Undercover Wonders


You know those women who can just throw on a thin dress with nothing on underneath and look great?  Yeah, I’m not one of them.  Some of us need (ahem) a little more help.  Some of us struggle with cellulite and muffin tops while others need to minimize (or maximize!) their cleavage.  When we were putting together our posts for our favorite holiday dresses, (Shana’s here) and our top maternity dresses, the question of what to wear underneath kept coming up.  Whether you’re pregnant, post-partum or sending your babies off to college, we’ve rounded up the perfect “undercover wonders” to help with whatever issues you happen to have.  (Body issues, that is).

1. Nordstrom Intimates U-Plunge Bra: I bought this bra to go under a bridesmaid dress I wore in a friend’s wedding.  Since then, it’s gotten a ton of use.  I hate having my bra show under lower necklines and this bra is the solution for shaping and support under deep v necklines.

2. Aerie Lace bralette: This bra is pretty enough to peek out from under a blouse or sweater and is super comfortable.  It’s nursing friendly and can be worn alone or over another bra for more support.

3. PINK Leopard print strapless bra: I bought a bra just like this a few years ago that could also be worn as a swimsuit.  It’s convertible to 7 different wearable ways and the 2/$42 price is a plus!

4. True & Co. Hidden hipster panties: No panty lines!  I hate panty lines . . . this option completely takes care of the problem.  They’re super soft, comfortable (i.e. no wedgies) and don’t create muffin top.

5. True & Co. Hidden hipster thong: Same as above except in the thong version.  I’d wear thongs with leggings and pants and panties with skirts and dresses.  *If you had a c-section, you may prefer these Godiva High Rise Thongs . . . they’re super soft and come up over your scar.

6. Free People tank slip dress: This is the perfect layering piece.  It smooths your body, has adjustable straps, covers your bum, and comes in a number of colors.  If you’re brave enough, you can wear it as a dress, but I’d wear it over leggings or opaque tights with a long oversized sweater and boots.  Love.

7. Haute Contour Boyshort: Muffin top?  Not anymore . . . this smooths over lines and lumps and bumps and that annoying pooch that sits above your c-section scar . . . when does that go away??  Oh well . . . until then, I’ll use my spanx.

8. Haute Contour High-Waisted Shorty: The nude color looks great under lighter colored dresses or skirts and isn’t as obvious if you get the longer leg version and it accidentally sticks out under your hemline.  (It’s happened before).

9. Belevation Maternity Shapewear: When I was pregnant, I was worried about what to wear under dresses . . . and then I googled “maternity shapewear.”  Thank God it exists!  This pair is thin and breathable so they can be worn year-round (even in the summer months) and be comfortable.

10. Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper: This pair provides support for your back and stomach without being too constricting.  I wore it under dresses all the time last summer with my big belly.  The material on the belly is smooth so it doesn’t cause fabric to stick to it and give you away! 🙂

11. Nordstrom Back seamed Pantyhose: Shana said “it’s time for sheer black hose.”  The black seam detail updates this pair in the coolest way.

12. Hue Nude Fishnets: If you need nude hose, fishnets are your best option.  Nude fishnets are more reserved than black ones, still provide coverage (and warmth in the winter) and can be worn with open-toed shoes and peep-toe booties.

13. Plush Fleece-lined tights: These are pretty much a necessity where I live and, fortunately, are very comfortable.

14. Plush Maternity Fleece-lined tights: If I’m ever pregnant during the fall or winter (or spring, really, where I live!) I will be getting these, made by the same company that makes the ones I currently have and love.



PS: We are getting SO excited for the holidays around here!  Having little ones definitely puts a little more magic into the season, doesn’t it?  Greenlea just had her first picture with Santa and it’s embarrassing how excited I was.  Shana and fam get here about a week from today and I’m so looking forward to family time.  Any suggestions for holiday fun/activities with a 5 month-old?


  1. Oh man! That little c-section shelf. I hate it! I’m not glad you have one, but I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. I have actually investigated plastic surgery for it, but that was silly! And I was informed it wouldn’t have accomplished anything. My kids were born in Venezuela; I should have told the surgeon, Hey, tuck in some bits when you’re finished! Hind sight….Anyway, thanks for these under armour suggestions!

    Merry Merry!

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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