What We’re Reading This Week: Sweatsuit Alternatives Part 2 on Rookie Moms


LOOK2 So my final installment of Sweatsuit Alternatives debuted today on Rookie Moms.  I focused on an easy, Audrey Hepburn inspired look for the final sweatsuit alternative. 

NOTE:  I love the comments from Rookie Mom readers on this look – they are completely right!  If you are a very busty gal, skip the turtleneck and instead try a black cowl-neck top.  It will give the same classic Audrey vibe, but will be so much more flattering for those well endowed.

I so enjoyed being a guest author on Rookie Moms.  I loved reading all of the responses from Rookie Mom readers, and over the last three weeks I have managed to become completely addicted to Rookie Mom's website!  I am now inspired to attempt to make my son's Halloween costume (CRAFTY I AM NOT).  We'll see.  I'll post pics when it's done.  It may end up being part of a "What Not To Wear" segment.  Poor kid.

A huge thank you to Rookie Moms!




  1. So I read Rookie Moms and saw your recent posts and had to stop and visit. I recently had a baby, then quit my job, and then moved to the city! Three giant expenses. Getting back my old body hasn’t been easy but I have actually lost more weight than before I got pregnant. So none of my old clothes fit…NONE! Broke and frustrated with my wardrobe, I fell into the yoga pants, running shorts phase because, well, I am going to the gym later so why should I change clothes. Then I realized after reading your blog yesterday, that I was “that mom!” Oh no! I am happy to say that I am in a pair of jeans, my hair is half-way down and I am actually wearing jewelry today!
    Keep it coming…I need help!

  2. Thanks Brooke! Trust me – I’ve been there. I’m not above wearing workout gear, either. Sometimes, it’s just one of those days. 🙂
    So glad you found us! And, as always, let us know if you have a specific mom fashion question!

  3. My story is close to Brooke’s. Had baby (4 months ago) and quit my job! When I’m in ‘public’ I’m usually meeting other Mom’s to do a greenway stroller walk…so I’m usually in yoga pants/t-shirt! But…this site has helped me at least THINK about wearing something different.
    Also, I’m an athletic build and flats just don’t work on me. What do u suggest for other shoes besides flats or cute tennies?

  4. I love these ideas, but this one made me particularly happy….guess what I wore earlier this week? (before even reading this post!)… a black top, black ballet flats and Gap boyfriend destructed jeans. Woohoo – you are rubbing off on me and I am thrilled!

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