What We’re Wearing To Watch The Super Bowl (Taylor’s Version)


Who’s excited for The Swift Super Bowl? Up for the 49ers? Chiefs? Just Taylor? Us too – we’re a mixed bunch. Whether you’re a football aficionado, just here for the dips & snacks (no judgment), or are simply on the lookout for that blonde with the red lip (and 6 #1 hits), we’ve got some inspo for ya.

What We’re Wearing To Watch Taylor Swift The Super Bowl

Here are our outfits for Super Bowl LVIII parties, couches, die-hard loyalty, and, well, complete indifference. Whatever you are, we’re probably that too. And we’ve got an outfit for it – all the way from PJ pants to sequin. Yeah, the breadth is real. Because who has ever been in need of an outfit for a day when touchdowns and Taylor go hand in hand? Not us.. until now… but we’re pumped.

My Super Bowl Outfit

Abby’s Super Bowl Outfit red tee, striped pajama pants, Mou slippers, LA hat

tee (M) | similar PJ pants | similar hat | slippers (TTS)

I’m nothing if not honest. I will most likely be very casually watching the Super Bowl (*cough Taylor Swift/Halftime Show/commercials cough*) on the couch, dressed like this. I’ve never been big a football fan nor a die-hard Swiftie, so cute PJ pants, a tee in some team’s color (thankfully this one skews T-Swift, too), slippers and a hat it is. Hat? Why hat? Why this one, Abby? Any intelligent person would prob skoff at me, but I just thought this outfit needed something more AND LA = California = San Francisco (49ers). So apparently I’m rooting for both teams. By a long shot.

PS. I was kind of inspired by this thrown-together ‘fit, so if I had actual SB plans, I’d grab these real pants with the same pink stripe vibe and wear them with these. Cute. (Also hey, Valentine.)

Kat’s Super Bowl Outfit

Kat’s Super Bowl Outfit silver pants, Nike tee, Nike blazers, sequin bag

long sleeve | similar top | pants | sneakers | bag | similar hat

OMG you all, I was so excited for this year’s Super Bowl, because for the first time ever I actually got invited to go! Butttt I can’t go because walking is super freaking painful. I may or may not have torn a tendon in my foot and now need surgery. Anywho, if I were to be going to the Super Bowl I would 100% be strutting for Miss Swiftie. I am talking metallic pants paired with seriously cool sporty tees and of course a wrist full of friendship bracelets. PS, people are placing bets on whether or not Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift, if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl… what do you think?!

Shana’s Super Bowl Outfit

sweatshirt (s) – or similar | jeans (27×30) | heels | beanie | lipstick

I’m always looking for an excuse to be festive, and Taylor’s Super Bowl is definitely a good reason. While I know Mike is content with his IPA and a bowl of chili (actually, Mike is content with silence so he can “focus” on the game, but whatever)…this year I’ll likely make a few fun apps, put on some heels and bright lipstick – my nod to Taylor’s team – and pour some champagne. My football watching uniform is almost always an on-theme sweatshirt, but since the Eagles aren’t playing…let’s go with sports-themed: skiing.

Amy’s Super Bowl Outfit

Amy’s Super Bowl Taylor Swift Outfit Chiefs crewneck, leggings, Newbalance sneakers

sweatshirt (M) | tee (S)| leggings (M) | sneakers | best bracelet kit

Not only am I a big fan of football, I’m a major Swiftie – and I’m here to say that thiiiiis Super Bowl is officially FOR THE GIRLS (sorry not sorry dads, brads, & chads). My competitive nature takes over when I’m watching games, so I pretty much dress like I’m competing in the game myself: leggings, sweatshirt, tee underneath (for when the anxiety sweats inevitably set in) and sneakers. Abercrombie makes the BEST NFL gear, I’m always asked about them when wearing the (many) pieces I own (you don’t even need to be a football fan to want to rock these). Their sweatshirts and tees are ridiculously soft and cozy, all with a vintage look and feel. This year I’m also accessorizing with friendship bracelets, cause like, obviously.

Jess’ Super Bowl Outfit

Jess’ Super Bowl Outfit Nike puffer. vest, camo cargos, Adidas sneakers

Beanie | Puffer Vest (M) | Top (M) | Pants (29) | Shoes (7.5)

I had to join in on this post because this year I’ve been extra invested every Sunday due to the Lions killing it this whole season. If you’re from Michigan, you know that the Lions have had a ‘ruff’ go (see what I did there?) of things for oh… the past 60 years or so. Finally, we made it to a playoff game this year and it was so much fun seeing the team I’ve been rooting for do so well. Even if they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, this was a huge win for the Lions and the amazing city of Detroit so I’ll be lowkey repping the Lions with my light blue beanie and watching the game and eating all the munchies at my Sister-in-Law’s house.

Bev’s Super Bowl Outfit

Bev’s Super Bowl Taylor Swift Outfit sequin skirt Nike crew Veja sneakers

Similar Skirt (L) | Sweatshirt (L) | Sneakers (TTS)

I am excited about this year’s Super Bowl game mainly because this is the first year our oldest has been very interested in football. I am also a very huge Taylor Swift fan and it has been fun following along on how much of an effect her fans have had on the whole NFL franchise. I also had no idea who Travis was ’till they started dating, which my husband found very disappointing. Apparently, he is one of the top tight ends in the NFL? I will be wearing my favorite sequin skirt, trusty Nike sweatshirt to be cozy, and my Veja sneakers.

Scotti’s Super Bowl Outfit

Scotti’s Super Bowl Taylor Swift Outfit athletic hoodie, faux leather leggings, black boots

similar ironic hoodie | leggings (m) | similar boots | bag

Being from Michigan, I was hoping this Super Bowl was going to look a bit different, but…I’ll still tune in for the halftime show. I’ve loved Usher for YEARS. I started listening to him in high school and basically never stopped. If it’s seven o’clock on the dot…do you know where he is? (If you do, you’re my kind of person.) I LOVE his music – all of the old favorites like U Got it Bad and Yeah! (obviously), but my all time favorite song of his is Crash (LOVE that one). His falsetto is…whew! Chills. Watch out, my outfit’s ridiculous though…🤣 I had to bust out my favorite ironic hoodie and pair it with some comfy-yet-sexy faux leather leggings and knee-high boots in appreciation of T-Swift and all she’s done for football fashion.

Anne’s Super Bowl Outfit

Anne’s Super Bowl Taylor Swift Outfit red sweater, black jeans, Adidas sneakers

Sweatshirt (similar) (M) | Belt | Jeans (14) | Sneakers | Lipstick

Travis who??? Just kidding (mostly). Look, I grew up in a Big 10 town and played in the marching band, so I guess I know the rules of football. But what am I mainly showing up at your Super Bowl party for? Hot goss and snacks. I’m wearing my ultra-soft wide-leg jeans to make sure I have room for your homemade seven-layer dip, thank you very much. Is the red a nod to Taylor or the Chiefs? You decide.

Laura’s Super Bowl Outfit

Laura’s Super Bowl Outfit tiger tee, camel coat, black pants

Sweatshirt (S) | Pants (M) | Boots | Similar Coat | Similar Hat

I’m HERE for Taylor and I love Usher, but I’m in NYC right now and my poor Tennessee Titans were out years ago, so I’m being anti and I’d just wear my Anine Bing sweatshirt with my…high school mascot on it? LOL. I feel like an animal that isn’t even in the NFL is a good choice. As a design school graduate I’m really just there for the commercials anyway…and the snacks obvs. I’d wear my travel outfit…fancy sweatpants and a cool sweatshirt and a hat for the wrong sport. Sounds about ‘me.’ And it’s on my birthday weekend so I wear what I want. 😁

Go Taylor! I mean team*!


Team TME

Hey hey, Pinners!

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  1. I freaking love this!!!!! You all are great!!!!! The Taylor bowl….I LOVE IT…. I had never heard her music until recently…..but this is such a fun love story to follow….you guys nailed the fashion!

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