What to Wear to that Wedding – Postpartum + Nursing-friendly


All the nursing and pp mamas in the house, say aaaaa oooooo. If you saw my Wedding post from last week and were thinking, “Hey. I breastfeed, just had a baby a month ago and you want me to wear what? What about me, Cams?”. I GOT YOU. Don’t even worry about it. In fact, get ready to throw your hands up in the air (like you just don’t care). I not only have nursing-friendly outfit combos for you, but ridiculously comfortable, sexy and cool ones

Yeh. Basically, I went all out for you, nursing mamas…and it paid off. These. outfits. are. rockin’.

I actually can’t get over how good they are. I’m not tooting my own horn. at all. Maybe just a little? Ha. I can’t really take the credit though. There are so many incredible options out there that just need a little creativity to style into nursing-friendly outfits (and S is an online shopping ninja, so there’s that).

Nursing-Friendly Options – dresses and jumpsuits

The key to making a dress or jumpsuit work for nursing is finding the right cut (draped, wrap, deep v or strapless) and then wearing either a pretty nursing bra or a bra that works as one and/or a nursing cami. You can work either like a master if you cover those things.

Let me share the magic with you…



Does that dress look familiar? It’s only S’s favorite dress ever. What makes it nursing-friendly is that the top can easily be pulled down and, to make it even better, you can pair it with Cosabella’s Soft Cup Bra (also an S fave). It’s not a nursing bra, but it works – easy to pull to the side. Also, who can say no to a ‘oui’ clutch? Not I. It’s a wedding too and they both said ‘yes’, soooo…get it? I’m basically terribly creative…and cheesy. ha-ha.




Mmmmhhhhmmmm. The draping (hello, pooch hider), the color, the comfortable stretchy fabric, the lower heel…all make this ensemble a postpartum and/or nursing mamas dream. The way to make this dress work for nursing is with a sexy nursing bra, like Cosabella’s Trenta Nursing Bra. The black would totally work…and I know, it’ll show in the back with this particular dress, but that’s okay! The rule to a little bra showing is…ONLY if it’s cute. 😉



This Jumpsuit is a stretchy jersey fabric, so if worn over a fab nursing bra it will be all kinds of nursing-friendly. I’m not talking a boring old, shabby nursing bra. I am talking a pretty, lacey nursing bra that will not only make feeding your babe easy, but also add to the outfit.

Looking for something a bit different? There are more dresses and jumpsuits for you over in our Weddings & Events Boutique.

Co-ords for Post Partum + Nursing – midi and maxi skirts

My absolute favorite outfits of the bunch. SERIOUSLY. These coordinates are killing me, they are so good. These are an easy choice for a nursing mama, because you can be picky and choose what style of top or bottom you feel like wearing or look best in. There is no, “ugh. my pooch shows in this one, but I love the way my legs look”. Nope. You can choose a pooch hiding top and then pair it with that killer skirt that shows off your hot legs. It’s really amazing is what it is.




Yep, that is a crop top…and you know what, before you get all huffy puffy on me, let me explain how you can totally rock one postpartum and/or while breastfeeding. How, Cams? Seriously. How? Well, for starters this crop top is very much so mom-friendly, because of it’s length. It’s not a serious let-me-show-off-my-belly-button type crop top. Also, you can wear a nursing cami underneath, like Cake Lingerie’s Nursing Tank, which can also be slimming (oooOOoooo). See. I’ve got your attention now. The crop top will be easy to pull up and if you’re wearing a nursing tank or bra underneath, you’ll have no problem nursing while looking super hot.





For some reason the earrings won’t show up above, but they are the Femme Set from Baublebar

A long, elegant maxi skirt is such a good idea for a wedding, because you can wear a top that helps you nurse with ease – a wrap, deep v, draped #, button-up, etc. Not to mention, it looks so ever loving sexy paired with strappy heels. Ow ooow, mama! I added a cross-body bag, because I get that a clutch isn’t that realistic for a mom at a wedding with a babe in arm.

That said, I do think a clutch can be helpful. You can throw it in your diaper bag, keep your necessities in it and grab it for one of those solo bathroom breaks you get every so often…which, by the way, is your big chance to show it off, so work it. Haha. S talked all about smaller handbags and how moms can actually buy them without feelings buyer’s remorse and use them (often) here and it makes so much sense. Plus– having a pretty clutch on hand for those occasional date nights or GNO is never a bad thing.




So. I couldn’t help myself. I was going to stop with the last outfit, but had to add another maxi skirt. I am dyyyyying over them. What is more chic than a long black skirt WITH A SLIT? Nada. That’s what. Also, a button-up is a no brainer for a nursing mama. It means easy access and that’s what you need…that and a drink in hand, but anyways.

You want to know what makes these outfits even cooler? The fact that they can be worn while you’re nursing and when you’re not. I’ve always hated the idea of buying nursing-only clothes that were so specific…and boring. Why not buy fabulous clothing that will look smashing on you now while nursing and smashing on you later? The coordinates can also be used separately with other outfits. After the wedding, wear that Everlane silk top with jeans. That pink midi skirt can definitely be worn with a basic tee and sandals. I could go on and on, but I won’t for your sake. 

Basically, wear any of these outfits and it will be the best idea you ever had. 😉

Cheers, mamas.


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  1. Any chance you know where I can find a similar wrap shirt and skirt combo like the super cute one you have here? I am on the search for TWO breastfeeding-friendly dressy party outfits for two nights of wedding events this fall… so far, no luck!

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