What We’re Reading This Week: How to Wear Dansko Clogs From The Style Bakery


44680-t-THUMBNAIL  Silly me.  I had assumed that only mums would be interested in trying to make Dansko clogs fashionable.  So imagine my surprise when the Style Bakery fielded this question from one of their readers:

I’d like to know how to look fashionable wearing Dansko clogs. They are so comfortable… but I’m transitioning from high heels and want that chic look. Is it possible?

And after our own internal Dansko debate on Ain’t No Mom Jeans (found at the bottom of the Cool, Winter Slip-On Shoe post), I was curious to see how another, not-necessarily-mom-focused style site would handle the Danskos.  Would it be bloody?  Snarky?

Style Bakery’s response was actually very diplomatic and graceful.  It should not go unnoticed, however, that their primary recommendation was to invest in a pair of honest-to-goodness clogs, which is (in my opinion) a far cry from the Danskos.  Furthermore, they urge their readers to try wearing their Danskos with the same kinds of outifts one would wear with actual clogs:  skirts, dresses, skinny jeans.

This advice is exactly opposite of our guidance in the Cool, Winter Slip-on Shoe post.  If you recall, we recommended that you hide those Dansko babies under a nice bootcut jean.

So now I’m re-thinking:  how bad are the Danskos?  Readers — would any of you ever pair your Danskos with a dress or skinny jeans?  For now, I’m sticking to my bootcut denim recommendation, but am open-minded.  Some styles need time to grow on you.

You know, like a fungus.



ps.  The Style Bakery did find a pair of Danskos that resemble real clogs, as well as some fantastic clog options at various price points.  Read their full response here.


  1. Those look exactly like the shoes that 75% of bartenders and waitresses wear . . . and there’s a reason we refer to them as “work shoes.” There’s a lot of other options out there . . . women don’t need to sacrifice cuteness for comfort. I say hide those suckers under the bootcuts!! 🙂

  2. P.S. The clogs that Style Bakery featured in their response are much, MUCH cuter than the Dansko clogs. And, unfortunately, I’m assuming they’re not nearly as comfortable. I must say I’m disappointed in their response . . . they make the reader think she can get away with swapping the clogs they feature with her Danskos to create a high-fashion look worthy of a Chanel runway . . . when she’ll end up looking like she really just sacrificed fashion for comfort. (At least in my humble opinion).

  3. I am wearing my Danskos with *gasp* skinnies right now. Well, not super tight ankle skinnies, but more straight leg, boyfriend-cut and cuffed to *gasp* show off my cute red Danskos. And, *gasp* stiped socks! I am a Mom, yogini and a college teacher – I wear these puppies A LOT and I might add that I get TONS of compliments on them. I may not be an uber-trendy and super-hot fashionista, but they are cuter than a lot of other slip-ons I have seen on other Moms ’round the block. My two cents. 🙂

  4. Cindy – Old school clogs are huge right now, and are getting their share of hate press, but I’ve always liked them. Worn in, or not. 🙂
    Scotti – You make a couple of great points. AND…now that I think about it, bartenders and moms have a lot in common: You’re on your feet all night dealing with tears, spills, vomit, whining and tantrums. And we’d both like to look cute doing it!
    Molly – I’m actually liking your Dankso styling tip. If you’re going to do it, then DO IT. Pick a fun color, punch it up with rolled boyfriend jeans and striped socks…it’s funky and fun. Danskos still aren’t my favorite shoe, but I like the vibe you’ve described here. Thanks!!

  5. *sigh*
    I wish I could bring myself to follow your advice and find something cuter than the Danskos I’m wearing right now, but alas, I just love them TOO MUCH.
    They are SO good to your feet.
    So, I’ve convinced myself they’re cute. Or cute enough. I must turn my eyes away from posts like these that suggest otherwise! ; )
    In answer to your question, though — I don’t wear ’em with skirts; I don’t really do skinny jeans anyway, so that’s not an issue. I wear them with pants (like cords) and straight leg jeans. So, they’re not hidden like they’d be with a boot cut, but not out there in full like they’d be with a skirt.

  6. I’m with Molly and Scotti – play it up and have fun – get a funky color and don’t try to just hide them. When I was 6 months pregnant, I got a pair of Danskos in the Petrol Patent “color” and have worn them almost non-stop. I get a lot of compliments because they are funky. And, they’re super comfortable. But, I wouldn’t wear them with skirts – that just too 70’s for me – and bad 70’s not the “good” 70’s. As a kid, I remember girls/women wearing knee-high socks (tube socks, none the less) with Dansko-like clogs and skirts. I just can’t do it because it would just reminds me of that horrible look even if one were to funkify it for today…

  7. love. my. danskos.
    OK I am very pregnant (can’t reach my feet very well) and in health care…a double-whammy to lean toward danskos.
    but, yes I wear them with straight leg jeans, a big sweater or tunic and a scarf.
    and I wear them with a miniskirt, dark tights, and a sweater (OK right now not miniskirt, but normally yes I would).
    probably not very fashionista, I know. but at least I don’t have to wear scrubs with them like all the surgery staff. 🙂

  8. I have leopard Danskos and just today wore them with my black skinny jeans. I evaluated the look several times before walking out the door but the comfort of my feet made the decision for me. I felt comfortable in public with the look and can walk miles in these shoes. I would wear them with a skirt above the knee and black tights.

  9. I am not a mom, nor expecting to be a mom anytime soon. However, due to foot and lower leg pain I can no longer wear heels or unsupportive flats. I’ve worn Dansko’s for years at work and have began wearing them outside of work as well. I lead a very casual lifestyle and am either in jeans or chinos most of the time; Bootcut or trouser leg for me. I found an awesome lady who hand paints dansko’s and only wear these- only “custom” dansko’s for my sore puppies. Check them out at romneydesigns.com. I love her work and she can paint any color you’d like. I have 12 pairs- that’s how beautiful they are!! These shoes get more compliments than my Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutin’s I used to wear. They are works of art and for sure not boring! Who said that comfortable shoe need to be ugly?? I’d me happy to post photos if the blog owner contacts me:) Now I’m on the hunt for beautiful comy sandals;)

  10. I am now on my fifth pair of Danskos and love them! I wear them often, but mostly with boot cut jeans. This most recent pair, however, is springy with cute flowers on it and I spent some time today trying them with cuffed, mid-calf length jeans. I must say, the look is cute and it shows off the flowers. I saw another mom at the school I work at wearing it like that and thought,”Hmmm, that doesn’t look TOO bad!” So, I am working up the nerve to attempt that look- otherwise, I won’t wear them till the fall! Too long to wait. I don’t think I could wear them with a skirt or dress unless tights were involved, and in the St. Louis heat, that ain’t happening!! I say jeans or jean capris, rolled or not. Maybe if we all band together, we can start a trend?:)

  11. I wish I would have known about your blog last Fall/Winter….I spent hours day and night looking for the perfect *Cute* slip on mom shoe. I went back and forth on getting the Dansko clog ALL season. It did not help that my husband thought they were ugliest mom shoe he had ever seen. I wish I had never listened to him! When sandle season is over, I am definitely getting a pair! THANKS!

  12. I am in college and I see dansko clogs of all kinds around campus, granted I go to a sort of hippie/green-loving school. I love my dansko clogs and they are perfect for the steep hills and rainy weather (rainboots are not good for your feet!) It took a bit of getting used to, at first they felt so much heavier than my normal sneakers and even hurt my hips (no clue why).
    I see girls wearing them with skinny jeans, skirts, anything. The artsy girls style them best with a rolled jean cuff and some cute socks. I wear them like that but I have tiny tiny ankles so it looks kind of funny but by the end of the day, walking or sitting, my feet and back really do feel best in danskos.

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