Reader Q: What To Wear For A Full Day At Disney (Jungle Trek To Fancy Dinner?)


We received the following question from Kristin, who is traveling to Disney World with her kiddos:

Next weekend we have a fast paced day in Disney at Animal Kingdom that starts with a jungle trek (closed toe shoes, no dresses or skirts) and finishes with a very fancy dinner and then more time at the park. No changing time anywhere. HELP!!!!

We get questions about what to wear in Disney World all. of. the. time. and this one is the ultimate, do-everything version.  So we came up with three solid strategies for for doing all of Disney in a day – whether jungle trekking, waiting in lines, riding coasters, or going out for a fancy dinner.

(Sidenote:  My dear friend L, in the pic above, is a Disney fanatic.  We’re rounding up all of her best Disney looks for a future post, but this pic is true to the vibe we’re going for:  somethin’ cute….with sneaks.)

Blazer | Top | Shorts | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses

The idea here is to let a pair of pretty shorts steal the show….and then mix in a soft blazer and dressier accessories.  And as long as you stick to fashion-girl sneaks, the look is cute and chic.

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Convertible Dress | Denim shorts | Backpack | Clutch | Heels | Sneakers

We once called this dress the best dress for travel.  And this scenario is a perfect example of why.  It’s comfy, machine washable, and works as both a cute top and a dramatic maxi dress.  You can read more about this special NINOBrand X The Mom Edit collaboration – and see the transformation in action – here.

Jumpsuit | Backpack | Sneakers

A soft, jersey jumpsuit is another piece that only looks fancy.  This particular jumpsuit feels like pajamas….but can look surprisingly fancy.

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I hope that helps, Gang!




  1. I need shoes for NYC this May and don’t like my New Balamces as much as I’d hoped. Do I want Gazelles, Superstars or Canvases for all day walking?

  2. One thing to consider when going to Disneyworld is the heat and humidity, which can be pretty extreme even in the spring. I have to check the fabric on clothes I wear while at Disney or else I end up a sticky, sweaty mess for that “fancy” dinner with Cinderella at the Grand Floridian. I prefer cotton items, and I can’t wear polyester in Orlando unless it’s part of a lightweight athletic blend. I also prefer items that dry quickly. You’ll get wet on some rides in Animal Kingdom and it often rains, so be prepared. Athleta’s travel line has a number of great pieces with lightweight fabric that are perfect for Disney. Their current offerings are lacking the pretty floral print shorts they have had in the past, but they will hopefully add some color in before summer. Their dresses are very comfortable in hot muggy weather too. They are super lightweight and easy to throw in a bag. Also, keep in mind that “fancy” in a theme park area is pretty toned down.

    • Agree! I can’t imagine planning this day without a chance to shower in between the Jungle Trek and the dinner, unless she’s going in January! I was once at Animal Kingdom on Christmas Day and it was in the mid-high 80s. Unless the fancy dinner is at Victoria and Alberts I would wear a wicking-fabric outfit appropriate for a hot summer hike, and then maybe just change the shoes out.

  3. I wear cotton items, and I can’t wear polyester.I prefer Jumpsuit because it dry quickly.They are easy and comfortable wear.They are super lightweight and easy to throw in a bag.

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