What We’re Reading This Week: Fashiontoast Blog (Pretty Bras For Flat Chests)

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Fashiontoast Gang, meet Rumi, the author of the Fashiontoast blog.  This blog, if you've never followed it, is one of my go-to blogs for inspiration.  It's gorgeous.  Her blog is how I want to dress if I don't have to run around at the playground.  Or bend over and pick up a kiddo.  Or go to work.  Think lots of oversized, drapey tops, short hemlines, and opaque tights with complicated killer heels.  Bliss.  

Mom-friendly or not, her blog is beautiful, and there is no denying that her perspective oozes cool.  Last week, she posted a an entry, Roller Skate Skinny, about three absolutely perfect bras.  Her bra choices were insanely cool, and perfect for flat-chested moms.  Click the pics (or links above) to be taken to her blog. 

 I know many of you have warned me about the sad state of "the girls" once nursing finishes.  And I know that not all women regain their…ahem…previous cup size.  So check out Rumi's picks.  Not only are they crazy-sexy-gorgeous, but they all have cool straps that can peek out under a tank come summer.






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