What We’re Reading This Week: Beautiful Bags From Style on a String (Shhh…they’re perfect diaper bag picks!!)


WindowShopping_Kelly-Moore-Photographer-BagMeet Serena, the writer of the fashion blog, Style on a String.  I've been following her for several months now, and have been impressed with her consistently well edited picks.  A couple of weeks ago, one of her entries caught my eye:  Oh Beautiful Bags….How I Adore Thee.

Not only are Serena's pick gorgeous, but they are gorgeously large, and most would be perfect as diaper bags.  I've never been a fan of the traditional diaper bag (they usually just scream DIAPERS!  GET YOUR DIAPERS HERE!), so I've always preferred hunting around for a cool bag large enough for the little man's accoutrement.    

One especially inspired option is Serena's pick of photographer's bags, like the Kelly Moore bag pictured here.  Totally drool-worthy, and totally perfect for moms!




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