What We’re Reading This Week: Sweatsuit Alternatives Part 2 on Rookie Moms


LOOK2 So my final installment of Sweatsuit Alternatives debuted today on Rookie Moms.  I focused on an easy, Audrey Hepburn inspired look for the final sweatsuit alternative. 

NOTE:  I love the comments from Rookie Mom readers on this look – they are completely right!  If you are a very busty gal, skip the turtleneck and instead try a black cowl-neck top.  It will give the same classic Audrey vibe, but will be so much more flattering for those well endowed.

I so enjoyed being a guest author on Rookie Moms.  I loved reading all of the responses from Rookie Mom readers, and over the last three weeks I have managed to become completely addicted to Rookie Mom's website!  I am now inspired to attempt to make my son's Halloween costume (CRAFTY I AM NOT).  We'll see.  I'll post pics when it's done.  It may end up being part of a "What Not To Wear" segment.  Poor kid.

A huge thank you to Rookie Moms!