty!

Earrings: Rose Gold Mesh Fan Drop Earrings – Ooh so lovely and lightweight for dancing your booty off. These would be a great go-to earring all season.

Belt Pack: Fringe Belt Bag – Don’t call it a fanny pack. This would be SO great to keep belongings close at a festival or outdoor event while you’re dancing and enjoying yourself, no?

Dress: Billabong Wonder Why Muscle T-shirt Dress – Indigo dyed, how I love thee…This is spot-on with the print and a muscle tee dress? Yes please. SO cute.

Boots: Blondo Marcella Waterproof Ankle Boot – I adore these! The green and the cool side cut AND they are waterproof? No way. Green rocks as a really cool ‘neutral’ and now I’m dying for some green boots…


Jess’ Picks

Outfit Details

Dress: This For Love and Lemons Eva Midi Dress is one of my favorite boho/hippie inspired dresses out there! The sheer lace panels add to its free spirited, romantic vibe while the long sleeves and midi length will let you be comfortable enough to let loose.

Sunglasses :These gold tone metal and pink mirrored Le Specs Sunglasses are a perfect color combination to accessorize with the Eva dress.
Choker: Vanessa Mooney Choker is just one of several perfect chokers from Vanessa Mooney. This one is lightweight with a delicate feel and will stay put while you’re swaying to the music.
Backpack: Amici Accessories Fringe Trim Faux Suede Backpack because fringe accents are a necessity at music festivals (plus its only $38).

Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff’s Gila Lace Espadrille Sandals are a sturdy and durable lace up sandal option that will hold up under the wear and tear that comes with being at a festival.



Outfit Details

Romper: ‘Star Eyes’ Off the shoulder cotton romper – this romper is perfect for letting loose and it’s comfy fit will allow you to do so without having a care in the world.

Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff Emma Sandals super stylish and durable, a pair of sandals to keep your feet happy and dance ready.
Bag: Moto Drawstring Crossbody Bag from Rebecca Minkoff, for the win! The aztec embroidered print and fringed tassels adds a boho vibe to any outfit.
Necklace: Bolo Arrow Necklace again from Vanessa Moody. Chokers and bolos are back and are a must have for any music festival (Vanessa Moody knows her stuff).
Sunglasses: A-Teen Spitfire Frames I love that 70’s inspired large circular frames are making a comeback! Plus at only $39 they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you end up getting little carried away!
Happy rockin’…..
Shana, Laura and Jess



  1. Having been to Coachella (back when it was more about the music and less about celebrity sightings), I will tell you that the most important thing to wear is sunscreen, a hat, and natural fabrics. You will likely be really sweaty and synthetic fabrics feel so gross against damp skin. As far as jackets go, it doesn’t really even feel chilly at night, so maybe just bring something very lightweight that you can tie around your waist or shove in your bag. Personally, I felt the most comfortable in a flowy skirt and sandals. You’ll be walking on grass and some dirt (not really mud), so if you select a heeled shoe, try them out on your lawn to see if you sink in. You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy!

  2. My sister and brother-in-law (who might be the biggest GNR fans on the planet–seriously, they had acoustic versions of “Patience” and “Sweet Child of Mine” played at their wedding ceremony) just saw them live in Vegas and said it was the best live performance they have ever seen in their lives. So I say buy yourself some tickets, Shana!

  3. Oh Ladies! This is a fun post. Recently over on my blog I did the same exact thing: dressed up in a Coachella Wannabe outfit! It included many of the same essentials you’ve depitcted here: a bohemian jacket over a white lace maxi over army green skinnies (because like you Shana, I am ALWAYS cold!), booties (that I DIYed with paint splatters), and a full-on fringe bag. Oh plus some long delicate necklace strands including a beaded Navajo looking number.

    Seriously! To go to Coachella! I am such a WANNABE!

    Fun ensembles ladies!

    Love, Ann from over at Kremb de la Kremb

  4. Ok so now that we’re talking about what to wear to not feel like we’re doing a bad Kendall impression in our 30s or 40s or anything NOT 20s…can you please do a round up of cutoff jean shorts for women who don’t want to show our underbutt? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?!

  5. Just a reminder to check the weather! We have friends that have been going for years (we went twice once just us and once with our oldest in tow) and this year’s first weekend is shaping up to be what they like to call a Coldchella. And believe me, when it’s only going to be in the 70s and 80s and going to rain – it’s freezing! Been there, done that, really wished we’d packed differently.

  6. I would also love a round up on jean shorts that don’t show your bum. I feel so old right now..ha! As a 40 year old who did the whole music festival thing back in ’94 and ’95, I am not in the least bit interested in music festivals. Woodstock ’94 anyone? I could not handle that again. I’m way to into comfort and hot water, and not being covered in mud. I’m such a wus now. Anyway, I still go to small outdoor craft/music type festivals in the summer and end up sitting on the ground, so jean shorts are better than dresses/skirts for those situations.

      • Personally, I can’t do shorts this long. It just feels wrong.
        Between four and six inch inseam is my sweet spot. I have long legs, so anything less than three inches is seriously hoochi. Plus my upper thighs touch, so short shorts ride up into my crotch which is super classy (eye roll).
        I can’t say enough good things about the rag and bone boyfriend cut off. Never thought I’d pay $200 for a pair of cut offs but they fit me so perfectly I will live in them this summer. The inseam is perfect and the waist is wide enough to hide my stubborn muffin top. I don’t wear them lose like a traditional boyfriend style; I like them fitted. I’ll be wearing fitted boyfriend style shorts from now on!

      • Dudes. Totally on the hunt for great cutoffs, too, and my under butt (dying laughing) is not something I can show either. I can help, too, S. It’s hard, too, when you’re short or have wider thighs to find the perfect pair that aren’t too long, too short and are flattering. Y’all. The jean struggle again, but shorter.

        • Um, yes, please! Nothing under this butt that anyone needs to see. And @Christy, you said it on the crotch crack factor. (I’m horrified just typing that) May have to try the R&B on your recc but Laura would love to see some alternatives too!

      • I love these and think the length is perfect! The longer lengths feel more modern to my eye for some reason. Definitely short of under-butt potential though!

    • As a 40+, pear shaped, tree trunked legged, not lover of shorts, I bought these recently: They arrived a little more distressed than shown (distressing near cuffs too) and are sufficiently boyfriend/slouchy to be comfortable. The wider leg opening helps my upper legs look thinner too — I can’t wear “I just cut off my regular jeans” shorts. If you look at their site, they also come in a lighter wash and a lighter rip and repair variation that (to me) looks generically rip and repair. I tend to stick to darker/medium washes, and am not as well versed in washes/distressing/details as the crew here 🙂

  7. Yes, please do a round up of cut offs. We love you Shana, and your underbutt is amazing, but very very few age 30+ mamas are interested in wearing shortie shorts.

  8. Is someone getting on the Anthro sale? I’d love to see a curated wish list or reviews before they’re all gone. Even home goods… Amanda…

  9. OMG OMG OMG!!!! That’s me! That’s my email!!! Thank you so so so so so so SO much!!! You girls are amazing. I will email you all what we end up wearing! We wish you were coming with us! Next year, we all meet up in Indio. Deal???? No underbutts allowed.

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