Eating: Smitten Kitchen’s Food Porn


3894895925_2c5024007fThere are lots of great reasons to read Smitten Kitchen:  Deb's photos have been called "food porn" by Entertainment Weekly, she has recipes for upscale yet accessible versions of comfort food (think Boozy French Toast that you bake all at once in a pan) and her writing is passionate, self-deprecating and funny.  And now that's she's pregnant, I find her even funnier. 

One of her latest posts, Chocolate Pudding Pie, will be especially apropos to our pregnant readers.  About the story behind WHY she decided to focus on a chocolate pudding pie, Deb says, "until I realized that at 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant not that anyone is counting or anything one does not need a good reason to make chocolate pudding pie — they are the definition of one."  Personally, at the end of my pregnancy, I was a hot-fudge and peanut butter sundae, and I'm pretty sure STS is currently a marshmallow cream doughnut, but we all have our weaknesses.  And that chocolate pudding pie looks like a whole lotta heaven for someone with a bun in the oven (oh how I hate that phrase).

M, incidentally, just had #2!  I suspect that she might also appreciate a chocolate pudding pie.  The post-preggo/early nursing munchies were even worse than my pregnancy.  Hmmmm….if I bring one over, I'll have to make sure STS is nowhere in sight – marshmallow cream doughnuts or not, it might start a war.




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