What We’re Reading This Week: Sweatsuit Alternatives on Rookie Moms


Look31 I was so honored to be asked by the very fabulous Rookie Mom bloggers, Whitney and Heather, to write an article for Rookie Moms on three fashionable (yet comfortable) sweatsuit alternatives.  My first suggestion debuted today!   Go check it out here:  Sweatsuit Alternatives Part 1.  The second part of this article will be published sometime next week.

If you haven't yet heard of Rookie Moms, you are in for a real treat.  The Rookie Moms started their website with the goal of publishing at least 365 fun ideas of What To Do With Baby.  They were attempting to provide an antidote for the sleep deprived "mommy brain".  Today, they have a fantastic website with THOUSANDS of fun things to do with a baby, toddler or pre-schooler, several baby and kid friendly travel guides to various cities, and other fun ideas for new moms (like how to actually COMPLETE a baby book).  They also have a book available!

On their website, you can search for activities by age or type (crafty, outside, sleepy, etc).  But what I like best about the Rookie Moms (in addition to the scores of fabulous tips) is the fact that their voices are REAL.  They sound like moms, and make recommendations for moms.  Unlike other magazines/websites out there, the Rookie Moms are never going to suggest anything so complicated that you end up with screams of frustration – from either you or your kid.  Neither do they recommend ideas that cost a fortune.  They are just two regular (albeit wildly creative) moms, sharing their fun ideas.  How lucky for us.