What We’re Reading This Week: Glamour’s Plus Size Models, and Mom Friendly Outfits


Glamour Magazine November 2009 CoverHonestly, I don’t know WHAT had gotten into Glamour lately, but I love it.  LOVE it.  Pictured at right is Glamour magazine’s November cover, featuring all plus size models.  And they look beautiful.

Why all the focus on plus-size models?  Glamour ran an article this summer, featuring a beautiful women with a (gasp) poochy stomach.   She’s Lizzie Miller, and her photo garnered tons of comments.  So Glamour, realizing that a movement was afoot, ran with it, and hence, November’s cover.  Well done, Glamour.  Read the feature story, These Bodies Are Beautiful At Every Size, or the editor’s take.

Furthermore, it’s a rare day indeed that I see a national fashion magazine (other than a parenting related mag) showing outfits that are actually practical for running around with a toddler.  However, Glamour’s 10 Weekend Outfit Ideas are pretty good!  I don’t like all of them, but there are a ton ideas for us moms to glean.  And you know I love look 10 – it’s all about a scarf.

Glamour, how refreshing.  It’s so nice to see a serious fashion magazine embracing what we’ve known all along:  Poochy stomachs, c-section scars, a little extra on the arms, hips and butt doesn’t prevent one from being beautiful.  It’s all part of the package.

Let’s hope that our culture’s obsession with unhealthy thinness is, like stirrup pants, an awkward trend that’s on it’s way out.

Cheers to an updated standard of beauty.





  1. Too bad men don’t agree that a little extra on the hips, arms, or the damage done to our bodies by bearing their kids adds to our beauty. Every guy I’ve heard comment on the Glamour photos (with the exception of my large friend with a 300-lb. wife, seriously) has said they were disgusted by the poochy stomach. And yes, these are husbands of women who have had kids.
    It’s really disheartening to me to see the gap between what women think and what men think. Ellen DeGeneres talked about this on her show when she had the Glamour editor and the models on a few weeks ago. She talked about how men have been brainwashed by the media to think a “perfect” woman is the skinny ideal that has been put out by the fashion industry who just want clothes hangars and to capitalize on the biological urge to copulate with the youngest, most fertile female in the bunch. Ellen said that men are destined to always be unhappy with what they’ve got because no one in the real world measures up to those unrealistic ideals.
    I agree that these are all gorgeous women, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better about my own body. We still don’t see any lumps or cellulite or birthmarks or imperfections on these girls other than the variation in their sizes and shapes.

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