Slay the Runway! Easy Airport Style For Your Beach Vacay


You may be wondering if I’m going to start every post with a confession. The answer is yes, yes, I am. Today, I must confess that I’ve always envied travelers in airports who look put together. You basically just went to second base with TSA and you still look amazing. HOW?! Well, I decided a few years ago that I needed an effortless travel outfit that would slay the (airport) runway. It couldn’t just be stylish… it also had to be comfortable and allow me to breeze through TSA. Oh, and since I travel early in the spring, the outfit had to include a smidge of protection from unpredictable Central Ohio weather. 

That’s not too much to ask, right? I’ve tried a few key pieces through the years and have finally landed on a go-to look that gives my travel style the coveted first-class upgrade it deserves. I’m fresh off our Mexico family vacation, so call this look a tortilla because it’s hot of the press! #momjokes



Outfit Details

Denim Jacket – Old Navy denim jacket, size M in Dark Authentic Wash 10 – There was snow on the ground when we boarded our flight this year. That may actually be a first, and it makes for tricky outfit coordination. My classic denim jacket keeps me just warm enough between the car, shuttle, and terminal, and it’s perfect with all the breezy summer dresses I wear to dinner. I’ve had this one for years and still love it. Bonus: Old Navy/Gap/Banana card members can score 40% off your entire purchase May 2-6!

Graphic Tee – Old Navy graphic tee size M – Now matter how good I am about applying sunscreen, I know I’m going to need a day or two with a little less sun exposure. The problem is, it feels like a waste of space to pack it, so I just wear it! This Old Navy tee has the perfect vacay vibe I needed. 

Linen Pants – American Eagle paperbag waist linen pants size M – I mean, if you don’t wear linen pants, did you even vacay, sis? I’m loving the paperbag waist detail. It comes with a coordinating linen belt, but I ditched it for my belt bag. You just can’t beat the comfort of linen pants. They keep me warm enough when I’m leaving snow at home, but I still fit right in on the beach. I’m usually a size 10, and the medium fits perfectly. I love the bold stripes, but here’s the black pair too, because, options. 

Carry-on luggage – Rockland Rome Luggage set – After about 7 years, I decided to upgrade my luggage set. I opted for a hardsided set, but gave it to my husband because I missed the front pocket. This Rockland set is the best of both worlds: Durability of hard sides with the functionality (read: exterior pocket) of a fabric-exterior set. I’ve had this for three years now and still love it. The lavender set is hard to find, but there’s a black print version that’s also pretty chic and won’t get lost in the sea of solid black luggage.

Shoes – Dolce Vita Vana Espadrille Sandal – The right shoes can make or break you early in the trip, if you’re not smart. The last thing you want to do is struggle with your shoes while your kids are getting all squeamish going through the metal detectors. These slip-on espadrilles aren’t only smart, but stylish, too. A flat espadrille is the ultimate in comfort and the lace-up detail is always good. And well, the metallic is just the right amount of flash to perk any outfit right up.

Belt bag – Urban Expressions Sage Belt Bag – Don’t call it a comeback…or a fanny pack. I thought the “belt bag” term was just a marketing ploy to bring these puppies back, but it’s literally a belt, so I’ll allow it. Everyone who was following along my Instastories during my vacay made me realize how awesome my belt bag was and y’all were right! And it wasn’t even as nice as this one, so I made sure to upgrade. This belt bag comes in tons of colors and is the perfect size for my cell phone, room key, lip gloss and sunscreen stick, and one doughnut twist from the buffet.

Turban – Odella Top Knot Turban (Similar)- If you want to look cool and stay cool, wear a turban. It’s that simple. Everyone else will have on straw hats (even I had a packable hat perfect for my ginormous head/hair), which is totally practical and cute. But, on some days, I needed to throw in one more print to really set off my look. You know, full on “chic slay.” A turban does just that and was surprisingly cool and breatheable in sweltering temps.

Sunglasses – A New Day Women’s Cateye sunglasses – I’m wearing these sunnies my daughter picked out for me everyday. I initially purchased them so I wouldn’t lose my nice sunglasses while traveling, but they’ve been on heavy rotation, so I’m just gonna go with it. They’re sold out, but this pair is pretty dang close.

Lipstick – Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Jilted – I almost forgot how much I love this shade. I think it’s time to get it back into the rotation.

This post sure makes me want to head back to Mexico! Please share your vacation plans so I can live vicariously through you. If you want to see my vacation style in action, come follow my shenanigans and highlights on Instagram @beingtiarra and search #holahouseholders. It’s a good time. I promise.

Photos by Sweet Leaf Photography


  1. Ok for real though, how big is your head? I’ve never found a sun hat that fit me (that was not a men’s) that properly because of my gigantic noggin. Your linked hat is in my cart already!

    Also I love that you posted affordable stuff! I also love dreaming about that beautiful mortgage payment of a leather jacket, but until my ship comes in I’m a mall brand kind of gal. 🙂

    • Hello fellow men’s hat shopper, LOL! I only figured out that life hack in the last year or so, but yeah, my head is definitely THAT big. And my love of big hair doesn’t help. I think you will like the sunhat…it’s the most comfortable one I have so far. I’m always trying to balance splurges with steals, but with my fitness journey lately, I’m definitely staying on the “steal” end until I reach my goal!

  2. what a great outfit! I don’t know if I can pull off a turban (bangs!) but I love how you do it and the pattern is perfect. Neutral and chic and everything… well done!

    • Thanks for reading, Kari! After trying so many airport looks, this has been the best one for comfort AND style. You know, I only started wearing turbans recently, so I get it! I’m definitely hooked now!

  3. MJ echoes my sentiments completely! Not only do I want the outfit, including the sunglasses, turban (I have never worn a turban) and lipstick, but I even want your mom joke!

    • BWAHAHA! Lesley, I’m going to make my husband read this…I about passed out laughing at my own joke, and he just shakes his head. Even my 6-year old daughter has started w/corny jokes, and I couldn’t be more proud! Anywho, thanks for the love on the outfit. Make sure to check out the jacket/tee while the sale is on (40% for cardholders, 30% if you’re not).

  4. Yay, I LOVE a contributor who’s super stylish and shops at places I can afford. I especially like the denim jacket. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Laura! The denim jacket is pretty clutch. I had to buy my mom one, too…to keep her from taking mine, LOL! Thanks for reading!

  5. YES on the belt bag!!! Ok mine from Herschel are more “hip pack” than belt, but I still LOVE them when I don’t need to tote a million things for my littles. (So yeah. They don’t get much use unless I’ve got room in the stroller for another bag. Ha.) You look super super cute in your airport outfit!!!
    Love the old navy recommendations!!! I’m always coveting the AG jeans, but really it’s not going to happen unless I win the monthly GC drawing (SUCH a sweet thing, btw. As if reading TME wasn’t reward enough.) Any thoughts on the ON Rockstar skinnies??
    Thanks for joining the TME team! Another awesome voice to read while momming. Haha

    • I think the belt bag is also gonna come in handy at concerts bc many venues are banning backpack purses, too! I had to leave mine behind a bar and hope for the best at a concert last year! I hope your win the newsletter drawing, thanks for subscribing! In the meantime, The Rockstar skinnies…it’s been a while since I’ve tried them on bc I’ve honestly been avoiding pants for a while on my fitness journey *shrugs.* I love the massive selection, but recalled the legs being a bit narrow and having to go a size or two up to accommodate, which I was much to vain for at the time, LOL. But, you’ve got me wondering whether it’s worth a try now; I would love to compare it with the curvy skinny denim, too. If you’re on Instagram, follow or tag me so I can update you if I get to try them!

  6. Do they make you take off a turban through security? And is that before or after TSA goes to second base with you? (LMAO at your mom jokes)
    Thanks for the great post. I try to pull off some semblance of ‘pulled together’ for travel too and for me, it takes A LOT of pre-planning.

    • Oh, that frisky TSA, LOL. I had to look by through the pics on my phone; I don’t think I wore the turban through security. You’re so right about the pre-planning for travel, especially family travel. I hate overpacking, so my airport outfit has to do double duty! Thanks so much for reading!

  7. Tiarra, that lipstick shade is as sassy as you are–it frames your smile awesomely.

    To echo all the comments above….love the look, especially the belt bag and the turban. Both of which I aspire to!

    • Thanks for reading, Emily. I seriously did forget how much I love this lipstick! You can go ahead and aspire to the belt bag and turban with me…I’ve only started rocking the belt bag a month ago and turbans a few months ago. I love the additions to my wardrobe!

    • LOL, thanks Joules! I feel so good in this look; it was fun to finally capture it. I hope my husband reads the comments encouraging my mom jokes, poor guy!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    • I mean, at least spring for my coffee on the other side first, LOL! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I love this look for vacation! Especially the way you used a pop of color and pattern mixing to add the extra. I’ve got my neutrals and I’m hoping to learn how to add interest. You make it look so easy and chic. Also, I have rosacea and am always on the lookout for hats that fit my voluptuously sized head. Thank you for that link!

    • Yay, I’m glad you like it! Sounds like you’ve got a great start with neutral base pieces; from there, a little pop goes a long way. I hope the hat works for your “voluptuous” head (I may have to steal that phrase!). Thanks for reading!

  9. I am SO HAPPY that you joined this blog! I was laughing through the whole post and I LOVE that you’re a size 10 pant curvy gal and I can buy the stuff you posted. SO, SO HAPPY!

    • Hey, that makes two of us. I’m glad this was as good read for you and that I’m not just cracking myself up. These late-night sessions can get a little crazy, LOL. And yes, I’ve been curvy at every size, so I’m all about knowing how to dress my body…All my looks are “brickhouse” approved, so go ahead, buy it all and we’ll slay into the sunset together!

  10. Tiarra you crack me up! I can’t decide which I love more–your writing style or satorial style. OK I love both. You bring up a great point about dressing for changing temps…so often I’m either freezing on the way to the airport, then fine when I arrive at my destination or vice versa. #thestruggleisreal

    • Thanks, Kate! I’m glad you’ve thought it through and decided that alllll you loves allll of me, LOL. This Central Ohio weather is no joke, but I refuse to let it make me overpacked and frumpy! The struggle is the realest with family travel, but I got you! Thanks for reading!

  11. I follow you on Instagram and loved your looks for Mexico! I love the turban, I should get one for my little girl and one for me too. Great tee as well! I loved your tip about wearing your dress as a coverup, btw.

    As far as vacation plans for the rest of the year, we are going to Scotland and we’re in the planning stages for Curaçao (to celebrate our 10 year anniversary).

    • Hey, I know you, LOL. Um, you and your daughter would look so cute in turbans!!! Isn’t that tee the cutest? I can’t wait to follow along on your upcoming trips…congrats on the upcoming anniversary! Thanks so much for reading!

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