What We’re Reading This Week: AOL’s Article on Stealing Michelle Obama’s Style For the Holidays


Michelle2Regardless of your politics, I think most will agree that it's always more fun to have to have a First Lady who cares about fashion.  And  lately, Michelle's been hitting some out of the park. 

While we won't all be going for a gorgeous Naeem Kahn number this holiday season (sigh), I'm loving the article on AOL's shopping network, Steal Michelle Obama's Style This Holiday.

They have some great dress finds, as well as an overall aesthetic that's slightly different that what M and I usually focus on.  




  1. My favorite part of this article: the hiLArious comments from the old men!
    Seriously, what are they smoking? Michelle Obama is the most stylish, most on-trend, and simply best-looking First Lady we’ve had in decades. No, of course she’s no supermodel. But she dresses what she’s got, and she does it well and tastefully. And bravely, too, I might add–here in the land of ugly pantsuits and bad shoes.
    I live in DC, and you can tell the women around here are standing up and taking notice. This has always been a horribly dressed city–Michelle gives us just the tiniest glimmer of fashion hope.

  2. OMG Amy – I couldn’t agree more! I used to be a DC resident myself…and I always found it weird that even in Georgetown, college guys would be wearing tweed jackets with leather elbow patches….to the bar!! And not in an ironic way, either. Do women still wear my favorite DC uniform of all? It consists of: navy skirt suit, bad pantyhose, white socks, running shoes?
    That always KILLED me. 🙂
    But I do love DC – it’s always been a city filled with hope…am so glad that some of that vibe is rubbing off on the fashion crowd. So many cool people in that city!

  3. S,
    Oh yes–the dark tan pantyhose with white crosstrainers still appear daily during rush hour on the Metro. Yuck!
    But seriously–it’s getting better. You see women in suits that actually fit, cute pumps with good detailing and colors, MUCH better jewelry, etc. Even the men seem to be deviating from the uniform these days–more patterned and colored suits, interesting ties, cool shoes. I think the change of regime loosened a lot of people up in terms of their fashion. Or maybe the ugly conservative dressers left…and new people with a sense of fashion came in? Don’t know…
    Me? I’m a grad student and professor. I wear whatever I want. However, I must admit that my husband DOES own a corduroy jacket with leather elbow patches…which he wears when we go out near home in Georgetown. 🙂

  4. Amy – Of course he does. And he fits RIGHT in, I’m sure! When in Rome…
    So glad to hear that DC is on the fashion upswing, yet retains it’s roots. I would be completely lost if I walked onto the metro and didn’t see the “uniform”. LOL

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