What We’re Reading This Week: Wearing Flats With Tights from Blue Collar Catwalk


Wearing Flats With Tights Dear reader: have you ever considered the rule of thirds with regard to your flat footwear?  How about the sheen and texture of your shoes in relation to your tights?  Have you recently scrutinized the curves of your feet and how your flats accentuate them, either elongating or shortening your leg, depending on their fit?  No?  Mmm hmm. . .  I didn't think so.  

Neither have I, and I suppose that's why I've been largely unsuccessful at pairing flats with skirts and tights.  Not that I've tried that hard.  I either a.) spit and curse my 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) height, then put on a pair of heels instead, or b.) spit and curse my 5'4" (and 5/8ths!) height, then opt for trousers.  

"How many times have you put flats on with a pair of tights and just feel … off? You either look barefoot, cut off at the ankles, or weighted down and a bit shlumpy. I think we've all been there. . . " the genius behind Blue Collar Catwalk sagely writes.  Kyla has pondered these questions and she nailed the formula in her recent post Flat Out Lovin' It Part 2 – Flats With Tights.  At 5'3" with a 30" inseam and looking as smack-down fabulous as she does, Kyla's definitely the go-to-gal on this subject.

Check out her post for the most insightful analysis of flat-wearing (with skirts and tights, no less!) heretofore and for some amazing styling tips that will inform your fall through spring wardrobe.

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