Eating: Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals iPhone App


Jayme Oliver 20-Minute Meals iPhone App My long-smoldering
crush on Jamie Oliver jumped to full flame a few weeks ago when I discovered
his iPhone App, Jamie
Oliver 20-Minute Meals
.   I’ve always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver and
his cook books (I even tried, unsuccessfully, to incorporate words such as pukka
and dead, as in “dead easy,” into my vocabulary), which boast simple recipes
focused on fresh, flavorful ingredients, but this app seals the deal.  It is, hands-down, one of the best-ever for
busy moms (or should I say mums?) on the run. 

I’m not
sure what I expected for $7.99, but I was more than happy to pay it for a
little Jamie Oliver video eye candy.  Come
on, admit it: a cheeky, doting little hubby & dad with a British (if mockney) accent, a mischievous
smile and a
social conscience?  Naked Chef
indeed.  Even if you don’t cook, you’ll
love this app. 

The app, as it turns
out, delivers far beyond porn-for-new-moms-expectations,
however.  It was executed with as much,
if not more, attention to detail as his books.  The food photography is tantalizing, the recipes
truly are do-able within a 20-30-minute time frame, and the video clips are
beautifully shot and functional to boot.

include a stellar video section with tips on knife skills, cooking risotto and
the various ways of preparing garlic, for example.  A shopping list function lets you view items
from recipes you’ve selected either by aisle or by recipe and allows you to
check items off your list, moving those you haven’t found yet to the top.  And, not least of all, the app features tons
of quick, simple, kid-friendly recipes with step-by-step instruction, beautiful
photos and audio help along the way.

Take it
from me, chicks, this app is pukka.  Now
mamas, get to cookin’ and don’t forget to have the kiddos make the table look respectable.



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